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Betting Traps In Football Matches 

Out of all the forms of sports gambling available, you’ll find that football betting is pretty safe. If you’re gambling online, then all sports betting websites you visit, like 22Bet Sportsbook,  should have licences from reputable licensing authorities like the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority. In spite of the fact that you have no control or knowledge of how a football match is going to turn out, you may find that by doing just a little research and having solid betting jackpot winning strategies, it’s perfectly possible to come out as a winner more times than you come out as a loser. Nevertheless, there are some hidden betting traps awaiting the unwary or those who bet without thinking things through. 

As a given, when you first visit an online sportsbook, you should always look at the welcome bonuses. These incentives can make the difference between a profit and a loss. You’ll see that some sportsbooks offer what appear to be huge welcome bonuses. But we suggest that you take care. Many of these deals are, in reality, too good to be true. You may well find that the online sportsbook is trying to lure you into one of their betting traps.

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Incentives Can Be Misleading

All online sportsbooks, in the same manner as casinos, need a steady stream of new players joining their platform and spending their money. You often find incentives, including welcome bonuses, are in use as a kind of “bait and switch” offer. Though at first glance they may appear to be very appealing, we suggest that you always do some homework before signing up for any online sportsbook. This is one of the many betting traps that await novice gamblers. 

But many are not just related to the sportsbook themselves. But rather more, to rash and foolish betting decisions made by the punter. Simply because they fail to think their betting strategy through. And betting without thinking. That’s why we thought that we’d have a look at sports betting traps. We want to try to give some advice on what you should avoid when taking a punt in football matches. After all, our job is to help you to win the jackpot online.

What Are Sportsbook Football Betting Traps?

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The term “betting traps” can cover a huge variety of situations whereby the punter can be lulled into a sense of overconfidence. But this also can be applied to any football team or player for that matter. You may see a betting trap with a team that happens to be feeling on top of the world. For example, a football team that has won two to three games in a row. And is competing against one that has lost a couple of their last games. The team on the winning roll will not be so concerned about the lesser team. In situations like this, you’ll find that the sportsbook will encourage you to bet on the team that appears to be favourites in order to win the football jackpot

But it’s quite possible for the overconfident team to become lazy when playing the underdog. And sometimes the determination that comes from the underdog to win, ends up with them on top. Honestly, betting on favourites are just bets with a very low expected value. As a result, you should always consider whether they are worthwhile taking a punt on. You could well end up losing much more than the tiny percentage you might gain from winning.

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Tips To Avoid Sportsbook  Betting Traps

There are as many ways to avoid betting traps as there are betting traps themselves. But keep in mind, you’ll first need to be able to recognize a trap in order to negate it. This requires a considerable amount of research and self-education. We suggest that you head over to 22Bet Sportsbook and take a good look around their site. You’ll see that they offer great odds, as well as a nice welcome bonus of 122% up to €100 to help you get started.

Check The Schedule

It’s always a good idea to look back at a team’s recent history. If they happen to be on a roll, then it’s easy for them to become overconfident and in doing so, become careless. Often, when a match appears to be a sure thing, then there is room to find value in betting on the underdog. Unfortunately, many bettors will fall into the trap of betting on their favourites. This is exactly what the bookies want you to do. Remember, the favourite pays out tiny odds. And the bookie makes his money from the “vig” or “juice.” This is independent of whether the favourite team wins or loses.

The Players Physical Condition

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Another reason why you should check the schedule is to see which matches have been recently played back to back. Many matches require an exerted physical effort. If a team has been playing another team that matches their own abilities, then all players may be suffering from exhaustion. If the favourites then go forward to play a match the next day, or the day after, then there’s a possibility they will not be 100% recovered. As a result, if they are pushed to their limits against a mediocre team, they may still end up losing to the underdog. 

The Team’s Positions

Following on from the above, you should always check to see the roster of players who’ll be playing a particular game. If some of the players are suffering injuries, or off for any other reason, then this can affect the overall cohesion of the whole team. Missing a winger or a forward can have a huge effect on the team’s ability to stick with a strategy.  As a result, something that should be a simple win can turn on its head. And then end up as a shocking loss. Once again, everything comes down to doing some research before placing a single wager.

Conclusion: Betting Traps In Football

There are a number of other measures you can take to avoid falling into bookmakers betting traps. A common sense one of these would be to look at the history of the teams playing against each other. This is particularly true of more recent matches as the players will be the same. In truth, football betting isn’t necessarily difficult. But it will require you to take a deep dive into everything. From the ability of the manager and the players to the weather conditions and whether the match is playing home or away. All these things will help increase your jackpot winning chances. Whatever you do though don’t take things too seriously. And remember to bet safe and enjoy yourself.

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