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A Concise Guide To Wild Symbols in Slot Games

It’s a given that any gaming establishment’s slot machines are its main draw. By simply pushing a button, players of these games can earn enormous jackpots. Many enjoy spinning the reels simply because of how simple the game is. You’d rarely find a casino without these one-armed bandits. When these wonderful inventions first appeared in casinos, they had very simple gameplay and only paid out wins when you hit one of the few unique combos. More extra features, including more advanced wild symbols, are being added to these games today making these games even more fun. You’ll have an experience that is incredibly fulfilling and immersive as a result of these additional adjustments.

The addition of Wild symbols is one of these popular gameplay adjustments. We’ll go through the functions and distinctive qualities of these Wild symbols in this post, as well as how they enhance your slot’s spinning experience, especially when you’re first learning how to play slots. Scatter symbols, a different category of bonus symbols, should not be confused with Wild symbols.

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The Definition of Wild Symbols

You’ll find that many free slot machines have special symbols called “Wilds” that can be found on the reel grids. The majority of jackpot slots use the traditional pay lines-based winning system. This pays out when you line up combinations of like symbols. For instance, if you only manage to line up two similar symbols together on a slot machine when a three-symbol combo is required, it won’t count as a combo. But, if a Wild symbol appears along with them, it will take the place of those two identical symbols and contribute another symbol to the winning combination.

Wild icons can help you win a ton of money. These Wilds also provide you with independent payouts in some slot machine games. Hence, they don’t just act as a substitute for other ordinary symbols. They also pay out when you acquire multiple Wilds in a row. The Wild symbols typically give the highest payouts of all the symbols. In some games, obtaining a sufficient number of random Wild symbols can also trigger unique extra gaming stages. A certain quantity of Wilds can also result in additional incentives and bonuses being awarded.

Wild symbols are highly significant and advantageous because of all the unique characteristics related to them. So you should keep an eye out for them. If you manage to land enough Wilds in advantageous locations on the playing grid, your slot game will be elevated to a new level. Wilds frequently have a unique design because they are crucial and essential symbols in the gameplay. Any icon connected to the Wilds can feature any significant item or even just the word “WILDS” written in a highlighted typeface, which can serve as a representation of a Wild.

Different Types of Slot Wild Symbols 

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The most prevalent symbols on the playing grid are the regular Wild symbols. You can see this in nearly every modern slot game. You will increase your jackpot winning chances because these symbols can be used in place of all the standard game symbols. These symbols frequently have the highest payouts.

Reel Specific Wilds

Wild symbols may not always appear on all of the reels in some slot machines. This implies that only employing Wilds will result in winning combinations. For instance, in some games, Wilds can only appear on reels 1, 3, and 5 or only on reels 3, 4, and 5. In contemporary jackpot slots, reel-specific Wilds are frequently found on different individual reels. Check out the huge number of slots at 22Bet Casino to see how the Wilds function in real life.

Stacked Wilds

Long strips of Wild symbols can also appear on the reels, which allows for the possibility of a full reel with three or four rows of Wild symbols. Your odds to win the jackpot online increase when the Wilds are stacked since you can have one or more reels entirely made up of Wilds. Some stacked Wilds are coupled with stacked symbols in various games. Moreover, you can completely fill the grid with Wild symbols. In such a case, you can receive some incredible payments, which is highly gratifying.

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Expanding Wilds

Certain Wild symbols have the ability to enlarge and take up all the spaces on a given reel. Either certain reels or all reels can experience this. Expanding Wilds occasionally have the ability to grow horizontally, which adds an intriguing element to gameplay. Instead of during the base game, a bonus round like free spins is more likely to result in the activation of this expanding modifier.

Sticky Wilds

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Certain Wilds stick to their positions for some time when you land them on the grid. Such Wilds are termed “sticky wilds”. In certain circumstances, the Wild symbols will remain in place once the Free Spins round begins. Also in the final few spins, many of the empty spots fill up with Wild symbols. Once again, this increases your chances of winning huge prizes. This incentive comes in a variety of forms. Take note that some sticky Wilds occasionally only hold onto their placements for a single spin. 

Moving Wilds

Slot machines are gradually getting new and intriguing modifiers added to them. With these, the current bonuses are being constantly adjusted. With the moving Wilds bonus feature, Wild symbols move all over the grid as the reels spin. Wilds continue to progress until they reach the last row or reel, at which point they leave the grid and vanish. The Walking Wilds modifier is another name for this benefit.

Random Wild Symbols

When the bonus round begins, the slot machine will occasionally choose a random symbol, and this symbol will then turn into an additional Wilds. Some jackpot games have a fixed Wild symbol that serves as such, whilst others pick a different symbol for each round.

Multiplier Wilds

Book of Rampage

When you employ these Wild symbols to complete a winning combination, the multiplier on your payment goes up. In the regular game, the bonus round, or both, these exceptional symbols have the power to multiply your earnings. An outstanding slot machine that allows you to see this unique multiplier Wilds is the Book of Rampage slot which you can find at 22Bet Casino.

Wilds have an outsized impact on slot machines with numerous win lines. Here are two instances:

  1. Picture a slot machine that has ten pay lines. Depending on where it hits on the first reel, a Wild symbol can join up to four pay lines.
  2. If a Wild symbol appears on the first reel of a slot machine with a 5×3 layout and 30 pay lines, it may be a part of 12 separate pay lines. If a slot machine has 50 pay lines, there will be even more pay lines.

General Advice

You can increase the number of active pay lines when there are stacked Wilds, Sticky Wilds, or just a lot of Wilds on the grid. You’ll have a better chance of forming winning combinations if you activate more pay lines. This is because Wild symbols will then be more effective. A single Wild symbol on the grid will treble the amount of potential winning combinations when you play all-ways games. Consider achieving a win on all five reels, where matching symbols may appear in any order.

For instance, if a Wild symbol appears on reel number 4, you will have two opportunities to win—one through the ordinary symbol and the other through the Wild. You now have four possible winning paths to choose from if you simply add another Wild to this situation. You should be excited because big payouts are ready to drop every time you see an all-ways slot machine with Wilds on the grid.

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