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Ways to Handle Pressure at the WSOP Tournaments 

Now if you’re a poker player who is averse to stress and pressure, then you might find yourself not having the best time of your life if you go to play in WSOP tournaments. In fact, this could well apply to any other casino tournament as well. The truth is there’s no way to escape the stress of playing for something so important. This could be life-altering amounts of money, playing against a famous player, playing in the final table, or for the famous WSOP bracelet. And finally, not just being, but remaining the chip leader throughout the tournament.

One of the reasons you choose to play these types of high-pressure casino games is that it’s exciting. There’s a huge amount on the line. And you feel that you deserve to be the winner. After all, you have worked hard over a considerable period of time in order to reach this point in your poker playing career.

Why Do Some Players Flourish Under Pressure 

For a start, people are simply just made differently. Some thrive under pressure and love the sensation of adrenaline flowing through their brains. You could say that they are wired differently in their biology. On the other hand, they could be veterans, like 3-time WSOP bracelet winner Doug Polk, who have played poker for many years. The lack of stress under pressure could simply be a natural ability that has evolved over time. We find that by practising playing poker online, we can steadily improve. That’s why we choose 32Red Poker. They have every poker variety under the sun.

Not surprisingly, especially if you are the type of player who hates stress, there are some players who thrive on it. They are able to handle pressure and stress. It seems to activate their minds to be more alert. They embrace it and turn it into one of their jackpot winning strategies. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t become discouraged when playing against such people. They too have stress-related problems. Though it tends to be the opposite of what’s normal. When there’s little pressure, then their minds tend to stray. Often these players, though excellent in the WSOP tournaments gameplay, are knocked out of competitions in the early stages or in the lower buy-ins.

WSOP Tournaments: Feeling Stressed Is Not The Problem


Although you may be feeling nervous when sitting at the casino gaming table during the WSOP tournaments competition, it’s important that you don’t believe that nerves are your problem. Otherwise, there is a danger that they will become a distraction. It’s exactly the same as when you try to focus on your feelings when you are playing. Or look at the individual steps on the stairs as you go down them. As soon as you split your focus whilst trying to analyse the playing strategies of those around the table, then your concentration is in two places at once. As a result, you will be unable to properly process all the information in front of you. On the stairs, you’ll take a tumble. It’s a subtle problem for many players. But nevertheless, it causes even more anxiety.

Embrace The Pressure

Even if you’re under a lot of pressure, ask yourself, can you still find the tells in other players? Though you recognise them under normal playing circumstances, you need to be actively looking to find them in a tournament. The same applies to bluffing. So it’s a good idea to try and change your perspective on how you view your own nervousness and stress. We suggest that you tell yourself that it’s perfectly fine to feel excited in this manner. That’s because this is the seat you have worked so hard to be sitting in now after all these years of practice. Mentally, this will help increase your jackpot winning chances. It’s all about mind control.

WSOP Tournaments: Find Your Mantra


You have to try to take a wider view and recognise your position in WSOP tournaments. See that it’s because of the experience and knowledge you have gained throughout your poker career. Try and craft a statement or phrase that you can internalise. With this, whenever you come under pressure or stress, you should utilise it in order to calm yourself. Like chanting a mantra during meditation. Keep in mind that everyone functions differently under pressure. It’s a huge mistake to assume that any change in perspective can be easy when your palms are sweating.

On the whole, pressure will cause you to revert back to ways of thinking that come from a place of security. Your job, as you evolve into becoming a better WSOP tournament player, is to train a new perspective. One that can be accessed automatically and offers a means of alleviating stress.

Stop Dreaming

When it comes to playing online casino games, it’s not surprising to find that many of the players are also daydreamers. This is understandable of course. The very thought of winning cash prizes is never far from the player’s mind. The idea of making the final table, dominating the match on a live stream, or simply winning a WSOP tournaments bracelet can be used to drive your game forwards. But there is an inherent danger here. Many players will naturally play defensively under pressure as they are simply defending their dream. And though the idea of winning is just a dream, these gamblers still feel as though they have something to lose. This is a long way away from the idea of freeing your mind in order to play a better game.

Handling Final Table WSOP Tournaments Pressure


If you are invited to play in WSOP tournaments then it means that you’ve certainly come a long way in your poker playing career.  if you don’t have so much experience then you may find all sorts of issues playing at A final table.  much will come from a lack of experience especially if this is your first final table.  you may not have a big enough stack of chips and you may feel that you don’t have an actionable/push fold poker strategy

For some players, it‘s possible to alleviate the pressure by clearing the mind. They focus on what they want. And their goal is moving up the pay scale. If they can form mental clarity this can alleviate much of the pressure. This doesn’t necessarily need to be based on a positive thought. The very idea that you may not win, and that you may feel bad afterwards, can also act as a catalyst for better gameplay. In other words, there’s nothing wrong with embracing nervousness and stress. We would suggest that you don’t shy away from it.

It’s Never Easy At The Top

The truth of the matter is that playing at such a high level in WSOP tournaments should be difficult. You are amongst the best of the best. And by nature, should feel uncomfortable. Remember that only one person is going to win in this race. Of all the players that enter a tournament, there will just be one who walks away with the jackpot. In jackpot poker, there are no participation awards.  Every single time you play, you are playing for the main prize. So just try and sit back and self meditate on the playing, not on the winning.

Look to both enjoy yourself and maybe educate yourself in new techniques, jackpot winning tips and tricks and gaming styles. And finally, remember that winning does require a huge amount of luck, as well as some skill. To find that luck along with skill, you will have to travel the long road to earn it. Head over to 32Red Poker to learn some new techniques. They will also give all new players a massive welcome bonus of 200% up to €1000 to help you get started on your WSOP journey.