casino security

Introduction: Casino Security!

But all casinos today have very sophisticated security measures in place. And that’s not just talking about the dealers, pit bosses, and floor security. All casinos have “eyes in the sky” which are a set of cameras mounted in such a way that they can give the viewer a total overview and close up view of every aspect of the casino gameplay. Every minute that you’re there, there’s someone recording your every move. You have to remember that these casino security peeps are trained to spot suspicious behavior. They can tell by your very move exactly what your intentions are. Thus if you look like a villain just stay at the online jackpot sites.

Casino Security: Everyone is Watching Everyone

From the very first moment you put a foot into a casino, all your behavioral ticks and minute movements are registered with the cameras above you. At the actual gaming tables there will be several cameras so that all angles are covered. This is so that they can check if anyone decides to try and steal the chips or produce a concealed card. The dealer is also trained to watch for suspicious activity. But he can’t have his eyes in all places at once. That’s why the pit boss is always making the rounds and checking on both the dealer and the customers. It’s a system whereby every employee in the casino is being watched by someone of a higher rank. The pit boss will also keep an eye on the table count and notice how much the table is either winning or losing.

casino security
You can’t hide from them!

Cameras Everywhere

These high tech cameras are everywhere, though they are pretty well hidden from the regular customer. They possess extremely high-resolution lenses. And are capable of incredibly high zoom, even in the relatively low lighting conditions of the casino games room. As such, they can record every single detail. If there’s a problem, then the casino security can simply playback the appropriate footage and see the reality of the situation. It’s generally true that casino security tens to focus on the gaming room and not on the slots. That’s because the slot machines are programmed to function with random payouts. So there’s not so much skulduggery to be dome with these machines.

Casino Security: Tips and Tricks

If you want to have some fun at the casino and not draw the attention of security, then we have some simple to follow suggestions for you. First off, and probably most importantly, don’t ever touch anything on the gaming table the dealer has told you not to touch. So, leave the cards and the dice alone until the dealer signal to you. If you’re playing a “face down” game with cards, know the correct way to signal to the dealer. Also, be sure to only use one hand. Another point is that you shouldn’t get involved with the players who are playing. Leave then in peace and let them play. Just watch. And there’s no need for a commentary on their efforts or any negative verbals based on their gameplay. Remember that once you’ve placed your bets, there can be no more touching at the table level. To learn more about casino etiquette check out our guides to win the jackpot.

Whatever you need, wait for the appropriate moment and then ask the dealer. After all, he’s there to help you.

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