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So You Want To Be A Profession Casino Dealer?

If you love going to the casinos to win the jackpot by playing casino table games, then maybe a good career choice might be to become a professional casino dealer. First off, you’ll be able to spend a lot of time in casinos. Though unfortunately, you will have no possibility of actual gambling. Instead of looking forward to cash winnings, whether at the real casino or because you manage to win the jackpot online, instead you can look forward to a monthly salary. Here at we often write articles about casino players and gamblers. So we thought that for a change, we would turn the tables, and look into the life and career of a casino table games dealer.

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Job Description Of A Croupier

Whether you play as a real brick and mortar casino or hit up the online gaming tables, at a casino like Bet365 Casino, you’ll notice that the professional casino dealer seems to have a very good life. They are always well presented, impeccably mannered and extraordinarily efficient at their job. So is it enough just to have a pretty face and be good at dealing cards?  As with all things, the truth is a bit more nuanced. You’ll certainly need to be a bit more professional than your average casino croupier. Below we’ve made a list of some of the qualities and skills necessary to secure employment in the top casinos around the world.

The Professional Casino Dealer: Qualities & Skills

As you’re working in a customer-facing industry, it’s important that the croupier or professional casino dealer is both friendly and polite. After all, your job is to make the customer comfortable, so that he or she is happy to spend money. It’s also important that the dealer is able to focus on the game at hand for long periods of time. Because you’ll need to make basic arithmetic calculations quickly, then it’s vital that you can handle stressful situations and keep your cool under pressure. Not to sound too shallow, you will find that most dealers are, as they say, “easy on the eye.” So the essential qualities are being friendly, professional and a good multitasker. And good looking!

Different Types of Professional Casino Dealer


Depending on the type of game you’ll be fronting, there are different types of dealers. In this way, it’s possible for you to specialise and find a job as a blackjack dealer or roulette croupier, for example. Nevertheless, you’re much more likely to come across dealers who can handle all types of jackpot games. This will simply increase the chances of possible employment in better establishments. 

Live Dealers At Online Casinos

The online live casino experience has taken the gambling world by storm. Sites like Bet365 Casino are hugely popular with all types of online gamblers. The idea that you can be sitting on your sofa at home, and yet playing in what appears to be a real-life casino, where the real-life dealer is in front of you, is both immersive and exciting. It offers probably the closest experience to a real casino you can find online. Being an online live professional casino dealer means that you don’t need to do any calculations in your head as the computer takes care of everything. Whether you’re looking after a game of blackjack or jackpot poker, the pressure on you is much less.

Nevertheless, you will notice that on the whole, these dealers tend to be very good looking indeed. That’s because they need to look flawless under the bright studio lights. As well as having multiple cameras trained on them at all times. So if you look like Quasimodo then working as a live dealer is probably not going to happen for you.

Professional Casino Dealers On Cruise Ship 

Working on a cruise liner as a professional casino dealer at the casino games table is probably the dream job for many people. It goes without saying that if you’re working on a cruise ship then you’ll certainly have many advantages over any other types of dealing jobs. For a start, you have a chance to travel the world and see beautiful places. Because travel isn’t cheap, this is a great opportunity to explore the world. As well as learn a craft at the same time. Keep in mind that working on a cruise liner is going to be the best-paid job you can find in the whole dealer job marketplace. Also, the tips are going to be that much larger. This is because you’re dealing with a captive audience of very wealthy older people.

Another thing to remember is that all your earnings are completely tax-free. You’ll receive a free uniform as well as free food and boarding. There are a number of websites where you can check out casino dealer jobs on cruise ships.

The Advantages of Dealing Professionally


The thing about being a professional casino dealer is that you can start with virtually nothing, and over time, build up a career. As with any other profession, you need to be diligent, professional and hard-working. At the end of every session, you can expect some serious tips which can be added to your overall pay. Of course, it goes without saying that your personality towards the customer is what will bring you the greatest rewards. So in some ways, the amount of money you receive from the customers in tips is entirely within your hands. If you like to lay in bed in the morning hours, then this job could be perfect for you. Keep in mind that the job will probably involve some sort of shift work.

The Disadvantages of Being a Professional Dealer

After talking about the possibility of receiving big tips, a decent salary and travelling around the world, you’re probably wondering what the downsides are? Well, interestingly there are not very many. But rather than hide them away, we thought we’d tackle them head-on. For a start, when you begin your daily career you’re going to have a minimum salary. And it’s probably going to stay this way for at least the first two years. But as we previously mentioned, you can certainly receive a fat chunk of change on top of this coming from generous tips.

In order to become a professional casino dealer or croupier, you need to attend the dealer school. These are no free courses, and you’ll have to pony up a pretty penny to attend. A positive point is that after you complete your studies if the school likes you, they will promote you to casinos. Keep in mind that in the UK, you’ll be needing a dealer’s licence from the UK  Gambling Commission. This will include a search of your past for any signs of criminal activity. 

As we previously touched on, there’s a good chance that the job will require shift work. That includes working nights. This will require you to be able to change your chip for working nocturnally. You really don’t want to be that one dealer who’s constantly yawning in front of the customers.    

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