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Scratch Cards: The Winning Secrets 

Let’s be honest, but a scratch card is nothing more than a game of chance. You have to consider that the odds are very much against the player. This makes sense when you consider that the majority of games provide money to good causes. Also, they need to turn a profit for the operator. If you consider that the National Lottery in the UK gives away millions of pounds every year to deserving causes, then you can see why the chances of you winning any prizes are so small.

Probably the main reason why scratch cards are so popular is that the player needs to perform a small action. In psychological terms, this is known as “gamification.” If you think about the satisfaction that comes from popping bubble wrap. That you want to continue repeating the same action? Then it’s exactly the same when it comes to scratching off the silver foil to reveal the numbers underneath. it’s the same playing online at a casino like Bodog Casino. Though you’re simply clicking a mouse, this small action contributes to the overall fun.

One thing we will admit is that many popular scratch cards offer some very big wins. With this in mind, we thought that today we would have a look into how to increase your jackpot winning chances. Below we’ve listed some of the secrets that will hopefully lead to a more rewarding player experience.

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Increase Your Chances Of Winning Online

Generally speaking, the more you pay, the better your chances of winning. For example, you can buy 2 National Lottery scratch cards, with one being the £50 million Mega Cash Showdown, and the other that £100,000 Multiplier Scratch Card. The former, being a £5 purchase, has winning odds of 1 in 3,348,250. Conversely, a Multiplier scratch card cost just £1, yet the odds are 1 in 4,441,910. So you can see, the more expensive ticket has lower odds. As a given, you should always look through the small print, whether online or off, to check the odds before you make any initial purchase.

Buy Your Scratch Cards In Bulk


It’s surprising just how many regular players of scratch cards believe that you should always buy in bulk. They genuinely believe that this will increase your jackpot winning chances. You’ll notice that they tend to buy 5 scratch cards from the same game, and from the same outlet. For some reason, they believe that this gives them better odds than if they were to purchase 5 separate tickets from 5 separate purchase points. 

They think that the manufacturers of the cards are more likely to place frequent wins throughout the cards. So according to that logic, they have a better chance of landing a prize by purchasing in bulk. 

Stay Away From A Scratch Card With No Remaining Jackpot 

We know it sounds crazy, but some scratch card operators like the National Lottery still allow scratch cards to be sold when there are no more remaining jackpots. Keep in mind that this only applies to cards worth over £121,000. The fact that this can happen is down to how the outlets buy and retain scratch cards from the manufacturer. For example, many outlets and shops may be sitting on scratch cards that have been previously activated. Even once the jackpots have been taken, they are still allowed to sell them. Obviously, buying a scratch card with the jackpot already won is a total waste of money. 

To be absolutely certain you don’t buy into a scratch card competition that’s already passed, we suggest you visit the website of the scratch card in question to check if any jackpots are still available. Certain providers like the National Lottery will update their remaining jackpot information almost every day. If you happen to be buying at a land-based purchase point, then be sure to pay attention to the screen. They should tell you whether the jackpot has already been won. Or if any remaining jackpots are still available.

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Check the RTP Of The Scratch Card

If you’re a gambler who enjoys casino jackpot games, there’s a good chance you’ll understand the term “RTP.” It stands for “return to player” and is the percentage of sales the player will receive back from their total spend. Be aware that not all scratch card operators will use the term RTP and many will substitute the term “payout” instead.

For example, let’s say you’re playing scratch cards with an RTP of 75.01%. In real terms, this means that for every £100 you spend, £75.1 go towards the prize total. This means that the manufacturer of the gets to keep £24.99. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the RTP on a scratch card. In these cases, we suggest you visit the operator’s website. If you scroll down to the bottom of the homepage you’ll see the terms and conditions. Drill down through these and you’ll find the RTP listed. Take note that the higher the RTP, then the larger the prizes for winning players.

Find Old Scratchcards With Remaining Jackpots 

Some more experienced scratch card players will swear that it’s possible to improve your chance to win the jackpot online by only playing scratch cards that are already almost out of date. On the whole, we’re not sure of these so-called jackpot winning strategies. One thing is that, though they may find jackpots, it doesn’t mean that they’re still available. It’s quite possible that someone might have already won the prize and yet not made a claim. Likewise, it’s even possible that the winning ticket has been lost or thrown away.

Try Your hand At An Online Scratch Card


One of the things that make playing these games so enjoyable is the tiny physical actions you need to perform to reveal the numbers. Of course, you don’t have to scratch the foil with a penny when you play online, but simply reveal the numbers with the click of a mouse. Nevertheless, it’s still an enjoyable and relaxing experience. One of the main reasons why we recommend playing scratch cards online is that, because these companies have much lower overheads than physical real-world operators, then it means their prizes can be much bigger. For example, Bodog Casino offers eight scratch games with prizes going up to 50x your initial bet.

Recheck Every ‘Losing’ Scratch Card

It’s amazing just how many people fail to read the ticket receipts properly. To that end, it’s incredibly disappointing to see so many instances where the players who think they’ve won have in fact lost. And the players who think they have lost, don’t realise they have won. To avoid this painful experience, it might be a good idea to get a second opinion. You can put your mind to rest by simply asking a friend or even taking the scratch card back to the outlet where you bought it. It’ll take them less than 3 seconds to pass a ticket under the scanning machine. So, if you ever feel nervous about whether your ticket has won or not, just hand it over to the lottery outlet and have them scan it for you.

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