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Why Regulating Gambling Online Is Better Than Banning It 

Over the last 20 years or so, online gambling has grown to be a massive industry. Furthermore, with the introduction of ever faster internet speeds and a constant supply of new and exciting games, we can expect gambling to keep on growing over the coming years. Just look at how many games typical casinos to win the jackpot like Bovada Casino offers. However, there is a lot of negative sentiment around the iGaming industry. Addiction is the most obvious negative side effect. This leads us to question what can be legally done to stop online gamblers from falling into addiction. As well as any other antisocial behaviour, via either banning or regulating gambling. 

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Banning Gambling Doesn’t Work

Here at, we take problem gambling very seriously. To that end, we thought that we would have a look at the pros and cons of regulating gambling, as opposed to trying to ban it completely. As we can already see in some countries where virtually all gambling activities are banned, the government eventually relents and allow some gambling activities, usually in the form of government lotteries. You could argue that it’s impossible to stop human nature.

The Problems with Banning Online Gambling

Trying to ban gambling altogether, especially online gambling is probably not the best idea. The first point is that as long as people have access to the internet, then you’re not going to stop them from gambling online. Furthermore, it’s going to create a black market for gambling sites that will be impossible to police. After all, gamblers love their blackjack and jackpot slots. That’s why it’s better to think about regulating gambling than banning it. With the first option at least there’s some control, whereas with the second there is none at all.

Banned Casino Go Underground


With so many different ways to gamble online, banning gambling will have little effect on their behaviour. It’s a given that by banning one gambling activity, another one will spring up in its place. Today, you can find many offshore unregulated and unlicensed casinos which offer all types of gambling jackpot games. Another point to consider is that players can make use of a VPN. These are in use to access websites outside of their own domains. Because the internet does allow a certain amount of privacy, people are going to gamble irrespective of whether online gambling is possible or not.

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The Rise Of Unregulated Sites

Secondly, we have to say that there are much better options for regulating gambling than to try and shut down black market websites which are in international waters. Simply put, if any government tries to ban all forms of it online gambling, then a huge underground market will develop overnight, as it has done in the US. Furthermore, an unlicenced black market would be impossible to police. Simply because it would be over many countries and jurisdictions around the world.

Regulating Gambling And The iGaming Industry

We think it’s a no-brainer that all governments should be regulating gambling. But in such a way that it’s fair to both the players and the operators. This is a much better option than trying to ban all gambling altogether which would prove futile in the end. Surely, it’s better to create a regulated gambling market where is possible for governments to have some control. Thus ensuring that the customers are taken care of in a fair and legal manner.

The Benefits of Regulating Gambling Online

regulating gambling

Let’s face it, it’s going to be difficult to stop an activity that’s been around for thousands of years such as gambling. Thanks to the advent of the internet, all gambling activities have become increasingly popular. Today, more and more gamblers are visiting casinos to win the jackpot. One unfortunate side effect of this is that this has led to addiction. Regulating gambling instead of banning it, then it allows various institutions to deal with any negative consequences that come from online gambling. Surely, as an inclusive society, it’s much better to be aware of the problems and solutions for problem gambling. As opposed to having it simply swept under the carpet, as would be the case if all gambling was banned.

There Are Tax Benefits To Regulation

Another important factor is that by regulating gambling, is possible for governments to collect tax revenue. When you consider how much money is spent on gambling and how much profit online casinos like Bovada Casino make, then banning all gambling makes no financial sense. If it makes governments feel any better, they can put this money towards addiction treatment and education programs that deal with responsible gambling.

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