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The Game of Slingo

Sometimes it’s difficult to keep up with the world of online gaming as it’s evolving at such a rapid rate. New fads and concepts come and go, and many of them fly under our radar, as it’s impossible to keep up with every changing trend. But once in a while, something new comes along that has the potential to transform the gambling industry. Though some jackpot games have remained the same since their introduction many years ago, with the help of new technology these older games are being dragged into the modern age for the enjoyment of a new generation of casino players.

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A Strange Combination

It’s thanks to the internet and the world of programming, that many older games have been transformed beyond recognition. A good example is the game of bingo, which is a classic old-school game that has been transformed almost beyond recognition. At some point, a programmer must have asked himself, what would happen if I were to combine bingo with online slots? What would the gaming experience be like? Would it be too weird for existing gamblers? Or even too complex? And then he went ahead and combined them. Welcome to the bizarre game of Slingo.

What is Slingo?

In the beginning, any new game is going to be difficult to understand and appear to be perhaps a little bizarre. Of course the same could be said of any new concepts involving online gambling and online casinos. But once you understand the game a little and have played a few rounds, you quickly realize that Slingo is not only easy to get to grips with but also great fun. Imagine if you can play a game that combines elements of bingo and online slots, yet within it resides the heart of a bingo game.

At its core, the game of Slingo enjoys the same aim as bingo, in that you need to complete a bingo card in full or else create a winning line combination. But you will not be waiting and watching for numbers to appear, or marking them off on your card, which will help increase your jackpot winning chances.

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Plays Like a Slot

Instead many of the features typical to bingo are replaced by those of a slot machine. So instead of a steady stream of random numbers, the player in Slingo will spin in a similar way to an online slot. The various numbers needed to complete his card will appear along with additional symbols that can also have an effect on the gameplay. These include wildcards, bonus symbols, free spins, Jokers, and more, and all of these will have their effects felt on the online slot machine. You can try out the game at Casumo Casino who offers a bonkers welcome bonus of 100% up to £300, along with 30 free spins.

More Entertaining Than Bingo

Though you can find the best sites to play bingo, the online Slingo player will have more options, and can pick up multipliers along the way, can score free spins, and can also enter any number of bonus rounds. There’s a serious amount of activity going on which makes things interesting, but you should remember the aim of the game remains largely the same. Thanks to all the interesting stuff going on, just playing the game of Slingo is both immersive and great fun, whether you win anything or not.

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Current Trends in Slingo

In the online world of gambling, Slingo is seen as a relatively new game in the casino marketplace. But in truth, the game was invented in 1994, long before the internet as we know it today, by a man called Sal Falciglia. It was along with the advent of iGaming that helped Slingo take off and now the game has a huge fan base worldwide. Of course, it wasn’t long before casino games providers got in on the act. In 2013 the official rights were bought for a mind-blowing 15.6 Million by Real Networks. Since then the rights have been resold or released to all the big casino games providers, which is why you will find Slingo in every casino, online or off. 

Branding Opportunities

According to the latest lottery news, many casinos and their brands are using Slingo to add a twist to many of their popular casino classic games. A good example is Rainbow Riches which has a Slingo variation available in many casinos. In fact, many of the biggest game providers have decided that Slingo will be the next big thing and are in the process of knocking out a growing number of games.

The Appeal of Slingo

When you think about it, Slingo is a very clever marketing invention. It’s able to attract a customer base from an already existing and lucrative gaming customer base. Concept-wise, this makes Slingo one of the first games to capture the market share of two separate groups. According to the latest numbers from Statista, the global online casino industry makes around $2,261 billion.! And everyone knows for the vast majority of that take comes from online slots and Bingo. As such Slingo could be the ultimate combination money-spinner.

Now we’re seeing more themed versions of the game coming along at the best casinos to win the jackpot, with many branding opportunities that are designed to keep players interested and immersed in the twist and turns of the classic game they know and love.

Should You Play Slingo?

Absolutely! The truth of the matter is that Slingo transcends any experience you’ve ever had playing slots or bingo. It’s as if these two games have been joined together and the resulting game is greater than the sum of its parts. This makes Slingo a new concept in its own right. If you want to get the hang of the gameplay then you’ll find many of the major casinos are offering the game of Slingo as a free play.

Learn To Play With Free-Play

This means you can check out the game and its gameplay without spending a single penny. This way you can experience all the fun and excitement of the game without losing anything. It goes without saying that if you do enjoy it, then you’re free to choose your own stakes and betting strategy. If you’re coming directly from playing the slots or from playing bingo, then Slingo will seem like a strange offspring from those two games and may take some time to become familiar with. 

Conclusion: The Game of Slingo

One thing is certain, and that is that Slingo isn’t going anywhere but up. At least not in the near future. We feel that thanks to the game’s growth in popularity around the world, it will soon become a casino classic. So why not give Slingo a shot? Head over to Casumo Casino. You’ll be glad you did.

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