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Top 5 Common Mistakes Made By Online Slot Players

Let’s be frank: online slots don’t require much in the way of skills or brainpower. Thinking is not necessary to play them. Just hit the spin button, cross your fingers and that’s it. Yes, we also think that it’s kinda satisfying watching the reels spin, and for those few seconds, imagining what we might do with the jackpot. Though it’s a machine that has been programmed to give a certain result over time, there are some basic mistakes that newbie gamblers might make that will only serve to decrease the odds of winning. Many online slot players remain blissfully unaware that these basic errors could cost them a lot over a period of time.

So we thought we’d compile a list of common mistakes that new online slot players tend to make. Most of the problem is that they are in too much of a hurry to play, and therefore don’t think things through properly or research all the available options before starting to play. If you’re at a real casino, then other players will also help point out some mistakes, as everyone likes to look out for each other. But playing online, then you’re on your own, and mistakes can prove expensive in the long term. Remember that if you’re playing online and have a question, simply contact customer support.

Failing to Read the Help Screen

Many new online slot players are so impatient to get started that they plunge right into the first casinos to win the jackpot they come across. Though all online slots may well be simple to play, with just making a deposit and then hitting the spin button, there is more going on that a player should take note of before they begin their slots journey. Many online slot players simply can’t be bothered to read the help screen. probably because they don’t think that they need any help. Keep in mind that there are literally thousands of online sites to win the jackpot.

online slot players
Always read everything

But the help screen tells us so much more. This will contain details about the prizes and the jackpots. There’s a lot of useful information there, so please take a few minutes to read it through as this may well increase your jackpot winning chances.

Fail to Research RTP before Playing Slots

The RTP or Return to Player is a concept about the long-term nature of the game. The higher the payback, then the better the chance you have of winning. Look at the slots closely and only play on those with an RTP greater than 95%. This is very little work for something that could otherwise be a very costly oversight. Knowing the RTP will inform you as to whether you want to bother playing that particular machine. You might have to ask customer support for the RTP, as many online casinos are more than a little reluctant to give out this information. We found that Whamoo Casino gives some of the best RTP rates across all its slots games.

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Online Slot Players: No Form of Bankroll Management

All gambling with real money is just about how you handle those funds during your gambling. Bankroll management can be the difference between playing all evening or calling it a day after a couple of rounds with all your funds used up. Depending on the size and frequency of your bets, your bankroll can simply disappear before your eyes. Also though you might think you’re saving money playing the online slots because you’re only spending relatively small amounts, the rate at which you’re putting in the coins, thanks to the game-play, is much faster than if you were playing an online casino table game.

So, after hours of play, you might well have spent over 4 times the amount spent on another game. What every gambler needs is a simple bankroll plan. This should be part of your jackpot winning strategy. How much to use, and how often, is pretty basic stuff. By stretching your bankroll out for longer, you will have more chances to play and therefore more possibilities to win.

Playing Without Researching the Casinos

As you’re an online slot player who’s going to be betting online with real cash, then everything about the site must be in order. No one wants the surprise of discovering that their bank details have been shared or that they ran away with your deposit. That’s why we always suggest that you do some background checks. To start with use Google Search to see how the site is ranked, as well as reading some reviews by either other sites or, even better, by other customers.

Make sure that the online casino has an authorized and reputable gambling license. This will ensure that all the security aspects are fully working and secure. One of the best online casinos for slot players is Whamoo Casino. They offer many varieties of games and a juicy welcome bonus.

online slot players
Don’t be a fool

Depending on RTP for Bankroll Management

Many new online slot players make the mistake of seeing a great RTP and then assuming that all is well. Remember that the RTP has no value in the short term. It’s an average taken over a long period of time. And within the extreme parameters of that average, there can be a very, very long period between payouts. So while it may offer large prizes, with an increased probability of getting a win, you will struggle to stretch a smallish bankroll because of the length of time taken between wins. Apart from the RTP,  you should always consider the size of the jackpot, the number of smaller payouts, and the game’s volatility. This goes for all online slot players.

Conclusion: Online Slot Players Mistakes

In truth, because of the nature of slot machines, and the sheer amount of luck required by online slot players to win of any amount, we would suggest that you invest some time and effort into learning another casino game with a small amount of skill attached to it. Games like online blackjack and jackpot poker will give you an opportunity to take back some winnings from the house. With its long-term probability, slots will not. Of course, if you’re one of those long-time online slot players who play for fun, then please continue to enjoy them.

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