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Introduction: The Top 4 Popular Online Casino Strategies

All over the world, sitting at gaming tables in casinos, are thousands of gamblers who genuinely believe that they have a method to beat the system. The knowledge or insights that can help them tip the balance into their favor, in spite of the house edge that might say otherwise. For many people, it’s a fantasy that helps rationalize their spending without results. It’s that big win, waiting in the next hand, or the hand after that one, that will change everything. Hope springs eternal within the optimistic gambler.

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But stepping back from these fantasies, and applying a good dose of the scientific method, tells us that there is only one way to have an edge over the casino. And that’s counting cards. But in today’s evolving casino environment, with the introduction of multiple decks and shuffling machines, it simply doesn’t work anymore. When you think it through, why on earth would any business allow customers to get the better of them, inside their own premises? You might find some tiny casino in the outback where they’re still playing with a single deck. But they would recognize your betting patterns in an instant, and you’d be unceremoniously thrown out.

Yet there still do persist some online casino strategies that really belong in the novels of Harry Potter. And others, which might seem viable when written down on the back of a napkin, but in the real world, fail spectacularly. Obviously, if there really was a system for beating the casinos, then those same casinos would certainly already know about and would have taken measures to ensure that it would have no place within their casinos. So, we think it’s safe to say that no online casino strategies exist to beat the casinos at their own game.

The Four Biggest Online Casino Strategies

Many will claim that if you visit the best online casinos with jackpots, there are certain online casino strategies that are universal in their use, and can function well with any number of casino jackpot games. They are essentially universal “truths” and as such can work just as well online as off. But in truth, though there may well be a warped logic behind the thinking, ad while it may sound impressive to the uninitiated, none of these online casino strategies is worth anyone’s time. So let’s have a look at four of the biggest strategy fallacies that are constantly doing the rounds of casinos all over the world.

Online Casino Strategies: The Martingale Betting System

How it works

The idea behind the Martingale betting system is to continuously double your bet each time you lose. From a maths perspective, yes, you would eventually win. That’s the reason why it looks so seductive on paper. But in practice, the real world doesn’t work that way.

Online Casino Strategies - The Top 4 Most Popular

Why not to bother

You don’t need to have too many negative results in a row before you’re betting astronomical amounts to try and get in front of those losses. But before your bankroll runs completely dry, you’ll have to stop betting as you would be in danger of passing the table limit. At some point, your losses will become overwhelming in comparison to the tiny amount of profit you might win back and you’ll see that it’s one of the worst online casino strategies.

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Online Casino Strategies: The Paroli Betting System

How it works

This is, to all intents and purposes, the Paroli betting system is the exact opposite of the above strategy. So, each time you have a win, you double your wager. The idea here is that you stand to win more than you’ll lose over a period of time.

Why not to bother

Its reason is the same as for the above system. You would be needing huge sums in order to bankroll this system. In the same way, there’s no guarantee of losses, likewise, there’s no sure-fire guarantee of constant winnings. In the end, you’ll be facing heavy losses all in the hope of generating a tiny profit.

Online Casino Strategies: D’Alembert Betting System

How it works

This is a bit of everything. After each loss, you increase your betting. And after each win, you’re supposed to reduce your wagers. Theoretically, this is meant to produce the same results as the Martingale system (well the bit where you don’t bankrupt yourself). The idea is that your gains and losses wouldn’t be of such sudden magnitude so as to completely wipe out your long-suffering bankroll.

Why not to bother

The amounts gained and lost are so minuscule, that this system only succeeds in removing all the fun from gambling and making it absurdly boring.

Online Casino Strategies: The Parlay Betting System

How it works

So with this system, the idea is that you re-invest all your winnings into the next bet, following each successful bet. Now, if on the other hand, should you lose, then you return the original wager, which should be small enough to counter any large losses.

Why not to bother

Just like the D’Alembert, this system doesn’t generate enough of a profit to bother with. The problem is that you’ll be able to minimize your losses but will not be able to make any real gains.

So these are the four universal betting systems that many gamblers will swear by. You’ll notice that these same people are not sporting diamond-encrusted Rolexes and driving away in their Lamborghinis. But in a short term, some of these systems might just work for a while and you could increase your jackpot winning chances. If you are prepared to handle the risk and the potential fallout, then why not have aflutter using one of these. After all, you only live once.

Online Casino Strategies - The Top 4 Most Popular

Which Casino Games Have the Lowest House Edge?

Asking a question like this is a much better proposition as opposed to relying on witchcraft and reading the tea leaves. As one of your online casino strategies, you’re always going to be better off gravitating towards the games with the lowest house edge. Either find games with an existing low house edge or find rules and strategies that can help reduce the house edge in your favor. Let’s have a look at some of the games with the lowest house edge:


If you can count cards and can find a blackjack table that lets you, then yes, you can lower the house odds enough to turn the game in your favor. But you can’t do it online. But if you know both how to count cards, and then how to use this for your advantage, then it’s possible to reduce the house edge to as low as 1%.

European Roulette

You have already been told numerous times that you should never bother with US roulette. This is down to it having an extra pocket on the wheel. The addition of the double zero increases your chances of losing. But if you stick to the most basic wagers, such as red/black or Odds/Wvens, then the probability is as close to 50:50 as you’ll ever find at a casino.

Online Slots

Of all the online casino strategies, the best is to find a slot with an RTP of at least 97% or more. This means that for every $100 you spend, you’ll receive $97 or more back. Though we tend to view jackpot slots as one of the worst games in the whole casino, if the RTP is high enough, then it might be worth playing. You can’t cheat an online slot, so just find a design you like and play with that.

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