Polish lottery

Polish Lottery Review 

Today we thought we would take a look at the main lottery that takes place in Poland. This lotto is not as big or as famous as the ones you may find in the US. Nevertheless, Poland Lotto has a long history. In fact, it’s one of the oldest national lotteries in the world. Polish lottery players enjoy great odds, coupled with low ticket prices. There are lottery draws every week and it offers everyone a great opportunity to win some great cash prizes. Because of this, for many punters, it represents the best lottery to play.

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The History Of The Polish Lottery

The first Polish lottery took place in 1957. One year before this, the Totalizator Sportowy received its first licence. The major changes that took place after that really just concern the name of the game itself. The first lottery in 1957 was known as Duzy Lotto (Big Lotto). This name remained in place until 2009 when the new name Lotto Polska (Polish Lotto) was introduced. In the beginning, the first lottery company was really all about soccer betting. But over time, this morphed into the lottery. Today you can still find any number of online sportsbooks and casino betting sites for Polish players.

Polish Lotto


The Polish lottery is certainly one of the longest-running lottery games in Poland. Thanks to the ever-increasing popularity of online lottery sites, Polish people could even play the Polish Lottery online from the UK and many other countries in the EU. With Poland joining the EU in 2004 then the lottery’s reputation spread throughout the member countries, allowing foreign players to take part. But keep in mind that players from countries outside of Poland would need to bite by the gaming laws in their particular jurisdiction. If you want to take part, simply head over to theLotter. They have all the major lotteries from countries all around the world, including Poland.

Helping Polish Sports

Perhaps because the Polish lotto started as a Sports betting company, it still maintains those links to sporting activities. A large percentage of the funds generated from playing the lottery is given towards revitalizing and creating new sports facilities. The Totalizator Sportowy has been instrumental in elevating all Polish sports over the last 60 years. It could be genuinely said that by purchasing a Polish Lottery ticket you are helping with the development of the modern Polish sports infrastructure. Not only are you helping with material aid, but also encouraging the next generation of young sports participants.

Playing Polish Lottery?

Lottery ticket

Just like many other national lotteries, the Polish Lotto follows the well-known 6/49 playing format. This means that the player will pick 6 numbers out of a pool of 49.  There’s an option to use the “Quick-Pick” facility, which picks for you at random. Or if you prefer, you can pick the combination of numbers yourself. Another thing we should mention is that there are no additional combinations offered with the Polish Lotto in the same way that the UK National Lottery has a bonus ball. In fact, it’s the simple and plain structure of the Polish Lottery, with the mandatory 6 number match leading to the jackpot, which makes it so easy to play. This straightforward gameplay, along with low-cost stakes, makes the Polish Lotto an extremely attractive proposition. So don’t hesitate to take advantage that the average price for a ticket is just £1.

Polish Mini Lottery – Play Mechanics, Odds, Draws

According to lotto news, there’s another national lottery in Poland called the Polish Mini Lottery. This started in 1976 under the name of the Express Lotek. Since then its operator, Totalizator Sportowy, has turned this mini lotto from a monthly draw to a daily one. For those of you who like to be punctual, then the draw is at 9:40 p.m. CET, every day of the week. To get your hands on the jackpot you’ll need to choose 5 numbers correctly from a pot of 42. The odds of landing the main prize are 1 in 850,1668. What’s more, this is very easy to play online and you’ll find many lottery sites that add both these Polish lotteries to their online lottery catalogues.

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Polish Lottery Results – Odds and Draws

Let’s have a look at the Polish Lottery’s odds when compared to other lottery games in the same category. For example, we can compare the Polish Lottery to the Powerball odds. The chances of winning the main Powerball jackpot are 134,490,400 to 1. Gulp!  You’ll see quite a difference when you compare this to the Polish otter’s 1 in 13,933,816. When playing the Polish lottery maybe you don’t manage to match all numbers, then these will be the odds:

  • 6️⃣ Numbers Matched 1 in 13,983,816
  • 5️⃣ Numbers Matched 1 in 55,491
  • 4️⃣ Numbers Matched 1 in 1,032
  • 3️⃣ Numbers Matched 1 in 57

Unlike many other national lotteries, like the Romanian Joker Lottery for example, that have one or maybe two draws each week, the Polish Lottery offers three draws. For the gambling man, that represents another opportunity to win the jackpot online. The Polish Lottery draws take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The time is the same as those for the Polish Mini Lottery being at  9:40 p.m. CET.

Polish Lotto – How to Check the Results


If you are the type of lottery player who likes to look at previous results, we suggest that you keep an eye on the Polish Lottery archives. You’ll find their website not only offers lottery games but will also show you the previously drawn numbers. Though in reality playing the lottery is purely down to luck, we understand that many people like to make their selection choices based on previous results. So if you happen to be in Poland when you’re playing, then the results would be displayed in all the national newspapers, as well as the official website for the National Lottery. If you don’t speak Polish then don’t worry as you’ll find all UK facing lottery websites will offer the results in your language.

How To Play The Polish Lottery

If you’re interested in playing the lottery and want to know how to win the jackpot, then this is how you go about it…

The first thing you want to do is go to a lottery site like theLotto and register. Next, you need to choose a payment method. Once that’s all out of the way, then you can pick 6 numbers out of the pool of 49. After each draw, we suggest that you check the results. All lottery websites will show previous numbers drawn and we suggest that you go to theLotter to see which numbers are the winning combination. On the one hand, it’s true that the jackpots offered by the Polish Lotto are considerably smaller than those offered with other national lotteries, like the Spanish El Gordo. 

But having said that, you should also recognise that the odds are significantly better. Couple this with the fact that the draws take place three times a week, and then the Polish Lottery starts to look quite inviting. After all, the tickets are cheap and the gameplay is extremely straightforward. In fact, we would go so far as to suggest this should be one of the most basic lotteries on your list of weekly gambling activities. The fact is that for the tiny sum of just £1, you are able to have the possibility of winning some tasty cash prizes. For that reason alone, it’s really worth signing on to a reputable lottery site to start playing.

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