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Introduction: Online Casino Transfers – 7 Great Methods

We can thank the advancements of online technology and the huge progress in the digital world for allowing us to enjoy casino games, as well as slots, and the placing of online bets. Over the last decade, there have been a huge number of new online channels and new platforms which have revolutionized the online gambling industry. Today a wider range of audience can access casino or slot games, or bet on their favourite sports, completely regardless of their location and time zone.

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Many large betting companies offer specific platforms that cater for either casino and jackpot games, or punters who wish to bet on sports options. There is live game betting and live casino games, such as live poker, and of course live sports, that can all be bet on in real-time as the games proceed. At its most basic, this means that with a single login, on any online casino, it’s possible to access many different betting markets and platforms.

Of course, real betting is about using real money and therefore these online betting platforms now offer payment options that make it possible for all punters to deposit funds for whatever purpose. Playing online at the best casinos with jackpots, you’re not restricted to just cash. This is not such a bad thing as punters are more likely to be responsible if they cannot access their cash reserves straight away. Below are listed the numbers of ways that a gambler can deposit money into their online casino account via online casino transfers for paying online bets.

Online Casino Transfers: Card Payments

There are a huge number of credit cards that are perfectly acceptable to use on all major online betting platforms. When you use the card, it’s exactly the same process as if you were purchasing something online. You will need to enter some details after which you will be able to deposit money into your online casino account and begin playing. One thing we will point out and that is there is always the possibility that you can be charged a fee for each transaction every time you use your card. So keep an eye out for that.

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Casino Transfers: Transfer your money wisely

Online Casino Transfers: Visa

Visa is one of the two major credit cards used throughout the world. You’ll find that most online betting platforms are perfectly happy to accept the card. Though we should point out that some countries such as the UK and now Germany, have made it more difficult to pay by credit card and therefore, by Visa. Having said that, it’s still widely accepted in most online casinos sites to win the jackpot around the world. One great little detail about Visa is that, should anything untoward pass when you’re making a transfer, or if any funds go missing, then you are fully insured. It’s one of the reasons Visa should be your first choice.

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Online Casino Transfers: MasterCard

Next to Visa stands Mastercard. It’s one of the two largest credit card players in the world. You’ll find that most casinos will accept your MasterCard payment for making deposits and also withdrawing money from your online casino account. MasterCard is actually the largest competitor to Visa and will make the extra effort to keep their customers happy, so as not to lose them to the competition, as well as trying to gain new card users. MasterCard is accepted without problem with one of the best casinos in the world, King Billy Casino. They also have a bonkers welcome bonus of 151% of up to £500 plus 51 Free Spins!

Online Casino Transfers: American Express

Though this is another popular credit card, only a few betting sites accept this payment simply because there is strict legislation imposed from the United States as to where this card can be used. On the whole, you cannot use an Amex Card in just two situations: buying a porn site membership and gambling. If truth were told, and you scratched the surface a little, you might just find that good old US moral values are behind these choices. We suggest that you read the terms and conditions of any website before you whip out your Amex Card, as there’s a good possibility that it will not be accepted.

Online Casino Transfers: E-Wallets

E-wallets are really a payment method that deals with digital currency. You will first need to create an account and then enter your bank card details. This is because a credit card will still be used to fund your account. it does seem a bit clunky in that you have to fund your e-Wallet using a credit card. It appears to defeat its own use! But once you’re up and running, then you’ll see the savings in both time and complexity. For greater convenience, you can also link your e-wallet to your debit card, which might be a better option if you have any problems with gambling.

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Casino Transfers: E-wallets are the future

Online Casino Transfers: PayPal

PayPal was really the very first of the e-wallets. Thanks to its use across eBay, the method has become increasingly popular with the public. Over the years it has established a reputation as being stable and having good security. A real problem with the platform is that due to their very strict fraud policies, they will often flag any larger sums of money that suddenly appear in your account. If you were to have a large win at the casino or win the jackpot online, then expect PayPal to sit on those funds for a considerable time before releasing them.

Online Casino Transfers: Skrill

This company used to be known as Moneybookers back in the early days of online digital payment gateways and is regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority. Because of the severity of the rules that are set by the Financial Services Authority, Skrill is considered one of the most secure electronic payment services for online casino transfers. You’ll find Skrill is offered across virtually all online casinos and is often listed above PayPal and other e-wallets, as many punters have more faith in Skrill than other e-wallets. One of our favourite casinos, King Billy Casino is happy to accept payments via Skrill.

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