Blacklisted Casinos and Betting Sites

JackpotFinder is officially blacklisting Bookmaker and BetCRIS. The blacklisted casinos and betting sites have not paid their affiliate commissions. In addition, they committed predatory payout requirements, retroactive changes of contract and were following unfair and deceptive business practices.

The aim of Jackpot Finder, a leading online gambling site directory, is to help players find reputable and trustworthy businesses to gamble on the Internet. Jackpot Finder has been online since 2003. Throughout the years, it became one of the most comprehensive and respected online gambling guides.

Over the past 8 years, Jackpot Finder has never blacklisted online gambling establishments frivolously, impulsively or without due diligence. Prior to blacklisting and permanently dissolving an established business relationship, we make multiple attempts to settle all issues diplomatically and achieve a mutually beneficial resolution for all parties involved.

Blacklisted casinos and betting sites

Bookmaker, Bookmaker Casino and Bookmaker Poker are online gambling websites. Their services include casino, poker and sports betting. They belong to BMX Entertainment Ltd. of Cyprus. Their license is from Costa Rica.

BetCRIS, BetCRIS Casino and BetCRIS Poker are online gambling websites. They offer casino, poker and sports betting. The sites are subsidiaries of Townview Trading Ltd. of Malta, and are licensed in Costa Rica.

Bookmaker and BetCRIS belong to the same owners. They operate an affiliate program out of the same office space in Costa Rica. The former one is focusing on U.S. clientele, while the latter on the remainder of the global market.

It started off better…

Since 2006, Jackpot Finder (‘JPF’) had an established affiliate business relationship with both and (‘Blacklisted Websites’). When JPF signed up as an affiliate to promote the Blacklisted Websites, the Terms Of Service (‘TOS’) agreement did not contain a provision requiring a minimum number of active players during the last week of the payment cycle to trigger the releases of the commission payment.

A year ago, on April 5, 2010 was the first time that JPF became aware of the change in TOS. It was by the Blacklisted casinos and betting sites which occurred sometime over the course of the previous five years. Christine D, an affiliate employee emailed JPF. She wrote, “Affiliates need to have a minimum of 10 active players during the previous week to withdraw/transfer their earnings. However, we will make an exception this time. In the future, you must have at least 6 active players in order to request a payout/transfer.”

What happened after?

Between April 7-20 of 2011, Anthony Torres, an affiliate manager at the Blacklisted casinos and betting sites, wrote to JPF. He used a jargon of a used car salesman or a boiler-room hustler. Here is his message. “I want you to earn tons of cash. Lot a little but ALOT of cash. I’m doing this because I want to pay you. Since you have only averaged about 5 players and never higher than 8. I want you to go back to 8 active players for 2 straight weeks.” The money they owed JPF according to the original TOS was now being withheld. they expected JPF to perform never agreed upon tasks.

blacklisted casinos and betting sites
Unfortunately, there are plenty of blacklisted casinos

Anthony Torres asked JPF to “place ( links) on your main page. Actually, paste us everywhere you can” so that the moneys owed to JPF would possibly be paid at some later date. Anthony Torres wrote he liked our site but it was missing. However, we caught him in another lie. He tried to backtrack and then write two days later. “I didn’t really remember (JPF website) as I see so many daily.” Anthony Torres, a professional of the highest caliber, decided to resolve the situation with these parting words. “Jaja, too funny. You did not want to adhere to the terms and conditions and are in over your head on managing your site”.

Affiliates and Players Beware of Bookmaker and BetCRIS

When a company refuses to pay the money rightfully owed unless further demands are met, they cannot be trusted. The management was unprofessional, rude and condescending. They had the demeanor of a low class used car-salesmen. And the mentality and language skills of jive-talking street hustler.

Reasons why BetCRIS and Bookmaker became blacklisted casinos and betting sites

Extortion is defined as obtaining something of value by the abuse of one’s position. JPF was owed money and was refused payment by the affiliate manager. The affiliate manager is the person in a position to forbid or permit payment. They wanted JPF to provide additional services.

JPF’s options were to acquiesce to the demands and trust that will keep its word. That they will not demand additional stipulations prior to paying JPF the money they owed. The other option was to sever all ties and take a financial loss. JPF chose ethics over profit. We have refused to promote a company practicing such low, unfair and deceptive tactics to our valued readers and visitors.

Blacklisted casinos and betting sites will be warned at all times!

Jackpot Finder would like to forewarn all affiliates. Entrusting your earnings to an organization that places individuals like Anthony Torres in top management positions is dangerous. The fact that Mr. Torres was openly deceptive and disrespectful to a 5 year long business partner shows the corporate culture of these businesses.


JackpotFinder recommends for players to avoid and They are blacklisted for non-payment to a business partner of 6 years. We strongly advice players to seek ethical, professional and dependable casinos to win the jackpot, online toto sites, best sites to play bingo, best lotteries to play and the best jackpot poker sites. Organizations, which treat customers and partners respectfully and courteously. Partners who do not withhold money they owe or change contracts retroactively and generally behave in a thuggish, unfair, rude, dishonest and deceptive manner.

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