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Jackpot Hold’em Rules And Gameplay

If you’re a Canadian poker player who’s just beginning your poker journey, then you’ve come to the right place. Although there are many different varieties of this popular casino table game, today we thought we’d look at Jackpot Hold’em rules. At first glance, you’ll see that the game is very similar to Ultimate Texas Hold ’em. The significant difference is that in Jackpot Hold’em you may see one of the flop cards before making the decision as to whether to raise or not. This guide to how jackpot poker works is going to assume that you understand the basic terminology of Hold’em. We should state that we’re just looking at the rules, not at any jackpot winning strategies. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

The first thing we should point out is that Jackpot Hold’em rules stipulate the use of the regular 52 card deck. Every Canadian player, including the dealer, receives two cards. Then the typical five community cards at dealt out. The general idea is for everyone to try and make the best five-card hand out of the seven cards available. Let’s have a look at the nitty-gritty of how to play.

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How To Play Jackpot Hold’em

  • We start off with every player receiving two cards including the dealer.
  • The dealer then deals out five community cards which are face down on the table.
  • Now the dealer reveals the first community card

As a player, you’ll need to make a couple of decisions

  1. Check your hand.
  2. Then bet 3x the Ante Bet, better known as the Play Bet.

After this play, will community cards will be turned over, though not all at once.

hold'em rules

Now if you happen to be a player who checked the first decision, according to the Jackpot Hold’em rules, you now have two possible options

  1. Check the hand.
  2. Bet 2x the Ante Bet.

Now we come to the point where it’s time to call out the final two community cards. These are the “Turn” or “River.”

If you happen to be a player who’s checked both the previous decisions, then you now have two choices 

  1. You can fold. By doing so you’ll lose the Anti Bets and the X-TRA Bonus Bet.
  2. You can bet 1x the Ante Bet.

Types Of Jackpot Hold’em Wagers

What’s important here is that as a player you must post an Ante Bet. At the same time, you must also post an equal X-TRA Bonus wager. It’s also possible that you can make an additional Bonus Wager known as the Player Bonus.

Jackpot Hold’em Rules: Dealer Qualifying

When you have a better understanding of how jackpot poker works, then you’ll see that it’s important for the dealer to be in possession of either a pair or better in order to qualify. If not, then the Jackpot Hold’em rules state that the Ante wager will simply be pushed back to the player. If you want a better idea of how the game functions, then we suggest that you play for free on 22Bet Casino. Once you’ve got the hand of the game, you can start to play with your own real cash. Having a better understanding of the Jackpot Hold’em rules and gameplay, will give you a much better chance to win the jackpot online

Winning And Losing Poker Hands

The Play, Ante Bet, X-TRA Bonus and Player Bonus bets are resolved in the following manner:

At its simplest, when the Player Bet wins, then you get paid out at 1:1 providing your hand ranks higher than the dealer’s hand. If the dealer’s hand ranks higher than your hand, then you lose. Take note that there’ll be a push if the hands are of equal rank. Also keep in mind that if the dealer’s hand qualifies, then the Ante Bet gets resolved in the same manner as the Player Bet.

How Jackpot Poker Works: Make Use Of The Paytables

hold'em rules

You’ll find there’s a paytable at hand at the casino gaming table. And you’ll be paid out if your X-TRA Bonus wager wins, according to the numbers on this table. Of course, we assume that the player’s hand is going to be higher than the dealer’s hand. Keep in mind that if the player’s hand is higher, but his hand but not straight or higher, then the X-TRA Bonus wager will be a push. In which case it loses and is collected by the dealer. Providing, of course, that the dealer’s hand is of a higher value than the player’s hand. There’ll be a push if the dealer and the player have hands of equal ranking.

When it comes to the Bonus Wager, it wins according to the posted paytable. This would be regardless of the play results or the X-TRA Bonus bets. In fact, it’s regardless of whether the player has even folded their hand.

Card Basics For Jackpot Hold’em Rules Simplified

Let’s have a look at some of the combination possibilities that come around from combining different hands with different betting possibilities. At the same time, we’ll try to simplify some of the above descriptions for you. This will allow you an even better understanding of how jackpot poker works.

Player Bonus: You can also make an optional Player Bonus wager. This will pay out providing your hand contains a three of a kind or better. 

Play: Once you receive the two hole cards and have seen the first flop card, then you’re able to bet 3x your Ante bet or check. As previously mentioned, when the next two cards of the five community cards are revealed, you can then bet either 2x your Ante bet or check. Finally, when the last community cards are shown, then you may wager just 1x your Ante bet or choose to fold.

X-TRA Bonus: This is a mandatory wager. It pays odds whenever you win a straight or better.

Hole Card Bonus: This is an optional wager. As such the Hole Card Bonus wager will payout odds when your initial two cards happen to be a qualifying hand.

STAX: The STAX is an optional wager which is also a progressive one. It happens when you’re able to combine your two hole cards with the first three community cards. Thus you make a qualifying five-card poker hand. 

How Jackpot Poker Works: Learn Texan Hold’em First

to win jackpot

Though the Jackpot Hold’em rules introduce some new wagers into the game, the whole gaming experience becomes even more immersive and fun for all Canadian casino jackpot poker players. In order to be successful at the game, it’s essential that you have a good grounding in the basics of Texas Hold’em and understand how jackpot poker works. This includes both the gameplay, poker glossary or terms and words, and the rules. If you head over to 22Bet Casino, you’ll find this among many other versions of the popular casino table card game. Not only that, but they also give all new Canadian players a tasty welcome bonus of 100% up to C$300! This will only increase your jackpot winning chances. Below you’ll find some tables which list the payouts for the various winning hands, depending on the type of wagers that you’ve placed.

Player Bonus    Winning Hand Pays

Royal Flush                          100-1

Straight Flush                       40-1

Four-of-a-Kind                     30-1

Full House                               8-1

Flush                                         7-1

Straight                                    4-1

Three-of-a-Kind                     3-1

X-tra Bonus

Winning Hand               Pays

Royal Flush                          500-1

Straight Flush                        50-1

Four-of-a-Kind                      10-1

Full House                               4-1

Flush                                         2-1

Straight                                     1-1

All Other Hands                    Push

Hole Card Bonus

Winning Hand                 Pays

Pair of Aces                             25-1

Ace + Face Card Suite          20-1

Ace + Face Card                     10-1

Pair                                             5-1

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