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How Dealer Tricks Keep You Into Losing

As you know, if you’re playing blackjack in casinos to win the jackpot, then you’ll face off against the dealer.  And as you’re probably aware, the game of blackjack gives you some bets which are the best odds in the house. In fact, during the game, it’s even possible to turn the advantage in your favour. But if you think that you are just playing against the cards, then we have some bad news for you. Before you even sit down to play at the casino games table, you can be certain that the casino has already stacked the decks against you. This is all thanks to casino policy enforced by dealer tricks.

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Keep in mind that all casino games are really about getting you, the gambler, to sit down at the games table. And once you are sitting there, then for the casino’s sake, they want you to keep playing. In order to help them do so, they try to get you to imagine the idea of winning to the maximum. But in reality, the casino has made sure that your chances of winning are absolutely minimal.

The Dealer Tricks Are A Casino Front 

And though the casino has a play-book by which it creates rules and regulations, in order to minimise the player’s chances, the people that have to put these into practice are the dealers themselves. Keep in mind that it’s the casinos that hire them and train them. Once they step on the casino games floor then they’re constantly monitored. In some ways, you can look at the dealers as pawns. Put into place to ensure that the casino’s bottom line is protected. For their part, the casino dealer wants just two things: not to get fired and to get some good tips.

So without further ado, let’s have a look at some ways in which casino dealers can ensure that the disadvantage falls to the gambler as opposed to the casino. Thanks to some tried and tested dealer tricks.

Giving Bad Playing Advice

If you’re a regular blackjack player, then you’ll understand basic strategy. Essentially, this is the list of decisions you can make in any given playing situation which gives the player the largest mathematical advantage. Now keep in mind that basic blackjack strategy is not a secret. It’s simple mathematics. In fact, at some casinos, you’ll even find that they make cards of basic strategy available for the players to look at while sitting at the table. But of course, the casino will never insist that you follow them. So you should be very careful of any advice you receive from a dealer. Their jackpot winning tips and tricks may not work as well as you might think!

Keep Play Faster

What’s interesting is that very few dealers actually know basic strategy. And even fewer of them actually believe it. As a result, the dealer is prone to give very bad advice at the blackjack table. Of course, the casino wants you to believe that it always has your best interest at heart. But in reality, the casino rubs its hands with glee every time you make a bad decision. Look at it this way: a good decision will decrease the casino bottom-line. In this respect, pit bosses put pressure on dealers to keep the play moving rapidly. This means that more hands can be played within a set time.

dealer tricks
Faster hands mean shorter satisfaction

And this, of course, gives the casino more money. But it also involves the player having to make quick decisions. And as we all know, many things done quickly are done badly! If you play at an online casino like 22Bet Casino, then the gameplay is at your own rate. Meaning you can be more relaxed.

Dealer Tricks: Pretend Upbeat

All casinos bill themselves on the possibility that you are going to be winning more than losing. Of course, if you look into things in detail you realize this is just a foolish veneer. It’s the dealer’s job to welcome you to the games table, to make small talk, and to generally instill the idea that today is going to be your lucky day. For example, if you are losing, then they will sympathize with your bad luck. They will suggest that you’re just at the point of turning it around. We’re sure you’ve heard this at the games table many times.

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It’s no surprise that the dealer wants to keep the player happy. After all, this is the only source of tips. Imagine if it’s been a long night and the gambler has been losing and is becoming irritated and angry. Then it’s the unfortunate dealer’s job to use psychological dealer tricks to keep their hopes up. Remember that the end of night tips depend on it.

Begging For Tips 

And whilst we’re on the subject of tips we should mention that the casino, even though they make huge sums of money from gamblers, also expect the gamblers to help pay their employees wages. This is because casinos only pay a basic salary. In fact, it’s not enough for anyone to live on. This means the dealers are under a lot of pressure to get tips. Otherwise, they cannot pay their way. In some ways, it’s a little hypocritical in that if a gambler wins big, then he’s expected to tip the dealer well and share his prize money. More so if he’s a casino whale or high roller.

But if you lose then, the dealer will often point out it can be simply because you have not been tipping. Now, if you were to reverse this and think about when the dealer or casino takes a big win from you, they do not tip you!

dealer tricks
Tipping is sexy

The Real Purpose of Alcoholic Comps

It’s probably difficult to think of a worse scenario than when you’re trying to make some important and costly financial decisions, that someone is constantly playing you with alcohol at the same time. Just imagine if you were trying to fill out a bank’s mortgage application. Or buying a car at the dealership. But that’s exactly what casinos do. When they bring a constant stream of free alcoholic drinks to your elbow as you sit at the gambling table. This is certainly not a method to help increase your jackpot winning chances. Of course, they know very well that a tipsy person cannot make sound decisions. More especially when the game is proceeding at a rapid pace. Luckily, if you play online, then you can’t be constantly plied with alcohol. So if you head over to our favourite online casino, 22Bet Casino, you’ll be gambling with a clear head. Not only that, but they offer all new players a great welcome bonus of 122% up to €300!

Dealer Tricks: Compare Comps With Bar Prices

You know this is the truth because if you were to walk to the bar to buy your drinks, then you would have to pay full price. Even if the bar is 10 feet away from you. Obviously, the incentive is not to pay the astronomical bar prices, but to accept the free drinks at the table. In other words, to the casino, you are worth more sitting at the table playing in a tipsy state. The dealers are also complicit in this. In many ways, it’s one of the most irresponsible dealer tricks in that they will constantly be telling the gambler to have a drink. Or to drink up. The implication is that they want you to have a good time. But before the evening is out, and all your bankroll is gone in foolish drunken decisions, then it’s too late.

The Gambler’s Fake Friend

It’s a dealer’s job to welcome you warmly when you sit down at the jackpot games table. Likewise, they will receive your tips graciously. Their job is to chat to you about anything you wish. But this friendly persona may quickly disappear if it becomes clear that you are not going to be tipping. Obviously, they are only your “fake” friend for the time you’re all sat at the games table. And the minute you leave the table your friendship is over. You will not see players and dealers strolling around the casino games floor arm-in-arm. Likewise, you don’t see them dining with players or sharing a cigarette in the parking lot of the casino. In truth, their job is to be your friend only whilst money is on the gambling table. 

Dealer Tricks: It’s A Tough Job 

In some ways, the dealers are nothing more than actors and actresses. Their job is to simply put on a show. But once it becomes apparent there are no tips coming then the show is simply turned off. In the same way, you could turn off a tap of running water. And it’s the same story with live dealer online games. Having said this, it’s a little unfair to categorize all dealers as circling sharks, looking for their next meal. In truth, they are involved in an industry where everybody, apart from the top tier, is terribly paid. To that end, dealers are just doing whatever it takes to make a living. Even if that involves using some rather unscrupulous dealer tricks.

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