worse casino bets
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Introduction: Worst Casino Bets

Now some casino has a higher house edge than others. And keep in mind that this applies to the types of games you’re playing as well. So it follows that some bets have a higher house edge. Slot machines normally have an edge from 1% to 15%, depending on the casino in question along with the actual machine’s location with the building (yep, placement really does matter). Because some games give the house a huge edge, then we suggest that you stay away from placing the following bets. If you would like to learn more about jackpot winning tips and tricks, check out our guides.

1. Live Keno: Worse Casino Bets

This is often played over the blackjack tables. Keno is really just a lottery. But the house edge is always very high for this game, sometimes running up to 25%. Remember that the odds of drawing a winning ticket don’t change. Check this number before you play, as the rate will vary wildly from casino to casino. It’s definitely one of the worse casino bets you can place.

2. Big Six Wheel

This is again another type of lottery. The Big Six is also called The Wheel of Fortune. It’s based on an old carnival game. And the odds really do suck balls. The house edge for this game varies from around 11% and up to a massive 24%, depending on the number of players who are involved.

3. Caribbean Stud Side Bet

On the whole, we don’t recommend any side bets. At all! If the establishment encourages side bets, then ask yourself who benefits from this move. That’s right….not you! The side bet here is normally for a small progressive side jackpot. Problem is, that it rarely reaches payout levels. And the house edge on this is around 14%. Just stick to banker and player bets.

4. Baccarat Tie Bet: Worse Casino bets

Now we all know about the baccarat banker and player bets, as they represent the best bets you could make. But the tie bet is by far one of the worse casino bets you can make in the game of baccarat. The house edge on this dud is around 8%. Stay well clear.

5. Blackjack Insurance Bet

This one is amusing for its inappropriate name. It’s another side bet you really shouldn’t ever think about making. With the house edge being around 8%, how on earth are you insuring anything? More of a joke bet for the ignorant and the gullible. Again, avoid like the plague.

worse casino bets
Don’t lose your head! Otherwise, you will lose your chips

6. Blackjack Hunch Play

Hunch play just means that your making choices based on hunches or guesses. That’s not a productive way to play blackjack. This strategy or rather, lack of strategy will see your bankroll disappear faster than your IQ. You’ll also be kindly donating up to 20% to the casino.

7. Let It Ride Side Bet

Another side bet we strongly advise you to stay well clear of. This bet is based on the paytable. But even the most generous paytable has the house getting between 13% to 36% in house edge. Don’t go there.

8. Craps Proposition Bets

These are to all intents and purposes, either hard bets or bets on one roll. Full of nope! They have a combined house edge of normally over 17%. Ouch!

9. Roulette: Worse Casino Bets

Now, remember that the roulette wheel has a house edge of 5.26% on all slots with the US double zero wheel. That is all bets except the “five number bet”. These five numbers are 0-00-1-2-3. This is also known as the basket bet. Probably because you need to be a basket-case to place it in the first place The house edge with this wager is 7.89%. Because the European wheels have only one zero, then it’s house edge is lower at 2.7%.

10. Casino War Tie

Just like the kid’s game….you pull a card and the higher one wins. Now there is a tie bet you can make. That is that you and the dealer will pull cards that are the same value. Therefore you and the dealer will tie. Now if you do tie a card with the dealer, then the payout is 10 to 1. But, the actual tie bet carries a house edge of 18.65%. Being one of the worse casino bets out there, just take our advice and don’t do it, not even on the online jackpot sites.

Conclusion: Worst Casino Bets

To exist the casino needs to not only make money but turn a profit. That money can only come from one source. That’s right…you! All machines and games will have a house edge. It’s up to you to check before you start playing to work this simple figure out. On many machines, it’s actually displayed for you. The casino is not hiding these numbers. Far from it, they want you to know exactly what you’re getting into. But we strongly recommend staying away from bets where the house edge to too high for either a chance of winning or the chance to enjoy the action. As always, bet with care and enjoy yourself.