Master Baccarat: Faster Ways to Learn and Play
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The game of baccarat is probably, hands down, the easiest casino table game to master. The rules are very simple. Not only that but once you’ve mastered it, then you can play with a pretty high return percentage potential. Here we’re going to go through a few pointers and jackpot winning tips and tricks that’ll help turn you into a baccarat ninja.

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The One-Bet Strategy

Now, in the game of baccarat here are only three bets. The banker, the tie and the player wager. Yes, like we said it’s a very simple game. And of those three wagering options there’s only one you should ever make use of. Each of these three bets offers a slightly different return to player percentage. The worst is the tie wager and the return is so low that you should never bother with this bet. Let’s just pretend that it doesn’t exist. Then there’s the player wager. Though this isn’t the end of the world, it’s the banker wager you want. This’ll return 98.94%, which makes it one of the best bets in the whole casino. And that really sums up baccarat strategy. So the takeaway here is that you only need to know this one, singular bet, and that’s all you should ever play if you want to increase your jackpot winning chances

Master Baccarat: Say No to Side Bets

All baccarat tables will offer the above three bets.  But some will try and spice the game up by offering side bets. The rule concerning these is the same rule for all side bets in any casino table game. Simply put, don’t make them! Ever! keep in mind that the side bet is a relatively new product. And, as we all know, the casino is never going to do anything that benefits the customer. These side bets are just another way to try and squeeze as much money out of each game. Essentially there are two ways to make the game more popular, either make the gamblers risk more or lower the return to player. A side bet in baccarat achieves both of these things together. The more you master baccarat, then the more you’ll learn to stay away from these wagers.

Smaller Is Always Better

First a simple question; if you know that you’re going to lose $1 for every $100 you wager, then how much are you prepared to risk? OK…we all know the correct answer is that you don’t want to risk anything. But if you’re a gambler then the casino still beckons. So the correct answer for a gambler is “as little as possible”. Remedial baccarat math tells us that if you lose $1 on every $100 bet, then by betting $10, you’ll only lose $1 for every 10 hands you wager. So, as a general rule, and not just for baccarat, but for all casino games, keep your bets small. 

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Master Baccarat: Bonus or Bust

If you decide to play baccarat online, then always look for the best online casinos with jackpots. Then search out any sort of bonus. The reason is that baccarat is a game you can’t really win in the long run. So by playing courtesy of a bonus means that you’ll be less likely to lose so much. These bonuses are a great way of extending playing time. Because this game is really all about the fun or entertainment value, always find a means of increasing your playing time for free.

Master Baccarat
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Reduced Commission Opportunities

The banker bet in baccarat comes with a commission which is an amount that goes directly to the casino itself. The standard commission is 5%. In the return to player we previously mentioned, the commission was already built-in. Sometimes you’ll find that the casino is offering a special deal by reducing their own commission on the bets. So keep an eye out for these offers, as it’ll act to increase the overall return to player.

Master Baccarat: Get Compensated

We always insist that all players sign up to the casino’s player’s club the moment they enter the premises. This will allow the customer to claw back some of those wagers in the form of freebies. Whether drinks, food, or other offers, it’s foolish not to take advantage of something that’s a free added extra. Yes, we know that it could be argued that you’ve already paid for the comps any times over. But that’s to miss the point. Surely it’s better to get something as opposed to nothing.

Play Online and Mobile Baccarat

Playing baccarat online comes with one huge benefit. Namely, that you can bet with smaller bet limits. You can find games that accept as little as $1 per round. As we previously advised, this makes perfect sense in keeping within our advice for only playing with small bets. The less risk the better. Then there’s the added benefit of all types of bonuses. By combining smaller bets with casino bonuses, you should be able to stretch out your bankroll to last as much as twenty times what you’d use in a land-based casino. But you need to be aware that playing online baccarat goes at a much faster rate than you’ll find at the casino. So it’s easy to lose all those online benefits due to your increased speed of gameplay.

Be the Banker Variation

If you’re a true master baccarat player of these jackpot games, then there’s another version just for you. There’s a variation of the game where the players take turns at playing the part of the banker. You’ll be using your own bankroll as the games bank. In other words, you’ll be acting as the casino itself. We should point out that these types of games are rare. Also, note that they are not designed so that you have any real advantage over a regular game. It’s just that it’s an added element of excitement.

Master Baccarat
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Forget Advantage Play

In blackjack there’s something called “advantage play”. Otherwise known as playing the perfect strategy, this will allow you to maximize your earning potential. Essentially, over a longer period of time, the odds move very slightly in your favor. Just enough to tip the balance and make you a pretty consistent winner. In baccarat, there’s really no such thing as advantage play. Yes, we know, there’s always some clown offering a paid course on baccarat advantage play on YouTube. But just stay well clear. There’s just too much luck involved to be able to game the system. Save your money for playing.

Conclusion: Faster Ways to Master Baccarat

Becoming a ninja master at baccarat is much easier than you can imagine. There’s very little to learn, and you can master it all in less than an afternoon of playing. After all, there’s only one bet to make. And that’s the only bet you’ll ever use. Stay away from any side bets, and keep all your wagers to the absolute minimum. Check out our baccarat guide for all the ins and outs of how to master baccarat like a pro.

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