Fruit Machine

Introduction: Epic Fruit Machine vs Awesome Slot

Let’s say you put a slot machine beside a fruit machine. It would be very difficult for most people to tell the difference, and many would claim they are one and the same. But the reality is that they are actually very distinct from each other and though they may look alike, and have similar functionality the fruit machines are unique in themselves. So let’s take a look and see what makes the two machines different, as well as so enjoyable to play in their own way.

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The Fruit Machine is a Type of Slot Machine

That’s right, the fruit machine is actually a type of slot machine. Now when it comes to clearing up the differences and similarities, let’s make a shortlist to see how they function?

  • When playing either machine you need to insert money.
  • Only then will you select a bet size.
  • Last but not least, you spin the reels and wait for the result.

Although a fruit machine always has unique features, you’ll find a slot machine will always have a spinning reel. You’ll find some of the best slots machines in Omni Slots Casino. They also have a massive bonus offer for first-time players of 150% up to €500 plus 70 free spins!

So What Makes The Fruit Machine Unique?

Fruit Machine

A regular fruit machine normally has 3 spinning reels, though sometimes you can find some with five reels along with one pay line. Some specific features have been added which allow the player to have greater control over the outcomes in a fruit machine. This contrasts with the slot machine, whereby everything depends solely on luck. In a fruit machine, there are specific features such as hold, nudge, and repeat, which the player can use to have some effect on the outcomes and help increase your jackpot winning chances.

The Unique Features of a Fruit Machine

It’s the specific features that are found on a fruit machine that make it so different from a regular slot machine. One of these features is that they have the hold, nudge, and repeat function. Hold allows the player to hold a certain symbol in the hopes of spinning a win. To help score a winning combination, there’s the nudge feature, which allows that player to nudge the reel towards winning a prize. Finally, we have the repeat feature which is actually just an extension of the other features, allowing the player to repeat any previous functions, such as the hold or the nudge.

These three features are not found on slot machines. As such, these features allow for the player of fruit machines to have a little more control over their outcomes. But they are not the only unique feature to be found in fruit machines. Going back to an era before the introduction of fruit machines, we just had slot machines, which were completely based on luck and absolutely no involvement of skill from the player. But the world of slot machines was turned upside down with the arrival of the fruit machine.

Being able to hold or nudge in order to land a winning combination on a fruit machine is a huge winner in itself. Of course, the results are still very much dependent on luck. But having these additional features will allow you at least the sense of having some control and being able to use some skill.

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Bonus Features of Fruit Machines

Fruit Machine

Apart from the main features we’ve covered, there are also some cool bonus features that can only be found on fruit machines, and they make playing them a great deal more fun than just playing on a regular slot machine. Here are some important extra features:

  • Bonus Trail – This is this sort of feature you might find on some board games, and it allows for  pitfalls and rewards as the game progresses, and also on the outcome of every spin
  • Cachepots – This is used to display your wins and is located on a certain part of the fruit machine’s screen when you’re playing the bonus trial feature.
  • Gamble – This feature allows the gambler to double or lose their winnings after they’ve landed a winning combination.
  • Cash Ladder – This shows you any multipliers which you might be on, as you play. Essentially it means that any wins you achieve whilst playing the bonus trial will be multiplied by the number displayed on the cash ladder

The UK Fruit Machine Marketplace

When it comes to gambling-related activities, you’ll often find the UK is well ahead of the competition. From that, it should be no surprise to see that fruit machines were actually invented in the UK, and they were created out of a loophole in the country’s laws which only allowed skill-based betting in the 1960s. It wasn’t long before these distinct types of slot machines became very popular throughout the entire UK, and could be found in pubs and clubs up and down the country.

In some ways, they were an easier alternative than having to make a trip to the casinos to win the jackpot. Just by going to your nearest pub or bar, you can already have fun playing with these fruit machines. Another added factor is that for many players the retro feel of the machines is a great attraction in itself.

The Workings of The Slot Machine

Fruit Machine

The main point about regular slot machines is that the gameplay is purely based on chance or luck. Built into every machine there’s an RNG (Random Number Generator). This ensures that the machine makes a random combination of symbols every single time the reels are spun. 

These are very popular machines and they fall into a number of different categories. You can find them all at Omni Slots Casino. Not only do they have over 1,000 games including fruit machines, but they also offer a 2nd and 3rd re-load deposit bonus. This means that when you add more funds to your online casino account, they also will add some free cash on top.

The Single-Line Slot

This machine has just one pay line along with 3 spinning reels. In fact, this is the simplest form of any slot machine available. As a direct result of the number of pay lines and spinning reels, there are only a limited number of winning combinations possible. This makes it much harder for a player to actually win a prize. You can find a single-line slot that has bonus rounds, or even progressive jackpot slots. On the whole, these simple machines are best known as “classic slots”.

Multi-line Slots

As you guessed, these have a number of different pay lines and often will have three or more spinning reels. It’s more common to find bonus rounds or progressive jackpot slots with this type of machine. You’ll also find that they have a lot more possibilities to win the jackpot online than the single-line slot.

Bonus Slots

Bonus slots machines can have any number of pay lines and also any number of spinning reels. All these machines will feature a bonus round in which the player is taken to another screen, where he has the possibility to win a random number of credits.

Progressive Slots

These are the big boys when it comes to paying out huge prizes. Essentially these games payout very rarely and there is only one possibility for one player to win the entire jackpot. Progressive slots are made up of a network of other jackpot slots which can be in another town or state. A small part of each coin played will go towards the eventual prize. As a result, this offers the highest possible prize amount of any of the slot machines, be they classic slots or fruit machines. Many of these, like Mega Moolah, go well into the millions of dollars.

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