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Why You Should Use A Casino Player’s Card

There is a surefire guaranteed way in which you can get paid from a casino. That’s when you’re going to be using a casino player’s card. The fact is that virtually every casino will offer every customer a player’s card. By doing so they will give you an added incentive to encourage you to sign up. Yet, in spite of this, many new players are suspicious of the casino’s player’s card. Probably because they failed to grasp how they can make proper use of this perk.

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The Casino Player’s Card: Getting Over the Myths

A quick browse of the internet, and in particular gambling forums and Google gambling groups, will show up a great deal of misinformation about how player’s cards function. In particular with reference to casino jackpot slots machines. You’ll always come across a post by someone that says that the only way they win is when they pull the card out. There seems to be a general belief that the casino somehow controls the payout percentages. And that this is based on whose casino player’s card is in use. Of course, this is simply a bonkers idea. And yet they still persist.

Once you understand how slot machines are designed, then you’ll see that the player’s card systems are not built into the actual slot machine when it’s manufactured or programmed by the game’s developer. It’s a choice that was a later addition by the casino in question. For a start, the software and the RNGs are not functioning around the casino player’s card. These slot machines are designed so that the player’s card can be embedded into the machine software at a later date. But keep in mind, the slot machine still needs to work regardless of whether a card is present or not.

In other words, the slots provider company produces machines that work perfectly well without cards. It’s important to remember that the payback and cash out are already part of the core of the software of the slot itself. This means that if someone happens to win when their card is out, then it’s just a matter of luck. Keep in mind, that if you do win and your card is out, then you are technically returning part of that payback to the casino. And all because you have an irrational fear of the casino’s players card. 

Your Guaranteed Casino Payback


It’s a fact that casinos need new players. And the casino player’s card is just one way of attracting them. And that’s why these cards come loaded with all sorts of incentives. It’s a means of encouraging you to join up. And of saying “thank you” for signing up. Simply by making good use of the card, then you will be gaining points that can later see use in many different ways. These include free play, meals at the restaurant or even your hotel bills being cheaper. Believe us, these expenses are already factored into the casino’s math when they determine the payback on the machines. As such, it’s already in the total amount they give out.

Keep in mind that different casinos will have different reward programmes. For example, MGM’s “mLife programme” is tier-based. As you move up the tiers, then your rewards come at a progressively faster rate. This means that you could be losing a lot more, including bonus earnings and other comps simply because you didn’t use your card whilst playing. If you’re playing online, then there’s no such thing as a casino player’s card. But because their running costs are much less than traditional casinos, they can afford to give bigger and better bonuses. For Example, 22Bet Casino offer all new players a bonkers welcome bonus of 122% up to €300!

The Amount Of Casino Payback

We have no idea of the exact figure you’ll find that each casino will determine how much you can earn through their casino player’s card adoption. Normally it’s between 0.25% to 1% payback.  But this will very much depend on the wagers you have been making. So, for example, if you bet $10,000 worth of currency, then you may gain between $25 and $100 payback.  Yes, we know, it’s not a fortune. But it’s always useful to have extra cash. Especially when it’s free. And then there’s the fact that this can be used on things apart from gambling. That makes it even better.

If you check a casino’s website, you’ll be able to see that some offer “multiplayer days.” For example, if you’re gambling at a Caesars Casino, then they often have a 5x reward credit multiplier. This will give you an extra 2,500 tier points. To put it in perspective, that could be $125 in points. Which is a nice bonus in itself. So using the player’s card should always be one of your jackpot winning strategies.

The Casino Player’s Card: Getting Better And Better Offers


On the whole, the more you use your card when you’re playing casino jackpot games, then the more likely you are to receive stronger offers. That’s because casinos use any number of metrics, including when you last visited, how often you bet, and how much. With these pieces of data, they can calculate the “Average Daily Theo” (ADT). By looking at your numbers they can see how much you are going to theoretically lose. So the higher the ADT, then the more the casino will be able to offer you. This is simply because they have crunched the numbers and decided that it will still be in the interest of the casino to up your offers. Keep in mind that the longer a gambler stays at the gaming table, the more likely they are to lose everything.

Tracking Your Time In The Casino 

When it comes to gambling time, then most casinos see the 4-hour mark as being the magic sweet spot. In other words, if you play some sessions for at least 4 hours then the casino is going to look upon you more favourably when it comes to offers. A player who just runs into the casino to quickly play some games and then runs away is not the type of customer they really want. Also, keep in mind that shorter sessions equal higher variance across all casino games. You’d be better off playing online at 22Bet Casino. You would have a much better chance to win the jackpot online.

It’s a given that the casino can only track you if you’re playing with your casino player’s card. Every time you use it, a huge amount of data about your gambling habits are sent to their computers for analysis. And so it follows, that if you remove your card from a machine and continue to bet, then those bets will no longer be useful data. So you’re not doing yourself a favour by removing your card. But you’re also doing the casino a favour as you’re saving their money in possible comps.

The One Time Not To Use Your Casino Player’s Card?

casino player's card

You should always use your card apart from one possible scenario. If you are the type of gambler that regularly visits the casino and likes to gamble a lot,  all well and good. But if for this occasion you are only going to visit for a very short period, then it’s better to skip using your casino player’s card. That means don’t swipe it when you enter the casino and don’t use it in any of the machines. The reason is that the moment you walk into a casino then the card is registered as starting what’s known as a “ gaming day.”  By only playing a short session you will be diluting your ADT calculation.

If you have a zero or no better, then that will bring down the average for all the other times you spent longer periods gambling. This will only serve to hurt the possible number and quality of your comps at a later date. To that end, if you’re going for a short trip to casinos to win the jackpot, it’s better to leave your casino player’s card at home. Otherwise, it can only hurt your prospects for moving up the perks ladder. As well as being able to maintain your ADT score. It’s important to play the system a little. If not, then the casino is the only one, between you and them, to keep all the benefits.

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