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What are Blackjack Side Bets?

Blackjack is one of the most popular online and offline casino games and has a very large fanbase amongst gamblers. It’s a game that possesses basic strategy and basic rules. Although the general betting in the game is very straightforward, there are also intriguing blackjack side bets which add hugely to the excitement of the gameplay. These side bets are wagers that are placed before the round begins. It’s the nature of side bets that allows the player to see some considerable gains in their winnings. If they’re lucky!

Blackjack side bets have been the main staple in traditional casinos, they are now also very popular in online casinos. That’s because software games developers and producers have integrated side bets into virtually all casino blackjack games. So if you’re the type of gambler who prefers to gamble online rather than going to the brick-and-mortar casino, then you’re in luck. There are as many side bets in online games of blackjack as there are in the traditional casino.

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Can You Earn More With Blackjack Side Bets?

Blackjack side bets are differentiated from regular blackjack bets because they are placed before the round begins. The actual wager is on the next card dealt with either the dealer or to the player. This bet has nothing to do with skill and everything to do with chance.  That’s because it’s impossible to predict the card that someone will receive. Unless of course, you are an expert card counter.

Blackjack side bets are an optional wager and you are not obligated or obliged to take them. But if you do choose to do so, then it’s a great way of increasing your earnings. In truth, the side bet is not a part of the traditional game of blackjack. We should point out that the house edge on side bets is normally higher than on regular bets. Then again, this is offset by the fact that the payouts are also going to be larger. But it’s important to keep in mind that as previously mentioned, the side bet is based totally on luck, and it’s very hard to win a blackjack side bet. As you know, the house edge always favours the casino.  And side bets are a great means by which the casino can increase their profits

Why Play Blackjack Side Bets?


So we hear you asking, if blackjack side bets are solely based on luck, then why bother to play them? Well, you could ask the same question of virtually all casino games. The simple answer is that any side bet wager is going to provide you with a much bigger payout. In this respect, side bets are just about money.  Beware though, because the house edge on side bets is quite a bit bigger than our regular wagers. You could lose your bankroll at a much faster rate if you insist on making these types of wagers. Keep in mind that side bets do not increase your jackpot winning chances.

To that end, you should be extremely cautious about placing side bets. It’s hard to recommend them, as in real life we can see they do nothing but benefit the casino coffers.  On the other hand, the table limits on side bets are incredibly low, so you may end up a winner. And all without having to spend too much on the wager itself. If you have the money and you like risk, then making the odd side bet here and there is going to be great fun. And certainly, add more excitement to the traditional game of blackjack. If it’s excitement you’re after, then head over to King Billy Casino. They have a huge number of blackjack varients, as well as immersive and fun live-dealer games.

Common Blackjack Side Bets

When you look at the blackjack table in most casino games rooms, you’ll see that the table is marked with the odds of the side bets. Let’s have a look at some of the most common ones found in all casino rooms as well as at online casinos:

The Insurance Side Bet

You can place an insurance bet before the dealer checks the hole card. Essentially, this is insurance against a blackjack if the dealer has an ace face-up card. With an insurance bet, you essentially bet half your stake. Nevertheless, this type of wager is hazardous. That’s because the chances of the hole card being dealt are incredibly thin. On the other hand, if you happen to win the bet, then you get to keep half of your winnings.

Perfect Pairs 


Everything about this bet is dependent on the player card. So if the player’s initial pair of cards is an actual pair, meaning they have the same face value or numerical value, then the wager is won. In the game of blackjack, there are a variety of perfect pairs and we will go through some of them below.

Mixed Pairs

This is a bet based on the likelihood that the two cards will be the same value, but with a different colour or a different suit. The bet carries a 5 to 1 chance of winning.

Coloured Pair

This is a wager that a player will have cards of the same colour and value but in a different suit. This wager carries a 2 to 1 possibility of winning.

The Perfect Pair

You’re betting that the player will have a perfect pair. This means that both the suit, colour, and value of the cards are exactly the same. The wager carries a 30 to 1 winning chance

21+3 Side Bet

This is probably the most popular side bet in the game of blackjack and comes from the game of jackpot poker. This is because it incorporates both the dealer’s and player’s cards. There are four different types of wager. The wager rests on the dealer’s face-up cards matching the number of the player’s combinations. The betting range is from 5 to 1 to 100 to 1.

Other Blackjack Side Bets 

side bets

Over recent years, and especially with the massive uptake of interest in online gambling, there are many casinos and their games providers who have started to create new bets for Blackjack players. You’ll find some of these have become very popular. Conversely, for others, you’ll have to seek them out in a select few casinos. Remember that these bets are not for the player to make a profit, only the casino. We strongly suggest you don’t use these types of bets as one of your jackpot winning strategies. You can try out all these bets at King Billy Casino where you can practice for free, before taking the plunge and betting with real cash. They also offer all new players a huge welcome bonus of 151% up to €/$500 plus 51 Bonus spins!

Over/under 13

The wager is about whether the sum of 2 cards will be under or over 13. Now if the outcome is true then of course they win. But if your outcome is 13 then the player loses. The house edge for under 13 is 10%. And over 13, it’s 6.5%.

Are Blackjack Side Bets Worth Playing?


The thing to keep in mind is that, compared to your regular blackout game bets, then blackjack side bets have a much greater house hedge. As you already know, this means that you have a greater chance of losing money to the casino. Because of that, we must state that blackjack side bets are probably best for high-risk gamblers who have large bankrolls. So if you’re the type of player who prefers to play with smaller odds, and to rely on your talent, then we suggest you stick with regular blackjack bets.  One of the major issues with these bets is that it makes it more difficult to track your wagering bankroll.

The Bottom Line

Having said those rather negative points, we should say that there is one factor in which blackjack side bets are hard to beat. And that’s the element of excitement. These bets have a much greater thrill than your traditional blackjack games.  As we’ve previously said, they are dangerous wagers, with a significant likelihood that you will lose money. But hell, you only live once! So if you want to live the life of a risk-taking gambler, then hold on to your lucky charm, cross your fingers, and if Lady Luck is smiling on you that particular evening, then you may take home more money than you put in when you win the jackpot online. But if you are the type of gambler that tends to err on the side of caution, then we suggest you stay well away from side bets in blackjack.

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