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How Casino Table Dealers Help You Become Poorer

Did you know that there is a mind game hidden behind the game in every casino? The casino is betting on your odds of winning anything being kept to an absolute minimum. They also want you to believe that the idea of victory is attainable as part of this same mind game. The true culprits here are the con artists who would do all in their power to make sure that your chances are as slim as possible. After all, the casinos themselves employ and train them. These table dealers merely want to maintain a low profile, receive generous tips, and avoid termination.

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Words From A Casino Pro

We’ll be speaking with Tammy today. She is a skilled card counter and a former casino employee. Over eight years were spent by Tammy working as a dealer at a prestigious casino on the Las Vegas Strip. But she eventually got sick of sitting there and moved to the opposite side of the table. She was happy to talk to us about her experiences. And they really open our eyes.

They Make Sure You’re Failing At Blackjack

There is an optimal way to play blackjack. One that will minimise the house edge to an absolute minimum. You can try it online at a casino like 22Bet Casino. You’ll even be able to try to win the jackpot online with it. Its title is “Basic Strategy,” and it essentially functions as a book of mathematics. There isn’t a hidden trick to it. In some casinos, cards that show how to play using fundamental jackpot winning strategies are actually put on the gaming tables. However, to be cynical, it’s also the dealer’s responsibility to make sure you ignore it.

Table Dealers Give Terrible Gambling Advice


Maybe 5% of players are familiar with basic tactics, speculates Tammy. “Few table dealers believe in it, even though they are aware of it. They continue to offer terrible guidance. Of course, the casino wants you to think that it genuinely cares about your needs. It’s playing a game where it pretends to be on your side while Lady Luck is actually the adversary. It goes without saying that offering wise counsel would hurt the casino’s bottom line. The game should move quickly, and dealers must do the same. After all, the pay increases with the number of rounds each hour. 

Additionally, by maintaining everything at top speed, many players feel the pressure to make quick, split-second decisions without having any time to think through the consequences. This is not the way to increase your jackpot winning chances. Quite the opposite!

Faking Optimism For Players

Customers must feel that a casino is a place where winning is feasible for the establishment to succeed. It’s a joyful location where everything can alter your life in the span of a single glance. Even at the gaming table, there’s the illusion that you will win the whole pot on the upcoming card turn. Keep in mind that the table dealers also have a part to play in this situation. His duty is to welcome you to the theatre, strike up a conversation with you, and overall make you feel comfortable and relaxed. 

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They Keep You Chasing Losses

Their duty when you’re losing is to give you additional encouragement and reassure you that the setback is only temporary. And that if you keep playing, and chasing losses, with a betting system like the Martingale, it will all pass and you’ll be winning in no time. “We want a happy player at their game for two reasons,” said Tammy. “That’s the only way we make money off of tips, and it makes for a really long night if people are pissed off and losing. we want to keep spirits up so players keep playing and keep tipping.”

Table Dealers Encouraging Tip Whoring


As a result, deep-down, everyone is aware that the casino is stealing from you. However, they also count on tips from you to contribute to the wages of their staff. “You make money, I make money,” As though you and the table dealer are partners, joined together in this “enterprise” in some way. In this way, the dealer can always hint that they are somehow also partially to be credited when you do score a sizable win. On the other hand, if you lose, it can be assumed that your bad luck is due to not tipping enough. In any case, any of these events merely reduce your odds of succeeding. In addition, we have never witnessed a dealer tip a player after a significant win!

Deliberately Getting Players Tipsy

Consider that you are going to sign a crucial business or mortgage contract. And someone was continually placing alcoholic beverages at your elbow in the form of comps. Casinos operate continuously in this manner. After all, if you’re a little tipsy, you won’t be able to think clearly. You’ll be susceptible to influence and pressure. You’ll end up making poor choices. It’s amusing that if you get up and go to the bar, you have to pay full price for your drink. However, refreshments are provided for free while you’re playing at the gaming table games or the slots.

It’s All Hidden In Plain Sight 

Hopefully, you’re gaining a better general understanding of how things really function by now. When you’re seated at the gaming table or in front of a slot machine, it signifies they value you much more.“Table dealers say, ‘Have a drink! Have a drink!’” says Tammy. “Their declared intention might be for you to have a good time, but I’ve seen people lose not just their money, but their entire lives. The way management sees things perpetuates the sickness. That’s what made me want to get out.”

Table Dealers Becoming Your Fake Friend


As you approach a dealer’s table, they will always extend a friendly greeting. They will give you a big smile and tell you to “have a seat.” Immediately they will begin conversing with you about various topics. But the instant you forget to tip, you’ll realise it’s all a facade. And the moment you stand up to leave the table, it is unquestionably over between the two of you. The dealer won’t recognise or even acknowledge you if you run across them later in the evening while you’re hunting for jackpot games or a jackpot slots. Your “friendship” was as fake for the table dealers as a two-dollar bill. Customers and dealers don’t frequently interact on the casino floor or eat in the food court. Their only responsibility is to support you as long as you have money on the table.

“When I was in management,” recounts Tammy, “we would always say to dealers, ‘You are actors and actresses. Put on a show.’ But the minute the players walked out, none of us thought twice about them.”

It’s All Part And Parcel Of The Casino Industry

We can’t act astonished if the table dealers are merely attempting to live as comfortably as possible. Casinos also need to be profitable. It should come as no surprise that they are both exerting so much effort to obtain your money by employing whatever psychological strategies they can. When a player wins, there is a lot of anxiety. But when they lose, there is little attention given to the reality that the casino is still expecting more from them. Essentially, their job is to suck you dry. 

Now that you are aware of what to look out for, don’t let it prevent you from enjoying yourself. You might also continue using online casino sites like 22Bet Casino, where these gambling ruses won’t attempt to cheat you. In any case, always gamble responsibly.

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