sports bettors bankroll

Introduction: A Sports Bettors Bank Roll: Does Size Matter?

Do you have access to a big enough sports bettors bankroll? Because if you enjoy watching sports, then there’s a very good chance that you’d enjoy having a flutter on a game. With the nature of all sporting events being the sheer unpredictability of outcome, throwing some cash into the mix makes for even greater excitement. If you know the game, have an understanding of the players involved, and have studied form, then sports betting gives you a nice opportunity to put all that knowledge to work and beat the house edge in order to win some cash. We also have a guide to looking after your bankroll at the casino.

Getting Your Profit Isn’t a Cakewalk

There’s a process, that start’s with knowledge and ends with a profit. But in order to reach that goal, you’re going to need a bankroll. Having an edge over a sportsbook is of zero worth without the means to make money. And if you want to make something more than just pennies on the dollar, then the size of your bankroll is of real importance. Though the idea of starting off small and gradually building up a substantial bankroll sounds nice, in reality, in order to escape from small wins, you’re going to have to pony up some serious cash. Winning big takes a big bankroll.

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We get it, not everyone has the odd $50,000 to $100,000 lying around at home. But we can show you a very simple method of building up a sizable bankroll. But for these tools to work, you’re gonna need discipline. And then more discipline.

Why Having a Bigger Bank Roll Is Better

With huge betting wins appearing in the media, it’s easy to assume that sports betting can bring in exorbitant sums of cash. But the truth is much more mundane. You have to keep in mind that sports bets bring in tiny margins. For example, to just break even, you’ll be needing to win 52.38% of your wagers. Now the most successful sports bettors bring in the cash at around 53% – 55% of their bets. The famous sports bettor, Billy Walters reckoned to have a 57% win rate. Of course, at this rate, he was practically printing his own money.

But a newbie or novice sports bettor is going to struggle to touch these sorts of numbers. It’s hard to win the football jackpot at a consistent level, as just one bad bet can wipe out your daily/weekly wins. Sometimes we hear bettors talking about how they’re going to slay the sportsbook marketplace with 60% wins or better. This is just not going to happen. In fact, it’s so unrealistic that we should file such claims under the heading; “hot air”.

sports bettors bankroll
More money means more opportunities

A Sports Bettors Bank Roll: Real-World Application

In truth, even touching 55% is tricky and relies on a huge number of factors coming together, and all of them in your favor. But the main take away here is that such a number IS possible. Let’s use this number to illustrate why you need a bigger as opposed to a smaller bankroll, to make it all work. As a serious sports bettor, you wager on 100 games each month. Now a 55% win translates to winning 55 games and losing 45. For the sake of argument, you drop $11 to make $10 for every game. Therefore the total money in play is $1,100. Keep in mind you’ll receive nothing for your losses. But for every win, you’ll get $21 (that’s your original bet of $11 plus a profit of $10). So, let’s multiply those 55 wins by $21. That equals $1,155.

So, yeah, you made a profit. Of $55! You’re rolling big time! And if we up the ante? OK…let’s say you’re gonna play like a high roller and drop $5,500 into the action at $55 punted on each game. So now you’ve earned $105 for those 55 wins. That’s a net profit of $275. As you can see, you’re not going to be paying the rent from that. If we jump upscale again and put $110 for every event then if means that we’re putting $11,000 into sports betting action each month. But remember that you profit from those 55 wins still only come to $550. Can you see where this is going?

The only way that the top sports bettors are seeing a decent return is to have a pretty big bankroll, to begin with. We suggest that you flat bet as opposed to varying your wager amounts. And then follow our jackpot winning tips and tricks. They are placing much bigger punts on each game. Over time, they have diligently built up their bankroll to a large enough size, that they’re able to take huge punts as well as withstand any losing streaks that may come along at any time.

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A Sport’s Bettors Bank Roll: Making a Living as a Sports Bettor

As the above example shows, making a decent living as a sports bettor is a huge challenge. You need to be able to spot value bets, and enough of them, to make it all worth your time and effort. Remember that sports bookmakers are setting lines that are designed to make your work an uphill struggle. Of course, what’s considered a decent living is going to vary wildly. Some might consider $2,500 a great living, whilst others would not stop for less than $10,000. But it’s all of no consequence unless you have a sizable chunk of change to invest/gamble. That stash needs to be big enough to get a decent return on every bet, as well as withstanding a losing streak.

sports bettors bankroll
Live betting can be extremely rewarding

The Standard Base Bank Roll for Sports Bettors

If you want to make $5K on 100 monthly bets, then you’ll be needing a bankroll of $100,000! So, to be clear, that’s the money you’ll need behind you to finance just one month’s betting. Gulp! You will always have the problem of not having enough cash to cover all your positions. If you bet online, then you can also use your credit card.

A Basic System for Building a Bankroll That Works

As a for-profit gambler, you’re not looking to blast through your bankroll and go down in flaming glory. The idea is to keep back as much as possible. While at the same time being able to save any profits that come your way. We suggest that you think about adding a fixed amount to your bankroll every month, no matter how well you’re doing or not. let’s say that in the beginning of your gambling journey, you’re betting on just 10 games each week. Doing this, and limiting your plays will help you learn the ropes faster, without too much risk. You don’t need a big bankroll to get started. We recommend that you start with $11 bets to win $10. Imagine that you win 50% of all your bets. This means that you’ll be needing $110 to get the ball rolling.

Take Your Time and Save

So you take $105 at the end of this first week and then you add an extra $110. So now you’re sitting on a bankroll of$215, though you only put$110 on any action. If you continue to do this, week in and week out, then your bankroll will grow to over $5K by the end of a year. Not bad at all! On the whole, it’ll take you around a year to get the hang of sports betting and to accumulate all the strategies, values, and plays. If you followed our formula, then in the time your bankroll should of increased and be sitting pretty close to $5K. This in turn will allow you to place every increasingly larger bet as time passes. But all of this is only going to happen if you have the discipline. You have to be committed to regular contributions.

sports bettors bankroll
Time is money friend!

So How Much Money Does a Sports Bettor Need?

There’s no real answer to this question. It’s all down to the individual player and their own needs and wants. You can start with as little as $10 and still have a great time. If you’re a casual sports bettor, who’s looking for a good time and a means to increase your jackpot winning chances, and nothing more, well, go ahead and knock yourself out. But if you’re more serious about your betting skills, then you’re more than probably looking long term, in the hope of maybe becoming a full-time sports bettor somewhere in the future.

If that’s the case, then you’ll need to be able to pony up between $50,000 – $100,000. Yes, it’s a lot. But as the numbers have shown, any less than this means that your possibilities of making an actual living from this take a nosedive. The point is that you have to have enough to play with as well as cover any periods of losing steaks. That’s the bottom line. If you don’t have access to those types of sums, then the life of a sports bettor is not the life for you.

Conclusion: A Sports Bettors Bank Roll

The system we have suggested for growing your bankroll really does work. As with all goals in life, there will be any number of things that demand your attention and make an effort to use those savings for other things. You must resist and be strong and focused. If you continue to stick to the script and don’t deviate, then your bankroll will continue to grow. So, get yourself out there and start saving for a better gaming experience.

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