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How To Play Football Pools

One of the most popular ways of betting on football is to take part in football pools or “TOTO” as it’s also known. Some of these offer the biggest payouts in the world thanks to their massive sports jackpots. Today we thought we’d have a look at everything you need to know about playing the football pools.

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How Do The Football Pools Work?

You’ll quickly see that the lottery and football pools tend to operate in a similar manner. The bettor will place their stake into their chosen football pool. These then form one large pool.  The winnings are distributed between all the winners in that same pool. In other words, you’re not simply playing against the bookmaker, as in fixed odds betting as an individual. In football pool betting you are competing against other players. The beauty of the system is that the less the number of players who have a winning bet, then the bigger the percentage pool of your payout or dividend is going to be. One of the biggest is from 22Bet Sportsbook, which has its own TOTO, with some of the biggest prizes in the business.

Types Of Football Pools Bets

Football Pools Bets

 On the whole, most football betting pools offer three types of TOTO wagers: 

  •  1 x 2  
  • Correct Score
  • Both Teams to Score  

Keep in mind that the way in which the winnings are collected and distributed is identical for each of these. As are the TOTO rules. Though the way you play each one is very different indeed. To check the gameplay and see how it all works, then just head over to any sites with TOTO jackpots.


This also goes by the name of “Win-Draw-Win.” Here you simply select which side is going to win. Or whether or not it’s going to be a draw, in a predetermined number of matches. On paper, this looks very simple indeed. But in practice, it’s the polar opposite and very hard.

Correct Score

Just as in the 1 x 2 wager, for the correct score football pools you’ll need to predict the outcome of every game in a particular leg, as it’s contained within the pool. But it’s not quite that simple. To up the ante, you need to predict the actual final scores for each match. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a 2 – 1 victory for the away side, or a boring 1 – 1 draw. Though the ability to predict the outcomes in the correct score pool is much more difficult than in the 1 x 2 pool, the actual jackpots are much, much greater.

Both Teams To Score

This is a very simple and straightforward bet. It’s always a fun option if you don’t happen to take football betting that seriously.  BTTS rules require you to bet on whether both teams playing in a particular leg will score.  In other words, if you think both teams are going to score and you simply select “yes.” But if you believe that neither team is going to score a goal then you select “no.” how easy is that?

How Much Can You Win?

win money

How much you win would depend very much on the size of the football pools and how many legs are within them.  But as a general rule of thumb, the harder the betting options, then the larger the football jackpot. Normally with the 1 x 2 pools, there are three different specific types of bet:  the Pick 5,  Pick 8 and Pick 15. Each of these numbers corresponds to the number of legs within each Pool. A Pick 5 will have a jackpot of £5,000.  A Pick 8 will usually start at £10,000. But it’s quite possible to roll over meaning that the total jackpot can go up to £40,000.  Finally, we have the biggest jackpot, which is for the Pick 15. And this can regularly get up to well over £800,000 for all the winners in that pool.   

The correct score football club often consists of a Pick 3 or a Pick 6.  Once again, we will see how different the prizes are between these two. For example, Pick 3 normally offers around £5,000.  But the Pick 6 will go up to at least £1,000,000.  So if you were the only person in the pool to bet correctly the Pick 6 out of 6 legs, and you could well end up a millionaire.

Finally, let’s talk about BTTS football pools betting. This usually offers a Pick 20 which carries a prize of £250,000 for the winners to share. 

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How To Play The Football Pools

Firstly, we should point out that these bets are not easy.  You will need to dedicate a serious amount of time and effort in order to do a lot of in-depth research if you want to give yourself a chance of winning.  Though it’s equally important to remember that, no matter how wide and deep your knowledge-base football is, all sports betting involves a huge amount of luck. For the 1 x 2 betting pool, we would suggest that you research such things as home form, away from, general form, the head-to-head records, number of players injured, and, of course, the weather on the match day.  On the other hand, there’s no harm in simply taking a wild guess and using your instincts.

You need to know all the above factors for correct score betting pools. Then you’ll also need to look at the head to heads of all the teams combined to see historically how many goals each side is likely to score or concede against each other. When it comes to BTTS betting, we suggest that you look at the defensive and attacking capabilities are each side. Those are probably going to be the most important factors in deciding the outcome. Of course, you can simply pick multiple selections from each leg. Though this will not increase your jackpot winning chances, this will also increase your overall betting stakes. 

Football Pools Betting: Give It A Go!


Like every other form of sports betting, TOTO betting will certainly reward you if you put in some work and research. But the only way you’re going to really understand how these systems work is to simply pony up some cash and try them. Many football pools will offer huge cash rewards so they’re certainly worth playing.  You’ll find many online TOTO sites that allow you to bet with your friends in the form of a syndicate. This way you can all actually tackle the pool together as a team. 

Some sites will even return a portion of your steak should you lose, and many come with all sorts of welcome bonuses and incentives for new players, as well as rewards for you referring a friend. One of our favourites is 22Bet Sportsbook not only because they understand the whole TOTO football pools genre, but also because they offer a great welcome bonus to all new players of 122% up to €100. This will help your bankroll go much further.

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