Sports Betting for Dummies – the Fundamentals

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So why did we write our guide, Sports Betting for Dummies? Well, sports betting can be an intense experience. Athletic and motorized competitions abound and both enthusiasts and speculators pool their money in everything from NFL Football Betting to Premiership Betting. As if athletic and motor sports didn’t offer enough to bet on, punters can wager on politics and virtual sports.

At first glance, the list of options at the best sports betting jackpots can seem overpowering even to a veteran gambler. So here we have our version of sports betting for dummies. Jackpot Finder’s own tips to help novices settle down into the world of online sports betting and guide them responsibly into a rewarding pastime.

Sports Betting for Dummies: Not the Rent Money

It may seem cliché, but if there is absolutely nothing else that players should take away from this guide, it should be the importance of keeping this in mind.

sports betting for dummies
Betting has a real tradition

Gambling by definition is risk. When players take risks, at least occasional losses are absolutely inevitable. When you bet big, odds are against the players that sooner or later they will in fact lose big.

Punters must be able to live with their losses. When essential funds such as rent money and payrolls are bet, this usually amounts to an unacceptable loss. In order to “recover”, gamblers will then make larger bets and take larger losses leading into a downward spiral from which many never recover. In worst case scenarios, knee caps get broken and jail cells or funeral plots get filled.

JackpotFinder absolutely does not want this to happen to our readers. So, very simple rule:

If you can’t afford to lose it, you can’t afford to bet it. Period.

Sports Betting for Dummies: Bet with Your Brain

One of the great things about sports betting is that punters, like blackjack players, can make decisions which result in winning, whereas a roulette player relies on random chance. Therefore, like blackjack players, sports bettors should think prior to wagering.

It’s one thing to root a team because they come from the home town or because friends and family seem to like them.  It’s another thing to put money behind them. If punters want to spend money in support of a team, they should buy tickets and jerseys.

When a punter places a bet, he is only going to sustain his bookie or himself. Most punters would much rather be holding themselves up. Therefore, sports bettors must remain objective. Blindly chasing a football jackpot will only lead to trouble. Until a gambler gets very good at this, he should avoid betting on any games involving his favorite teams. Thus:

Don’t bet on your favorite team until you are ready to bet against them.

There is Nothing Like Looking, If You Want to Find Something

Players can’t use their brain when there is nothing in there. To wager on sports effectively, players owe it to themselves to fill their mind with as much relevant information as possible. With the internet placing insane quantities of information only a Google search away, online sports bettors have no excuse for making mindless wagers. Consider everything:

  1. If the teams competed before, who won? Was it a close competition, or a landslide victory?
  2. Who has the home-field advantage? How much has this helped in past competitions?
  3. Were any of the players, especially the franchise players, recently or ever injured? If so, how?
  4. Who is the coach? How long has he been with the team and what is his track record?
  5. Are weather forecasters predicting rain or shine?

While it can’t hurt to listen to experts and compare notes with friends (in fact, this is a good idea), punters should do their own research: after all, each punter will be putting his own money on the line.

Don’t put any money down until you are 100% confident that you have picked the winner.

Doing research is, of course, one of the best ways of building confidence. Finding jackpot winning strategies is part and parcel of the job.

And, even when you have “1000% confidence” [sic], remember, above all other things, it is absolutely essential not to bet the house. This is a basic when it comes to sports betting for dummies.

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