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Playing Real Money Online Video Poker

Real money video poker games first started taking off during the mid-70s. Proving increasingly popular today, you can find video gaming machines all over the country. More recently, over the last couple of decades, video poker has made the jump to online betting sites. Many new players are fascinated by these games. But have you ever wondered how to play them? Thanks to the ever-expanding number of games that online casinos are offering, it’s no surprise that many online gamblers are turning to real money video poker. Today at we thought we take a look into the skills and gameplay needed in order to master these newer video poker games.

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Real Money Video Poker Tips

It doesn’t matter if you are a regular visitor to the brick-and-mortar casinos or you enjoy playing on your phone online, you’ll find that real money video poker games are incredibly popular. In truth, the gameplay does rely a great deal on luck. But many players fail to utilise their bankrolls properly. Simply because they are making basic mistakes. And that’s why we thought we’d list some jackpot winning tips and tricks to help improve your real money video poker gameplay experience.

Bet the Maximum Number Of Coins

If you play many online casino games, then betting the maximum is seen as an aggressive move. When you start playing online video poker games, the casinos usually place a low ceiling on your wagers. You’ll find that many real money video poker games will have a betting maximum limitation of just 5 coins at a time. This can prove very frustrating if you’re the type of player who’s looking to win a lot of money quickly. But it’s perfectly possible to look at this from another way. It could be said that, by limiting your bets, a situation is created whereby you’re able to play the game for much longer. It’s thanks to these lower betting limits that you’ll be able to consistently bet up to the maximum amount. Even though these maximum amounts may appear small.

A More Aggressive Betting Style

If you take a look at the pay scale for the majority of real money video poker games, especially Jack’s or Better, then you’ll see that they favour a more aggressive betting style. We suggest that by betting the maximum amounts, you’ll be able to take advantage of this. Another reason is that many video poker casinos will offer special bonuses if you consistently bet the maximum amount possible. An example of this would be the Royal Flush, as it’s the highest hand in poker. This means that when you’re playing real money video poker, this hand will result in the highest payout. You find that some video poker games will offer a special bonus reward for any player who gets a Royal Flush whilst their betting the maximum amount.

real money video poker

Another suggestion is for players who don’t want to bet the maximum because their bankroll will not stretch to it. In this case, we suggest that you look for a cheaper table. For example, if you can’t afford the maximum bet and a $1 table, then you should find yourself a 25-cent table instead. By doing this, you’ll only be betting $1.25 per hand. But the important point here is that, because you’re still betting the maximum amount, then you’ll still be eligible for any special bonuses.

Understanding the Pay Table

If you look at the number of different real money video poker games available at a reputable online casino like Bodog Casino, they all use the same pay chart. But keep in mind that the odds can be very different. What’s crucial for any good betting strategy is that you find the right pay table for your video poker game. You’ll find that the vast majority of real money video poker games will have the pay table prominently displayed on the screen. The thing to check is the payouts for the flush hands and the full houses. This will give you an idea as to how much they increase your jackpot winning chances.

On the whole, you’ll find that 9/6 Jack’s or Better games will give you the best bang for your buck. Having said that, it’s quite possible to find many different variations of Jacks or Better. Another common pay table was found on video poker games featuring 8/5.

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Online Real Money Video Poker RTP

By knowing the pay table, then you’ll be able to tell the “Return to Player” or RTP of any given game. For example, a table for Jack’s or Better at 9/6, will have an RTP that’s very favourable towards the player. As you know, the lower the ratio then the better it is for the casino. Following on from this, with a 6/5 play table we’ll have a maximum RTP of 95%. To translate this into real-world terms, it means that for every $100 you bet, you’ll lose $5 on average.

Stick To Your Video Poker Strategy

You’ll need to have an excellent real money video poker strategy in place if you want to achieve long-term success. As with all things in life, it may take some considerable time for you to discover a real plan of attack. But however long it takes, you’re going to find it’s worth it in the end. Having found the right strategy, we suggest that you stick with this whenever you play online real money video poker games.

Now there are a number of factors that you should consider when you’re putting together your online video poker game strategy. One of the most important of these is to consider the cost per coin. That’s why as we mentioned earlier you should always bet the maximum number of coins, as this will increase your possibility to win the jackpot online. And as previously mentioned, it will make you eligible for bigger and better bonuses.

Control Your Bankroll


When you’re looking at the pay table and the resulting RTP percentage rate, it’s important you factor in your bankroll, as well as the amount of time you’re thinking of playing for. Such things should be part and parcel of your jackpot winning strategies. Controlling both your spending and the time spent playing, will help you as you strive for success.

Another important point about maintaining a good video poker gaming strategy is that by utilising it, you’re able to often make up for losses that you suffered during your playing time. As a result, it will help you walk away from the video poker table with your winnings and bankroll intact. If you’re playing with a perfect strategy, then varying it over the long term will only prove detrimental to your winning potential.

We’re not suggesting that you should never-ever change your game plan strategy. In fact, it’s an important constituent of the game that you watch what’s happening and adjusts your strategy accordingly. But we do not suggest that you change your gameplay in the middle of a hand.

Make Use Of The Casino Bonuses

Another important tip when playing real money video poker games is that you should always try and capitalise on any casino bonuses on offer. On the whole, the vast majority of online casinos will be offering bonuses. These are a means of attracting new players to their online casinos. You may also find such things as reload, VIP and loyalty bonuses, which are rewards given to players for returning to play. As a means of instantly increasing your bankroll, casino bonuses are hard to beat. After all, by increasing your bankroll, you’re also increasing the time you’re able to play. And simply by the laws of averages, the more hands you can play, the greater your winning possibilities. That’s why you should never overlook either the welcome or reload bonuses.

Depending on how often you play, and how much you spend, you may be eligible to join any casino VIP program. With this, you may be able to bag many different VIP benefits. All of which can prove beneficial to your gameplay. These can include such things as weekly rebates and deposit bonuses.

VIP Programs Can Make A Difference


It goes without saying that the more hands you play then the greater the possibility of landing in a VIP program. One thing we should mention is that many programs offer video poker players much lower wagering requirements. Think of it in terms of the VIP rewards going to help you play more real money video poker. As video players, these are a fantastic way to meet the rollover requirements. Meaning that your bonuses will go even further. You should also couple this with high RTP percentages. By doing so, it’s easier to hang on to your bonus funds. Take note that your verified real money video poker bonuses can only be used on eligible games.

Knowing Which Hands to Play

You’re not going to get very far playing real money video poker games if you don’t know which hands you should play. It all comes down to the risk you’re willing to take. Nevertheless, there are a number of video poker strategies that virtually all players can agree with. One of these strategies is that you should avoid holding the card to use as a kick. As you’re probably aware, the kicker is a very important card in the vast majority of poker games. But in real money video poker, it does nothing other than take up an available spot in your hand.

Another common mistake we see being made by new real money video poker players is that they hold on to 3 cards in the hope of a Flush or a Straight. Keep in mind that playing for a low-value Straight or Flush is going to leave you vulnerable to a losing hand. On the whole, we suggest it’s better to discard these cards.

All new players tend to find it difficult to know what to do with the low pairs. We find that it’s often better to hang onto a low pair of cards over a single high card. Even though this is contrary to popular belief in poker. This is because you can easily make three of a kind from a low pair, or it even could become part of a full house.

The Best Real Money Video Poker Casino

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Once you know the basic gameplay, strategy, and how to manage your bankroll, then you’re probably ready to start playing real money video poker. Even the most basic Google search reveals hundreds of websites you can play on. One word of warning though. Not all online casino websites are created equally. It can often be difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff. With so many websites available, finding those that are both safe and profitable for real money video poker games, can appear to be an almost impossible task.

That’s why it’s essential that before you begin, you take a look at the games guides. Here you’ll find all the dos and don’ts and ins and outs of playing online video poker in earnest. Not only that, but we review each available casino in detail. Looking at all the important factors that can help improve your gameplay as well as increase your chances of winning. 

Video Poker At Bodog Casino

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