biggest lottery wins in 2021
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Biggest lottery wins in 2021

This year, millions of players around are trying their hand at the lottery, and it’s paying off big time for some lucky players. So far, it looks like the biggest lottery wins in 2021 are coming from the world’s biggest lotto jackpots today

Now, players are rushing to top lottery sites like theLotter to take advantage of the best jackpot offers. Although we’re still in the first half of 2021, several players have already won hundreds of millions. 

However, that not all! One player is now a billionaire making him one of the biggest lottery winners of all time. Fortunately, there’s still time left this year to study all the jackpot winning strategies to strike it rich on online jackpot sites

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Lottery syndicate wins Mega Millions $1.05 billion jackpot 

Firstly, Mega Millions was the first lottery to announce one of the biggest lottery wins in 2021. All in all, the US lottery is famous for making the world’s biggest millionaires and billionaires. So far, this year is no exception. 

On 22 January 2021, a lottery syndicate called Wolverine FLL Club won the Mega Millions $1.05 billion jackpot prize. What’s more, the group wrote their names in the history books by becoming one of the biggest lottery syndicate winners of all time. 

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Powerball’s $731.1 million jackpot is still unclaimed 

Surprisingly, no one has come forward to claim what should be one of the biggest lottery wins in 2021. On 20 January 2021, Powerball announced that a single ticket sold in Maryland had all the winning numbers of their draw. 

The Wednesday night jackpot is worth $731.1 million, with a cash option of $546.8 million. Furthermore, the winning numbers were 40, 53, 60, 68, 69, and the Powerball 22. Until now, the Maryland ticket holder has yet to claim their lottery winnings. 

However, according to the US lottery, the Maryland player has 182 days from the drawing date to redeem the prize. In this case, the player sill time to claim Powerball’s fourth-biggest lottery prize. Otherwise, the Powerball jackpot will go down in history as another unclaimed lottery ticket

Florida man wins Powerball $235.4 Million jackpot 

biggest lottery wins in 2021

At this time, one lucky lottery player’s life has changed for the better after claiming one of the biggest lottery wins in 2021. Florida resident Thomas Yi won the 27 March 2021 $235.4 million Powerball lottery and chose a lump-sum payment of $160,038,447.27. 

Additionally, the winning numbers for the Saturday drawing were 6, 14, 38, 39, 65, Powerball 6. Now, the 23-year-old is officially the youngest player in Florida lottery history to claim a Powerball jackpot prize. 

Soon, the players will have more chances to win big on Powerball because the weekly drawings will increase to three a week

Couple claims Mega Millions $96 million jackpot 

When a couple gets married, they promise to be with each other for better, for worse, and most importantly, for richer, for poorer, etc. Now, one lucky New York couple will be staying with each other forever after winning an incredible Mega Millions jackpot. 

On 16 February 2021, the US lottery made Leonard and Lorraine Padavan $96 million richer, and each partner claiming half of the side. Consequently, the US lottery has once again made it on the list of the biggest lottery wins in 2021. 

According to the latest lottery news, the winning numbers from the drawing were 1, 26, 44, 54, 66, and the Mega Ball 10. Instead of purchasing the weirdest things that lottery money can buy, the couple played it safe by spending some of their money on an RV. 

At this point, it’s pretty clear to see that there’s serious money to be won on Mega Millions. 

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