Bingo Guide

A Bingo Guide

If you thought bingo was about little old ladies with a purple rinse sitting in church halls, well, you’re not wrong. And though bingo halls are still with us, over the last ten years there has been a massive movement towards playing a recent survey, over 85% of all bingo players play from the comfort of their homes. Try typing “bingo sites” into your browser and you’ll be net with a huge number of results. There is such a massive variety of sites and games, along with different themes and jackpots, that knowing where to start can make your head spin. So, if you’re a bingo beginner and want to try your hand then here is a brief guide to outlining the game. You can find detailed rules on how to play bingo here.

bingo guide

The History of Bingo

The beginnings of the game of bingo probably originated in Italy in the 1500s. During this period, Italians were playing a lottery called “Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia.” By the 18th century, it was spreading across Europe and was a popular pastime in British towns and cities. In France, the game became “Le Lotto” before making its way back to British shores where it was re-named, “Beano.” The story of the name involves the toy manufacturer, Edwin S Lowe, a citizen from Long Island, New York. Legend has it that on returning from a game with friends, one of them was so happy at winning, that she shouted “Bingo” rather than “Beano”. Lowe started to print cards for the game and called it Bingo.

A Quick Overview On How To Play Bingo

One of the main reasons why bingo is such a popular game around the world is the simplicity of play along with the ease of learning. Both young and old can master the game within minutes. Essentially the idea is to listen to numbers being called out and mark them off on a card. If you have the good fortune to cross off all the numbers read and are first to do so, then you are the winner. Simple!

How Does Bingo Work?

Both online and offline bingo work on this same principle of crossing number off from a card. But the type of bingo game you play can decide the numbers on your ticket. These numbers will hopefully be the same ones as called by the bingo caller. Sometimes you’ll hear the tern “90 Ball” or “75 ball.” This goes back to the day when the numbers were written on balls. So when the bingo caller picked one up, they would refer to it as such. But today’s bingo, whether played in halls or online, has changed dramatically and is all electronic.

A Bingo Guide: Mobile Bingo

With it’s ease and speed of play, it’s no surprise that people play so much bingo on the phone or other mobile device. With the steady rise of downloadable apps, from either the Google Play Store or from Apple’s own App store, more and more bingo sites have a fast and secure site for mobile and tablet. Also keep in mind that many online bingo rooms are offering bonuses to catch online players in the competitive online bingo space. These days playing online bingo on your phone on sites like BingoHall is probably a better experience than you’d get playing on you desktop.

bingo guide
There are many forms of bingo

How To Win

There are a number of factors that can decide how and what you can win. For example, you could fill your whole card and win a “full house.” Or you could equally just complete one line. Sometimes there are special prizes for having a particular pattern. There are any number of variables. This helps keep the game exciting as there is always the surprising possibility of a random win. As for the odds of winning, well, they’re the same for everyone taking part in that bingo room. This is because the numbers are generated at random.

Online bingo rules

The rules of bingo are very simple. Whether you’re playing in a bingo hall or online, the first thing you’ll be needing is to buy yourself some cards. These are available for as little as 1 pence in the “bingo lobby” and you’ll need some before starting the game. With the announcement of that first number, the game begins. If you’re playing in a hall or club, probably the hardest part is keeping up with the bingo caller. If you fail to shout out before the next number is read, then you’ve lost that prize. That’s why online bingo is more comfortable. Online there are a number of options to improve the game. These include:

A Bingo Guide: Online Options

Auto-Play: Nearly all online bingo sites have a system that automatically marks the numbers on your cards for you, as they are called. This saves you from frantically having to search for them.
Best Card Sorting: The computer will sort your cards into order. It places the card that has the most chance of winning on top for you to keep an eye on.
Best Card Highlighting: The online system will be ready to give you an alert or highlight a card if it’s close to winning.

How to Play Online Bingo

In live bingo the biggest problem is keeping up with the bingo caller. With online bingo this is not a problem, as a computer takes the place of the traditional caller. The first step is to sign up to an online bingo site. You’ll need to open an account and have a cash balance available for you to play with. Enter the bingo lobby. There you’ll see how much tickets are, along with being able to see the prize money and other prizes on offer. Also the time of each game is listed. Now click on the “Play Now” button. Then pick yourself a bingo room.

Purchase Your Tickets

At this point you’ll need to decide how many tickets you wish to purchase. Remember that the more tickets you have, the greater the chance of winning. Don’t worry too much about keeping up with the numbers. The online software will take care of that task for you. If you win, you’ll be notified instantly and the winnings will automatically go into your account. When the game is over, then you’ll have another chance to buy more tickets. Enjoy!

bingo guide
Let’s play bingo!

Online Bingo Chat

Many online bingo sites offer a chat function whilst you’re playing. this way you can be enjoying a conversation with any of the other players whilst at the same time watching your cards. There is always a chat moderator there to ensure civility. They are also responsible for offering prizes during the chat. Players in chat are constantly watching for certain numbers or patterns. If you spot one, then quickly type a per-specified message into the chat app in order to win a prize. Depending on the site in question, they can be referred to as “bonuses” or “bingo bucks.” On the whole these translate into more bingo cards. The current rate of exchange is one bingo buck to one bingo card. We also have a Bingo Glossary so that you can learn all the lingo and jargon.

A Bingo Guide: Bingo Bonuses

If you do happen to win any bingo bucks or bonuses, remember that they will be credited to your account. They are for playing and often cannot be withdrawn. With many sites you have to deplete you account of cash before you can use your bonus. It’s best to stay clear of bonuses that come with high betting requirement or other unrealistic stipulations. Be aware that there are sites which might restrict you access to certain games and prizes depending on how you spend your bonuses. Please be sure to read all the small print before you start playing. That way you can be certain that you are still eligible for any prizes. We recommend Unibet Bingo for ease of use and a great gaming experience. It’s best to start off with smaller amounts until you get the hang of it. Come back to this bingo guide whenever you need a re-fresher or a knowledge boost. Check out our list of the best bingo jackpot reviews. This’ll help you find the perfect site to play on. Good Luck!

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