EuroMillions January jackpot record
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At this time, we are going to reveal the details about the €67 million EuroMillions January jackpot record that turned heads worldwide. What’s more, we will let you in on what the lucky winner did to win the life-changing EuroMillions lottery jackpot prize. 

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France player wins the EuroMillions lottery jackpot 

In mid-January, EuroMillions was causing a frenzy on the best jackpot sites for all the right reasons. This comes after it announced a jackpot prize worth €67 million. Soon after, millions of players made the decision to play EuroMillions online on the sites to win the jackpot such as theLotter

Despite their efforts, only one player managed to break the EuroMillions January record. At the same time, they won the largest EuroMillions jackpot prize of the month and of 2022 so far. Now, you can learn all about how the lucky player won the grand EuroMillions lottery jackpot prize. 

French player wins the first EuroMillions lottery jackpot of 2022 taking home €67 million


When the New Year kicked off, EuroMillions players were excited to try their luck on the lottery’s best jackpot offers. Before 2022, a Spanish player won a handsome €143 million on EuroMillions in December. Since then, no players have been able to crack the code to win millions on EuroMillions. 

However, that all changed on 18 January 2022. Just before this fateful date, the EuroMillions announced a €67,441,797 jackpot offer. Soon after, many players rushed to top sites like theLotter to play EuroMillions online. 

In doing so, they would stand a chance of breaking the EuroMillions January jackpot record. Despite a large turnout on the online jackpot sites, there was only one lucky winner on the 18 January 2022 draw. 

However, based on the latest lottery news, the lucky player has yet to claim the €67 million jackpot prize. So far, it is clear that the winning ticket was purchased in France. In this case, the winner has up to 60 days to claim their prize. 

The winning numbers for the EuroMillions draw were 3, 12, 19, 24, and 30. Furthermore, the two winning Lucky Stars were 2 and 5. As we speak, the lucky player from France is now the winner of the largest EuroMillions jackpot prize of 2022. 

Now, that is a pretty impressive way to kick off the New Year. 

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