pay for betting tips?

Introduction: Should You Pay For Betting Tips?

In today’s connected world, should you pay for betting tips is a perfectly viable question. A quick search on the internet will reveal a huge number of tipster services. These all make huge promises whilst asking for equally huge subscription fees. But should you even be looking for tips online? And should you pay for them? We guess the six million dollar question is, are the tips any good? Another question is why on earth would a successful bettor be selling tips in the first place? If they were good tips, then surely no one in their right mind would share this information with the general public.

Then there are the “free tips” which you can find yourself. But are they any good? Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of the tipster game. And see if we can tell the difference between a profitable tipster and a salesman. So many questions, so let’s see if we can answer them.

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Should You Pay For Betting Tips?

We don’t recommend that you pay for betting tips. Most customers who have paid for a betting tip, really do end up “paying for it” out of their depleted bankroll. Whatever advice you purchase doesn’t out-perform the market place. Not only do these punters lose their bet, but also the amount they paid initially for the tip itself. Let’s be frank here, the betting industry is not over-flowing with winners. Picking winners is hard. There’s a lot of luck involved. To that end, you’re going to hear more stories of woe than of wins. As an “industry”, the tipping game is one with a reputation that’s well deserved and of the lowest reputation.

Apply a small amount of common sense to tipsters and you’ll see that most of this business involves fleecing poor punters who have drunk the cool-aid. The problem is, that these con-artists play a long game and have a certain gift of the gab. In short, they are super salesmen and if you don’t have all your wits about you, it’s easy to be sucked in with their clever banter. That’s why we prefer to stick with a reputable bookmaker like Bodog Sportsbook. Never the less, here are some factors to watch out for.

Should You Pay For Betting Tips?
Should You Pay For Betting Tips or Not?

Don’t Be Impressed By Huge Winning Percentages

You should assume right off the bat that those numbers you see are a lie. The whole industry works off picking situational winning percentages and blowing them up to create the illusion of success. Many tipsters will take the simplest route and make up the winning percentages along with fake betting slips. Photoshop is a wonderful tool! Other tipsters will have their normal betting ups and downs, but will only show the ups. They will only focus on the good runs. Yet other tipsters will create working groups of punters. These will act as a sort of insider “club”, and offer various tiers.

For example, the “Recreational Bettor” or the “Advanced Bettor”. To join these’s a price differential between these different groups. There are going to be at least some winners among the members of these groups, and it’s their wins that are the bait. We don’t recommend that you join any of these as part of your jackpot winning strategies.

Pay For Betting Tips: Do More Research

Unfortunately, all these false promises work. Not on everyone, but on those gamblers who are seduced by the idea of huge wins. The bigger the number, the more gamblers seem to pile on. A betting tipster is going to fill this demand, either with fraudulent numbers or with the “lies of omission”. If you are determined to pay for a tip then there is some basic work you’ll need to do before parting with your funds. The first is to evaluate the sample size so that you can see the peaks and troughs.

It’s all about transparency. If you’re online to place a bet, then check out Bodog Sportsbook for some great offers and even better odds. You must be able to research the tips and compare results going back over their recent history. Remember that marketing is not your friend. Its purpose is to deflect your attention away from the fact that there are no “real” results to be found.

Focus On The Content

You’ll find that many of these tipsters are selling experts. But not at the intricacies of betting itself. When you start to want to dive deep into handicapping they will go quiet. Many of these tipsters will be active across all social media as they search for their next “mark”, so don’t be afraid to instigate a conversation to test their real betting knowledge. See if they can talk about the nitty-gritty detail. Or do they always try and swing the conversation back to generalities. There’s a mountain of difference between someone talking NFL strategy and someone who can run off the names of all the players in a team.

Your job is to analyse the individual. That’s not going to be easy, as he’s probably trying to hide his weaknesses from you. You’ll have to take note of how they present themselves. Just as in gambling, you’re looking for “tells” that give the game away. Remember that they are not trying to increase your jackpot winning chances. They are simply trying to win your fees for themselves.

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True Success Stories Tend To Specialise In Softer Markets

In a mature high-volume market, it’s very difficult to consistently outperform that market. Most opening lines are going to be strong from the get-go. The problem is that the smart money gravitates towards the correct spot pretty quickly. And that leaves only a small profit. Now if you’ve paid for that tip, then the fee will probably swallow up any would-be profits, leaving you with nothing. If you happen to find a tipster who’s selling tips and has passed all of your tests, then see what he’s betting on. If he has a legitimate interest in a narrow field of one sport, then that’s more than likely to be a more realistic outlook. So if he specialises in top league Spanish football or only covers college basketball, then there’s a good chance he’s legit. Still, we wouldn’t pay for his jackpot winning tips and tricks, but we might listen to his advice.

Should You Pay For Betting Tips?
Even if you pay for a betting tip it won’t ensure the final outcome of the wager (Image source: Pixabay)

Conclusion: Should You Pay For Betting Tips?

We suggest that you stay well clear of any tipster who’s emphasizing his wins by cherry-picking misleading percentages. If he doesn’t understand the minutiae, that’s another red flag. You might want to consider a tipster who’s more interested in just one sport, or even just one aspect of that sporting activity. If he’s willing to show you a full set of results is a good starting point. The thing to remember that to beat the odds in a high-volume established market is going to be difficult at the best of times. Waiting for the kickoff, and the smart money is already placed. Meaning that it’s more difficult for you to find the value needed for your bet.

If you’ve already paid upfront for the tip, then the chances of making a profit are considerably reduced. As you can probably gather by now, we are not fans of paying for tips. It’s better to study and learn about the sport of your betting choice. Go to Bodog Sportsbook to make your bets. Then you can make intelligent and educated wagers, confident in the knowledge you gained from your studies.

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