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The 10 Important Signs of an Epic Online Poker Site

For an online poker layer in the UK, there’s certainly no shortage of sites to play. in fact, the sheer number of available options can make a player’s head spin, and knowing which ones are worth your cash can be a hard choice. All the major casino brands have their own poker rooms. Then there are hundreds of independent poker rooms, including video and live poker. And all of them competing for your business. To help you choose, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 most important factors to look out for. These will separate the good from the bad and allow you to play with confidence.

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An Online Poker Site with Decent Welcome Bonus Package

Notice that we don’t say “huge” when it comes to the welcome bonus. That’s because the size offered can be deceiving. Any offer that’s too good to be true usually is. You want a bonus that’s realistic, that will payout without you jumping through endless hoops, and one that offers some real value. Always look at the terms and conditions before clicking on a site simply due to the welcome bonus. You should always check the “play through” of the bonus to ensure that you can fulfill the obligations in order to be able to claim it.

Plenty of Player traffic

You can find all types of good-looking and inviting jackpot poker sites at any time. But, there’s not much point in joining a site, going through the deposit process, only to discover that there’s no traffic. That means that there’s no one there to play with. It’s true that all online gambling sites will experience large peaks and lows, simply due to the timing as to when most of the public can play. But all descent sites should enjoy a continuous group of players at any time. The last thing you want is to find yourself sitting at an empty table.

Simple Lobbies with Lots of Filters

Though some players might regard this as a non-story, we always prefer to see a lobby that’s busy. The job of the website designer is to make the whole process of playing as streamlined as possible. This not only saves the player time but also allows for a more immersive and cleaner playing experience. Everything should be but a click of the mouse away, with all the important filters within easy reach. That’s one of the reasons we love Intertops Poker. This is a dedicated poker site with plenty of promotions and bonuses.

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Smooth and Streamlined Software Performance

Following on from the above, it’s going to be a pretty lousy experience if the online poker site is laggy or has lots of software crashes. The worst is when the game decides to “hang” in the middle of an important match, as the software can’t cope with the traffic or causes the memory to drain, leaving you high and dry. As with all things in life, there are good software providers, like Play’N Go and Microgaming, along with those less good. If you ever experience any type of lag or tie-out, we suggest that you go and play elsewhere, as things can only get worse.

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Online Poker: Regular Tournaments to Take Part in

Obviously, every online poker player wants to be involved with tournaments, so they can feel like a poker professional. You’ll find that some of these are free, whereas others will require a buy-in. With some of these, you can only win tokens. And with other tournaments, you can actually win some serious cash. But any online poker site worth its salt should always have any number of tournaments on offer at any time, thus always giving you the chance to win the jackpot online. These should not just be for VIP players, but for poker aficionados of all levels and bankrolls.

Safe and Secure Banking

Remember that all gambling is about the money first and foremost, and then the games in second place. After all, without any funds or bankroll, your gambling session is over. So you should always ensure that all your personal and banking information is safe and secure. Check out the site’s gaming license. One issued in the UK, by the UK Gambling Commission will be totally legit. Make sure that the online poker site publishes clear and concise terms of service as well as all the conditions attached to the actual transactions between yourself and the casino business.

Keep an eye on any fees that might be charged for moving funds. Likewise, check the minimum payout amounts, the number of actual payment types supported, and finally, the withdrawal requirements.

Friendly and Professional Customer Support

As the only real human interaction with the site is going to be its customer support, you can tell an awful lot about an online poker company from their response to queries and questions. The support should be 24/7, and should be easy to launch from the website itself. There should be multiple ways of getting hold of customer support, rather than just email or support tickets, and all without extra fees be added on. And you don’t want to be kept waiting on hold. If you want to test this before signing up, then simply contact them with a question and see how well they respond.

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Online Poker: Additional Incentives for VIPs

Depending on your spending, you want to get more from the casino as you’re going to be giving them much more money. You have every right to expect a different set of incentives if you’re going to be spending a lot of time and money in a single online poker room. VIPs and high-rollers get a huge amount of comps in the real brick-and-mortar casino, and playing online is no different. These can be in the form of exclusive bonus offers to tournament access without a buy-in.

If a poker room wants loyal customers, then you can be sure they’ll be offering something of value. One of our basic jackpot winning tips and tricks to take full advantage of there. Our favorite casino site is Intertops Poker

Additional Resources and Training Tools

Because the competition is so strong with all the competing online casino brands trying to entice new customers, it means that they are beginning to offer more than just material goods like bonuses or cash. You’ll find that many sites do not offer online training for new and old players. This is a win-win, in that, the more the player learns, the more he’ll play. The more a site has to offer newbies, then the greater the chance that’s going to be a great site to play on. Always have an eye open to additional resources and training tools.

Online Poker Site: An Established Reputation

Reputation matters a lot more than many people give credit for. We suggest that you go online and search for the reviews of the site which other gamblers left. You’ll quickly find the trustworthy sites and those less so, with lots of negative feedback. Many of these review sites will be attached to gambling sites. Just make sure they are not in some way affiliated with the sites they’re promoting. This is probably the best way to find the best online casinos with jackpots.

If in Doubt, Play for Free…

All the best online poker rooms will let you play for free. They will provide you with virtual currency, allowing you to bet as you play, just as in a real-life game. This will allow you to get a feel for this particular game, from a particular company, without having to spend even 1 penny.

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