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Some Helpful Facts About Gambling In Dubai

It’s best to set aside any gambling notions before visiting Dubai. In this Islamic nation, virtually all gambling and games of chance are strictly prohibited. You can anticipate a two-year prison sentence and a minimum $4,500 fine if the authorities catch you gambling in Dubai. Along with having your passports stamped at the airport so you can never enter the country again, you will also be subject to deportation after serving your prison term. Although you can wager on horses in a limited capacity, we advise against doing so. In fact, just forget about any type of gambling activity.

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Is It Possible To Gamble Dubai?

This is a crucial question that is frequently asked by those of you thinking of visiting Dubai. For those of you who have been living under a rock over the past few years, Dubai has evolved from the desert sands to become a magnet for rich tourists and ex-pats in just a few comparatively short decades. Millions of visitors enjoy the pinnacle of luxury every year. The city of Dubai serves as the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

No Casinos Exist

Dubai has been constructing incredible architectural landmarks and infrastructural projects to demonstrate its economic might and its goal of becoming the commercial center for Western Asia. However, according to the cultural and religious traditions of the country, gambling is strictly off-limits in Dubai. A list of casinos simply won’t exist because they are all illegal. Having said that, in addition to the numerous entertainment options available in the area, several types of gambling are legal in Dubai.

Gambling In Illegal Dubai Casinos

In the entire nation, there isn’t a single reliable casino where you can find any jackpot games. Yet in spite of this, there are always illicit casinos. In fact, the UAE’s daily news frequently reports on their busts. We seriously advise that you avoid visiting any sort of illegal casinos. They are nothing but problematic for a foreigner. Because the entire operation is illegal, you could get robbed there. So you’d be unable to report the crime without admitting you were at an illegal casino.

They Still Have Las Vegas Names


A large punishment may be imposed on you if you are found gambling in Dubai. Along with a good likelihood of ending up in jail. Though there are a ton of things to do, gambling isn’t one of them. We suggest you go to Las Vegas or Macau if you want to place bets on anything. Interestingly enough, there is an MGM and a Caesars Palace Bluewaters in Dubai. However, none of them offer gambling or casino games. The only similarity between them and their namesake casinos in Las Vegas is that they are owned by the same corporations. Although Dubai is one giant entertainment park, there is no casino gambling there.

Gambling Laws In Dubai

As you are undoubtedly aware, Islam is the official religion of the entire region. Since the seventh century, this has influenced culture and thought. Gambling is considered to be a deadly offense in Islamic law. Therefore, despite the fact that Dubai is a very popular location for business travelers, gambling is not an option. It’s important to note that the law does not consider intent. So even if you were just involved in just a single tiny and insignificant wager, or were playing cards for cash in your hotel room, you will still face legal action if you gamble in Dubai.

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The Penalties If You’re Caught

There are two sanctions for gamblers who reside in the area. You risk receiving a $4,500 fine or a sentence of up to two years in prison. Be warned that it’s illegal to gamble both in public and private spaces. If a tourist is discovered gambling, they will likely face the same penalties. You will then be removed from the country and given a lovely stamp in your passport prohibiting any future entry.

However, there are a few forms of betting that are permitted. Online betting and horse racing. It’s essential that you are absolutely assured that you are wagering legally and inappropriate situations if you are a Westerner. Check and then check again because once you’ve been caught, there’s no turning back. That is why we advise sticking with 22Bet Casino because they not only have a big selection of games but also pay out even if you are in the United Arab Emirates.

Horse And Camel Racing

camel racing

We’re all familiar with horse racing in the West. However, camel racing is the biggest track event in Dubai. Which, if you think about it, is no real surprise. Nevertheless, horse racing is popular. The Nad Al Sheba Racecourse, the Meydan Racecourse, the Dubai Camel Race Club, and the Jabel Ali Racecourse are the four racetracks in Dubai. The top horses in the world go to compete in the Dubai Cup. This is the most expensive horse race in the world. You can wager at the Jebel Ali and Nad Al Sheba racetracks out of the four. The other two are not open to foreign gamblers.

Be wary Of Online Casinos 

Sorry to tell you, but it’s strictly prohibited if you were considering having a little fun by playing at an online casino and hoping to win the jackpot online. The punishment for being detected is the same as if you were playing poker at the bar: two years in prison and a $4,500 fine. And then deportation. It’s noteworthy that despite the fact that all kinds of internet gambling are outright forbidden, almost all online casinos will accept players from the United Arab Emirates. We suggest using a VPN if you really have to bet online. This will help you to visit online casinos whilst keeping your location a secret. To that end, you could pick from the finest online casinos that are open to players from the UAE should you decide to try your luck and take a chance.

Delete Any Online Gambling History

Given that 22Bet Casino gladly welcomes players from the UAE, we suggest it’s your best choice. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to delete any bookmarks or other indications that you used your mobile device to bet once you’ve finished playing on the best website to increase your jackpot winning chances. Remember that the police or the airport staff have the right to inspect your devices at any moment.

Final Thoughts About Gambling in Dubai

Although there are two of the city’s four racetracks where you can play, as well as online, we advise you to simply avoid all types of gambling if you’re visiting. Numerous schemes exist that are intended to not only defraud you of your bets but also to use the possibility of jail time in order to intimidate you. Keep in mind that jail in Dubai is not going to be enjoyable for any Westerner. So, being caught is less of an issue than knowing who to believe. If you are doing something really unlawful in Dubai, it’s in everyone’s best interest to report you. Each year, some Westerners have discovered that gambling in Dubai without permission will lead to severe repercussions. So don’t be that guy!

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