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Casino Dealer School – Online Schools Times and Courses

Sit at any games table in a real live casino and you’ll be pleasantly amazed as to how professional, quick and neat the dealer are. Dexterous with the cards and very confident about the gameplay, casino dealers are the oil that keeps the motor running smoothly. To become a dealer is easy, and it’s not even that expensive to attend one of the many schools that’ll teach you all the knowledge needed to work in a casino. You will be learning all the tricks of the trade, along with gaining a license that allows you to work.

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Studying to become a croupier is a great investment, that’ll payoff handsomely later on down the road. Gaining the dealer’s license allows you to pursue casino dealer or croupier work anywhere in the world. You’ll find that many top casinos are presently offering dealer courses. This allows them to skim off the cream of the cream once each course is completed. These chosen dealers go on to either work or teach at these top casinos. As such, it’s a win-win for the casino.

casino dealer school
Casino Dealer School: Are you ready to become a casino dealer? – Image source: Ceglasvegas1, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Study Online

You can also study online. Attending an online casino school allows students to attend from all over the globe. Once enrolled they can learn how to deal in live games, along with all the casino game’s rules. They will learn how to deal in blackjack, jackpot poker, and many other games. They also learn about online dealing and customer interaction. With the gambling industry still growing, most students who complete the courses and gain their certificates, are almost immediately taken on by their sponsor casino.

On the whole, these new croupiers will play just the one game, in order to master it, before being moved on to another game. This is the same for when you’re employed with an online casino like Bet365 Casino.

The Length of Study

As for how long you’ll need to study, well, most courses last around 8 weeks. With this you’ll exit as a fully functioning casino dealer. But beware, as you’ll still be missing a huge amount of knowledge. On the whole, this length of course will let you master just one table game. Most students leave with blackjack under their belt, but then will need to learn all the other games once they’re working. This extra studying usually comes once they are employed at a casino, which then assumes the responsibility of continuing the new employees education. You can learn all the ins and outs of blackjack within a couple of weeks as it’s one of the casino’s most easily accessible games.

Roulette takes a little longer, as it’s that much more complicated. So allow for at least 4 weeks for that. The popular card game of Texas Hold’em, takes even longer and you should allow at least 5 weeks to learn the intricacies of the game. When you start to look for a casino dealer school, we suggest that you thoroughly check the school’s credentials, along with the student/teacher ratio. You might find that some schools have requirements that make it all but impossible for you to enter. Other schools set lower limits for entry. But wherever you sign up to study, you’ll be learning all the casino games, as well as other factors like casino etiquette, and polishing your people skills.

casino dealer school
Let’s learn the basics together! – Image source: Paf – Games Sport Casino, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Casino Dealer School Cost – Tuition Fees and Courses

As for the cost of a course, they can vary between £2,000 to £2,700 and upwards. In order to be eligible for the courses in Europe, you’ll need to be at least 18 years old (the legal minimum age to even enter a casino). You’ll be needing some basic qualifications which should include Math. Also you have to provide proof that you don’t have a criminal record. In the US things are a little different. For a start you can’t go into a casino in many states unless you can prove that you’re over 21 years of age. That number is transferred over to dealing school, with the minimum enrolment age being the same.

Casino Dealer Schools – Las Vegas

On the whole, there’s a good standard of casino dealer schools in Sin City. They all offer more or less the same curriculum with qualified and experienced teachers. Many of those giving class have had first-hand experience working in the surrounding casinos, so can bring that knowledge of all casino and jackpot games to the table as well. This allows the students to practice with teachers in a more realistic environment. Many of the schools in LA will offer flexible schedules, with both day and evening classes being offered.

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The Best Learning Environment

How long you’ll be needing to study does depend a great deal on what games are important to you. For example, poker takes around 4 weeks, whereas craps takes approximately 8 weeks, as it’s that much more involved. In truth you’re going to be hard pushed to find a better environment in which to study, than by going to Las Vegas. The whole city is dedicated to gambling games of all types. This means that as a future dealer, you’ll have lots of opportunities to live and learn your trade.

During your study breaks, you and the other students can swing by some of the most renowned casinos in the city. Studying in a city that lives and breathes gambling will give you a massive advantage over other school’s locations. Watching live games in a real casino and learning all the jackpot terms will also help prepare you for the real world that awaits you in a couple of weeks or so, when you finally graduate. You can also find work with online casinos like Bet365 Casino, who are always looking for the best live dealers.

casino dealer school
Casino Dealer School: To become a casino dealer you must learn all the essential casino game rules

Learn From the Real World

Many casino dealer schools also have an employment adviser or even industry connections that’ll help in your search for work. But if you’re good at your studies and appear to have talent for casino games, then you’ll be picked up very quickly. Casinos literally fight to get the best employees, and industry talent spotters are often present during the school’s testing and examinations. It’s very common for those with promise to be offered initial contracts well before they leave the school. This gives a casino an edge in getting the best of the best.

With casinos becoming more competitive, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Customer satisfaction remains one of the most important factors in judging the worth of a casino. Players who have visited casinos to win the jackpot and experienced less than stellar conditions, will take their business to another casino at the drop of a hat. And that’s why casinos are so keen to sign up the best croupiers and dealers as soon as they spot their potential.

These casino workers have a number of skills which are not just being able to deal cards or throw a pair of dice. As a casino croupier or dealer, you need to be able to ensure the smooth running of a game. You need to be efficient, to work with speed and to be able to remain professional no matter what type of customer you’re dealing with. Your people skills need to be top notch, along with your manners and conversation.

Conclusion – Casino Dealer School

We suggest that you seek out some croupiers and casino dealers to suss out the pro and cons of the job before you bother with applying to dealer school. By simply chatting you might be able to find out some information with regards to a school’s reputation, the types of courses offered, along with any other relevant knowledge that’ll help you make an informed decision.