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Why Do Gambling Winners Not Use Gambling Time Limits? 

Many gamblers who are beginners, often wonder what it is that separates them from the veteran players who are able to win. That’s because when you begin your gambling journey you may put a great deal of emphasis on luck when it comes to winning results. But a winning gambler is someone who is able to tip the balance towards winning more than losing. Even by the smallest amount. And this takes much more than simple luck. For a start, they need to be absolutely consistent in their gameplay. They also need to have more winning streaks than losing streaks. At the end of the time playing at the games table, much will come down to learning strategies, including gambling time limits, that can help give you a slight edge over the game.

All these strategies take time and energy to become competent. Of course, many gamblers simply cannot be bothered and just want to enjoy the whole gambling experience. That’s why we always suggest that new players visit online casinos like King Billy Casino, where they can often practice playing their chosen game for free. Although, here at, we think that enjoying gambling should be the prime motivator. Of course, it’s also incredibly satisfying to be able to take home some winnings.

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Don’t Rely On Luck

Those players who are consistently winning all understand the mechanics of the game. As well as such things as jackpot winning strategies, odds and probability. These ensure they have a bigger possibility of winning. The last thing they want is to win one round, only to lose the next five. Keep in mind that with many casino games there will be gambling time limits in place from when you begin sitting down at the table. One thing you’ll notice is that many winning players will stop using time limits. These are in place to help you get a proper time for stopping. Gambling time limits are probably one of the greatest utilities in helping players to stop betting when they’re on a losing streak.

Of course, you could look at the casino time limits from another point of view. If for example, you are on a winning streak, then by setting a time limit you are decreasing the chance that you’ll get carried away and lose everything you’ve already won. But the question remains as to why do winning gamblers stop themselves using time limits? Today we thought we’d have a deeper dive into all aspects of time limits in casino games.

What Are Gambling Time Limits?


You can look at casino gambling time limits that are nothing more than an alarm. Something that someone could set on a device that would tell them when it’s time to stop playing. Many players do this whilst they’re playing. And more especially if they see that they may be losing after a while. You may well find that most players will set this alarm before they actually sit down at the games table. This can really reduce your losses drastically. By having the alarm set you can mark time so that you can leave the table along with any profits you have made. For many novices who are unsure as to when they should stop playing, then having an alarm is a very good idea. 

What can be difficult is for a player who finds themselves on a winning streak. They are going to be more inclined to carry on playing. And if you consider that most gamblers who are able to beat the casino house edge do so because of winning streaks, then having your alarm go off and informing you that it’s time to leave the game might not be the best idea. After all, for many players, a winning streak only comes along once in a blue moon.

Pros Don’t Use Gambling Time Limits

A veteran player has a pretty good idea of when they’re going to win. After all, they’ve spent considerable time and effort studying the gameplay and strategy. This is to be able to figure out how to turn any casino game into a winning one. As you can imagine, this gives them a huge edge over the house edge. If you have a good opportunity of winning, then why would you leave the game just because you’d reach a predetermined time limit? Surely by doing so you would be limiting your possible profits. Many veteran players prefer to keep playing until they start making their first mistakes. Being experienced and mindful of these allows them to recognize these signs quickly. They can then use them as their own form of gambling time limits.

Be The Best Poker Player


If you’re playing a table game against others such as in poker then it’s quite possible that you can keep winning even if you’re tired. Provided you recognize that you are the best player at the jackpot poker table, then you will have an edge over all the other players. In this way, as long as the other players are happy to throw money your way, then you can simply relax and play your regular game. Some people might regard this way of playing as slightly unethical. But if everybody is happy, then that’s all that matters. Oh… and that you’re winning!

No Need For Time Limits If You’re Confident

Other games such as blackjack require you to learn all the basic strategies. This may also include counting cards. Hopefully, this will give you the best possibility of winning against the dealer. As we previously mentioned, if you hit the poker table, then find one with amateur or beginner players. By being confident of your own playing ability, then there’s no need to set time limits for yourself. If you look around many gaming tables and casinos, you’ll see that all the more professional gamblers do not set time limits for themselves at all. The same advice goes for playing online at a casino like King Billy Casino. Being confident of your own abilities is a sure-fire means of winning the jackpot online.

Conclusion: Gambling Time Limits

time limits

Another aspect of setting gambling time limits is that some gamblers are well aware that gambling could become addictive for them. That’s why it’s important that they need a reminder to stop playing. If you’re a novice gambler who’s just started going to the online casino, always keep in mind how easy it is to spend money and how difficult it is to earn it. Study all the jackpot games thoroughly. Be sure to recognize the signs and symptoms of problem gambling.  In the beginning, we suggest that you set time limits on your mobile phone for example. Only once you’ve played enough to become certain that your possibility of winning is greater than the houses, or the other players around you, can you decide that alarms and time limits are not for you.

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