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Longer Gambling Trips To Las Vegas 

When you read about gamblers and their gambling trips to Las Vegas, they really fall into two groups.  Those who go for a weekend or a couple of days. And then those who are thinking about going for longer. A common theme that runs through the latter group is the fact that many of them claim they cannot go for more than 2 or 3 days. Or else they will end up broke. In some ways, this attitude makes no sense. Surely a gambler could certainly blow through their bankroll within a couple of hours, let alone over a 3 or 4-day period. 

We have known many gamblers who frequent local casinos to win the jackpot on an almost daily basis. The more serious ones also go on long weekend trips to casinos further away.  For big holiday events, they plan trips to Las Vegas which can be from anywhere between 10 and 18 days.  Even the gambler who enjoys riverboat gambling has been on chips for as long as 3 weeks. We should also mention that none of these gamblers is particularly well-off or rich. Certainly, they are not living the life of a high roller or casino whale. Yet they’re able to make their gambling budget not only last for this period of time, but enough for them to enjoy themselves without the worry of being bankrupted.

So this brings us to the question as to how is that possibly viable? How can they make such long gambling trips with their limited bankroll and still enjoy themselves?  Well, as with all things about gambling, it all boils down to good old-fashioned bankroll management. This also includes such factors as how quickly you play, how often you play, and how much you wager each time.

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Gambling Trips To Las Vegas: Just Relax

A bit like a rushing tourist visiting Paris or Barcelona, they may be in a huge hurry to see all the sites over the course of a very short period of time. This is potentially exhausting and means they have little time to actually enjoy themselves. Well, the same thing can happen for casino gamblers who go to Las Vegas for a short gambling trip.  They too, are in such a hurry to try all the different games. They are determined to pack in as much as they can within 24 or 48 hours. Of course, this is why Las Vegas is described as the “city that never sleeps”, as your sleeping time can come when you return back home. 

But the point here is that you don’t have to cram everything in over just a few days. Especially if you’re visiting for a longer period. We suggest that you simply lounge around and relax. Gambling should not be the centre of your whole holiday. But rather part and parcel of it. By putting your gambling activities on the backburner, you relieve the pressure on yourself to spend money in the casino all the time. Whether you’re going to Las Vegas or Atlantic City, or any other large gambling destination, it’s important to pace things out for the duration of your trip.

Gambling Trips To Las Vegas: Pace Your Gambling


When you go to a gambling destination like Las Vegas or Macau, you are surrounded by casinos. So that means you’re not required to go to any one particular casino but can try them all over a period of time. Keep in mind, most casinos will offer the same jackpot slots machines as well as the same table games. So it’s quite possible to tire of the most obvious games in the casino, as you’ll see them at every turn.

We suggest that you budget with a daily gambling limit. If you have some winnings left from the previous day then all the better. You can use them to recalculate your budget for the next day. Or even put them in the safe in your hotel room to take home. It’s very important that you have a daily stop point. This is the end of the budget for that particular day at the casino.  Never go past this. Otherwise, you are in danger of running out of money and ending your Las Vegas gambling trip early.

That’s one of the secrets of many gamblers who go for extended gambling holidays. Afterwards, they return home with the least half their money, in spite of ensuring a generous amount of play.  By pacing their gambling, and not being in a huge hurry, they would have a better time and preserve their bankroll for much longer. We’re sure they do exactly the same when gambling online. For us, we love to visit King Billy Casino for our chance to win the jackpot online. They have a huge variety of casino games plus a fantastic welcome bonus for all new players of 151% up to €/$500 plus 51 bonus spins! 

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Choose Your Casino For The Long Term

Before you decide to visit a casino gambling city, you should pick out one or two casinos that you will concentrate your play on. This way you are able to build up your up casino points on your player’s card. Repeated visits to the same establishment will add greater options to the number and quality of comps that the casino will offer you. It’s always a good idea to make use of any free offers from casinos. In many ways, they act as a cushion for your bankroll.  Often these players’ card points can be used for other things than simply gambling. For example, casino points can be used to pay for meals in the resort’s restaurant or even go towards the cost of hotel rooms.

Of course, if you’re on a long holiday, then you can afford to play in a few different casinos.  Nevertheless, we strongly suggest you stick to just one or two. You’ll find that the perks of playing for a longer time will increase depending on the tier level you reach. Also, you should be thinking about your next visit which maybe 3 months, 6 months or even a year away. The points on your player’s card will still be valid. So you can build them up even more for the next time you come on a gambling trip to the same casino. Remember that having more points gives you more leverage. You can use them to play more thereby increasing your jackpot winning chances.

Do Things Outside the Casino

Las Vegas

If your aim when on an extended holiday is to play casino games that’s all well and good.  But for the sake of your health and particularly the well-being of your bankroll, we suggest that you periodically step out of the casino to enjoy the fresh air. In a city like Las Vegas, there are a huge number of places within 100 miles that you can visit on a day trip. This may include a visit to the Seven Magic Mountains or the Hoover Dam. Even within the city itself, there is the High Roller, the Eiffel Tower viewing deck, the roller coaster at Adventure X, and the Fly LINQ zipline. Make sure you hit up the famous buffets for lunch. This will also make the trip more memorable, as it will add some extra ingredients as opposed to just experiencing the inside of a casino.

In truth, this is the same advice we would give anyone who is gambling at a casino. It’s important to take a break in order to clear your head once in a while. Here at we always suggest that you step outside and take a walk around the block every hour or so. Within the casino, at the gaming table, there can be all sorts of pressures that can lead to many different emotions. Some of these can have a negative effect on your mental health. And that’s why we recommend a periodic break or time-out. It’s the same advice if you’re gambling at an online casino like King Billy Casino in your time away from the real casino. 

Stack Up Offers On Your Gambling Trip to Keep The Freebies Flowing

In casino language, “stacking” is about how you can put one casino offer on top of another one and eventually build up multiple perks on your player’s cards. You can then redeem these all at the particular casino that gave them to you in the first place. There’s absolutely no shame, and nothing cheap, about making use of these offers. Remember that technically they are paid for with your own money. That’s right, the money that you have lost whilst playing in the casino. So in some ways, you can look at these as casino cashback.

We suggest that you visit the casino’s website before you actually set off on your extended gambling trip. Pay attention to any particular offers they may have. Some casinos will even offer multipliers for their particular comps. What’s interesting is that in spite of being surrounded by any number of casinos, most gamblers tend to gravitate towards just one. This is where they will spend the majority of their time. It may be because of the player incentives, the jackpot games on offer or simply the ambience. But it’s practically inevitable that you will find a place where you are more comfortable. One where you are happier to spend your bankroll. And that’s all part and parcel of gambling and also enjoying yourself at the same time. 

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