slot machine playing mistakes
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Ways that Sabotage Winning Chances

When you first enter the online casino, all you can see are acres and acres of slots machines. They’re there for a reason. It’s because they’re easy to play, you don’t need to really know anything about gambling to use them. And there’s always the possibility of hitting one of those life altering mega jackpots. But first, have a look through our list and see if there’s anything that missing from your online casino experience.

Slot Machine Playing Mistakes: Not Reading the Game Help File

We can almost guarantee that most players miss out on doing this before they start pumping tokens into the slots machine and hitting the “hit” button. And it’s because playing the games is so easy and straightforwards, that most players don’t bother with reading the rules. This can have some pretty serious consequences is things go pear-shaped, for both the casino, but more so for the player. The help screen is actually there to help you! It’ll tell you everything from how to activate bonus rounds to how many combinations will make up a win. Stop, look, assess, manage, and read the guides to win the jackpot.

Not Perusing Terms and Conditions for Online Casino Bonuses

Another biggie that drives us nuts. So many players get burned by first making the deposit and only then looking at the T&C’s. That’s totally the wrong way around. All online casinos offer you a welcome bonus if it’s your first time playing there. Why not take advantage of it. These bonuses are usually in the form of free cash or extra spins. Of course, it all depends on the size of your deposit. And though the bonus may vary from site to site, why would you turn your nose up to at least 100% credit on your first deposit.

One thing to be wary of though, and that’s the wagering requirements. Every bonus comes with a wagering requirement. Essentially it means that you have to gamble a certain amount to be able to claim the bonus. The industry standard is around 20x. But you may find casinos with higher wagering requirements. It all depends. But try and avoid casinos with a requirement of above 30x. It’s all written there in black and white in the T&C’s. So read them!

Slot Machine Playing Mistakes: Overplaying the Slots

Part and parcel of being a sensible gambler are knowing when to call it a day. Knowing when to quit and head home. once you’ve managed to hit the jackpot, well, then it’s time to take a break. It’s often the case that after hitting a great prize, then it all goes south really fast. We suggest, that once you’ve made any profit, you step away from the computer or close the laptop and do something else. It’s super important to remain cool and let your head drive your emotions.

slot machine playing mistakes
Never overplay the slots

 Playing Participation Slots

So what on earth are “participation slots”? Good question. it’s a slot machine whereby the manufacturer helps themselves to a % of your winnings. For example, the Wheel of Fortune slot machine is a participation slot, and you would be lucky to see even 85% of your money returned. We suggest that you try and avoid machines which appear to be based on TV shows or movies. One the whole these machines feature huge screens with ultra-high definition and very high-quality graphics. This all adds up to a very expensive machine to produce. For a start they need to buy the rights off the TV or movie company…and those are not cheap. So, you, the player, are needed to step in and help out.

Slot Machine Playing Mistakes: Failing to Research Slots’ RTP

This is another newbie slot machine playing mistakes. So just what is the RTP? Well, it stands for “return to player”. This is the theoretical amount that the player gets back from the original amount spent. So, if you got back $97 back for every $100 you feed into the slot machine, then the RTP would be 97%. But to be clear, when it says return to player, it’s not just one player, it means all the people who play the machine over a long, long period of time. Do a little online research and find the slot with the highest RTP. Especially one with an RTP above 95%. ut don’t go expecting to get those figures in the time you’re be playing. Those numbers are flat averages taken over possibly millions of spins.

Only Playing Big Progressive Jackpots

In the real bricks and mortar casinos, it’s really tempting to head over towards the brightest lights and play on the progressive slots machines. It’s great looking for the biggest payout in the casino, but your bankroll will quickly be depleted to zero. Remember that these huge jackpots actually represent months or years of players like yourself pumping in coin after coin. It’s so much better to go after machines offering, say, 5,000 credits as opposed to those with offers of 10,000.

Ignoring Bankroll Management

Gambling is really about just a couple of things, namely, your money and having some fun. The fun bit we can all find a way to use. But the money part, especially it’s mismanagement, can certainly kill all the fun bits. You’re happily playing and suddenly you look down and realize that all your bankroll is gone. And maybe you had other games you wanted to play. Practice some good old fashioned money management before you hit the casino or the online jackpot sites. We suggest dividing your bankroll down to a daily spend limit depending on the number of days you plan to play.

Another way of managing your money is to set a simple rule, such as that all monies won cannot be spent at the casino. This will stop you from burning through all your cash, even after you have won, take your winnings and count your lucky stars. Go home and save it or spend it on anything other than gambling.

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