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Can People Bet On Snooker? 

It is said that the game of snooker was born in the British officer’s clubs during the time of the colonisation of the Indian subcontinent. Since then, the game has certainly come a long way. Right now there are over 40 major tournaments for professional players. Though we tend to think of the game as being traditionally British, it is in fact a worldwide phenomenon. Many young players are coming up in the professional rankings from places such as China, India and other Asian countries. The traditional older generation of snooker professionals from England, Wales and Scotland are beginning to feel the heat from these new young and hungry players. Since snooker became televised, it started bringing in massive levels of sponsorship which in turn, led to some of the best jackpot offers. In fact, it’s amongst the world’s best paying sports.

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Major Global Snooker Tournaments

Such is the popularity of snooker, that you’ll find tournaments and competitions taking place all over the globe and all around the year. It’s perfectly feasible to bet on snooker matches. We suggest that you take some time to learn about the different high profile tournaments that are taking place, as well as about the playing habits and jackpot winning strategies of each player who is taking part. Probably the most prestigious of these are the following:

The World Championship

This tournament is the big daddy of them all, with global viewership figures of over 300 million people. Winning this bestows the highest honour on any snooker player. Since its humble beginnings in 1927, the tournament has been hosted among several different venues. But since 1977, it’s planted itself as a permanent feature at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield. Many snooker legends have played there including such illustrious names as Steven Henry, Ray Reagan, Ronnie O’Sullivan and of course, the unflappable Steve Davis. The player with the most World Championship titles is Stephen Henry, who holds seven of them.

The Masters 


The Masters is an invitational tour event. In other words, you can only take part by invitation and it’s only open to 16 of the world’s top-ranked players. This competition is the second longest-running snooker tournament in the world. It takes place at the Alexandra Palace in London and has done so since 1912. The world record holder for this competition is Ronnie O’Sullivan, with seven titles to his name.

The UK Snooker Championship

Probably one of the oldest, and certainly one of the most prestigious snooker tournaments, is the UK Championships. All the best UK players have been competing in this since 1977. In fact, it was around this time that snooker entered the public consciousness as it started being shown on television. With the players now becoming celebrities, the whole genre of snooker gradually found itself a place in the mainstream media. One great thing about the UK Championships is that there’s a huge amount of local rivalry which results in exciting snooker. 

The English Open

One of the most famous snooker promoters is Barry Hearn. In 2016 he started the English Open Tour which is named after Steve Davis. As we previously mentioned about the number of up-and-coming Asian talented players, the inaugural tournament was won by Liang Wenbo from China. This was his first ranking tournament victory. Though it was called the English Open, it’s actually open to players from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. If you can manage to win the English Open, as well as the three other home nations tournament series as a single season, then you’ll receive a bonus of 1 million pounds.

Different Types Of Bets In Snooker


When it comes to snooker betting markets there are a huge number of options available from reputable sportsbooks like 22Bet Sportsbook. Below we’ve listed the most common bets you’ll find at the snooker table.

Outright Betting

This is a simple wager on the winner of the entire tournament. You’ll find that the odds for bidding are available both before and throughout the tournament itself. But keep in mind that the odds for each player will decrease as the competition progresses. This means that the sportsbooks keep revising the odds depending on which rivals are eliminated. 

Frame Betting

Depending on the types of jackpot games being played, then the number of frames per game will also change. Frame Betting is simply putting a bet on predicting the highest frame score for each match.

Match Betting

Thanks to both television and the internet, you’ll find that these games can be streamed directly to your mobile in real-time. Because of this, the snooker betting marketplace has really opened up and there are many more bets available than there were 20 years ago. You can also bet on multiple players simultaneously. And finally, you can combine many wagers with others in order to create an accumulator bet. As you’re well aware, these types of bets are incredibly risky for your bankroll. Yet they do have phenomenal payouts.

Handicap Snooker Betting

Snooker Betting

If a snooker match is very one-sided, then it’s going to be very boring for the audience and for the gamblers alike. To ensure a more exciting game, you’ll find the sportsbooks will give the weaker player a handicap allowance. This is normally a head start in a certain number of frames. For example, if player A is favoured to beat player B in a snooking game, then Player B may receive a handicap start of let’s say plus 1.5 frames. This means in order to win, player A would need to defeat player B by at least plus 1.5 frames. You can see now why this is called handicap betting. What’s interesting is how this form of betting has become increasingly popular. More and more money appears to go towards the underdog in handicap betting in snooker. 

Highest Break Betting

Just as it says written on the tin, with this you’re going to bet on the highest break during the whole tour. Such a bet will certainly increase your viewing pleasure. But keep in mind you can only win this bet if its prediction comes true. 

Conclusion: Snooker Betting

Without a doubt, since its introduction on television in the early 70s, the sport of snooker has grown in leaps and bounds. Today it’s one of the most exciting sports to bet on. Unlike massively popular sports such as basketball and soccer, you’ll find that the winning odds in snooker are going to be much better simply because the participation level is much lower. We suggest that you head over to 22Bet Sportsbook in order to win the jackpot online whilst betting on snooker. Not only do they offer some of the best odds in the business, but also a fabulous welcome bonus of 122% up to €100 for all new players. This means that you can literally double your bankroll.

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