losing streaks in sports betting
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Get Back To Winning After Losing Streaks In Sports Betting  

To be totally frank, the exciting part about sports betting is not just about winning. There’s also the possibility of losing to consider. Or even suffering a losing streaks in sports betting. This is what makes sports betting so thrilling. Many will tell you that to be a good sports bettor you should rely on jackpot winning tips and tricks, along with plenty of research. That’s because, at the end of the day, luck will play a considerable factor in the end result. Sometimes the difference between winning and losing is very very small.

Of course, if you want to be a winning sports bettor, then you need to be on the right side of that margin no matter how slim it might be. Many times you will hear sports bettors bragging about how they are between 65 and 75% in profit. But let’s be honest here, even if you are 51% in profit, you are still winning.

Sometimes it’s possible to find yourself in a rut. It feels as though every bet you are making is going to lose. And before you know it, you’re on one huge downer of a losing streak. One of the first things to consider about this is that it can happen to even the best sports bettors. The key to recovery is to learn how to bounce back from it faster. Today we thought we’d discuss some of the techniques that can be used to help you bounce back from a losing streak in sports betting. It will take some discipline on your part. But without any discipline, you cannot hope to be a good sports bettor anyway.

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Let’s Start Decreasing Your Standard Bet

To many sports bettors, this might seem a bad idea. But in truth, it’s probably the best way to get back into the game. After all, when you take a walk down Losing Street, your bankroll is continuously decreasing. We suggest that in this situation you should also decrease your standard bet size at the same time. The result will be that you minimise your losses. Not only that, but you will also start to win back your much-needed confidence, as your losses will be less. It’s one of the best means to increase your jackpot winning chances.


Many sports bettors, and casino gamblers for that matter, will tend to do the polar opposite. They will increase the size of their wagers in the hope of getting back some profits in one go. But as a sports bettor, you’re probably aware that the idea is not to win big but to win small amounts constantly. To that end, decreasing your bet size is not only sensible, but it allows you to later increase your bet size from your remaining bankroll.

Start Looking At A Fresh Approach


Sometimes a losing streak comes about because you’re stuck in a fixed way of looking at the game. So it’s a good idea in moments like this to take a step backwards and analyse exactly why you’re losing. What is the methodology that’s leading to these losses? Another good idea is, if you’ve had a particularly long losing streak, then maybe it’s time to search for a new sportsbook. This will earn you several positive advantages. Firstly, all new sportsbooks, like 22Bet Sportsbook, are happy to give new players a generous welcome bonus to get them started.

There’s a good chance you may discover that they are running bets that you never knew about. And these may be more suitable for your playing style. Many new sportsbooks will often have different types of sports markets on their books. Some of which may be more interesting to you. Hopefully, this will allow you to exercise your betting skills in a positive and more successful manner.

Losing Streaks In Sports Betting: Take A Break

have a break

When you find yourself losing at the casino tables, we always suggest that you step away and maybe go for a walk around the block. Just do anything to free your mind from the stress of the games at hand. The same works for sportsbooks bettors. If you find yourself on the losing end, time and time again, then take a timeout. We suggest that you use this time to either do something totally different. Or make use of it by studying the game more in-depth and looking at some better jackpot winning strategies. When you return to the game after this break you will feel more relaxed, and maybe, be even sharper.

Discover Profitable Situations

When you look across the available betting markets on many sports, you will probably decide to bet on the most popular ones. But if we look at how professional sports bettors review their bets, then we can see that they are looking for something different. Essentially, they don’t care about the style or types of bets, but much more about the situations in which they may prove profitable. We suggest that you team up with someone who understands betting and go looking for opportunities together. This will allow the vig line to be reduced, which will automatically deliver a greater profit margin to you. Another thing is that by having a betting buddy by your side, you’re able to discuss the odds and possible results in-depth with someone who understands your situation.

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Parlays Are Not The Way To Go

As we previously mentioned, if you find yourself chasing losses, then that’s one of the worst things you can possibly do in any real money gambling situation, be it at the casino or at the sportsbooks. Many gamblers believe that you should try parlays in order to win back your losses in one big shot. Of course, this type of bet is famous for paying out huge sums. Especially with the football jackpot or on the horses. But let’s be frank here, they take a huge amount of luck to land them properly. And if you’re having problems winning but a single bet at a time, then the chances of winning a string of bets together are going to be virtually zero. In many cases, betting on parlays is only going to make you a deeper hole than the one you’re already in.

Losing Streaks In Sports Betting: Research And Study More

sports betting

As you’re probably well aware, at Jackpotfinder.com, we are a little old-fashioned in our approach to sports betting. We believe that, whether you’re stuck in a losing streak or enjoying a winning one, the key to success rests with the amount of time and effort you’re willing to put into research. It’s so important that you understand all aspects of the game at hand, as well as all the playing strategies. Then you should research all the different types of bets available as well as the betting markets and the odds. Not only does this information help you get back into a winning streak, but it’s exactly what the pro sports bettor is doing in order to remain in profit.

Conclusion: Recovering From Losing Streaks In Sports Betting

We understand that having a losing streak can really deplete someone’s confidence. But it’s important that you remain positive. A good idea at this point might be to examine your betting skills. The fact that you are losing is probably due to a lack of relevant knowledge or information being at hand. We suggest that you look at some online betting tutorials, as well as read some books on the subject matter. Then head over to 22Bet Sportsbook to try out your new knowledge. We’re not saying that you’re going to make it as a professional sports bettor, but the general idea is to aim as high as possible, and then you’ll achieve some great results.

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