tips to improve your baccarat skills

Savvy Tips To Improve Your Baccarat Skills

If you’re looking for savvy tips to improve your baccarat skills, then you’ve come to the right place. For whatever reason, the casino table game of baccarat doesn’t enjoy the same popularity as other jackpot games. Yet it’s so simple to play. Having said that, if you’re watching live games, the players like to make it look far more complicated than it is. Another factor is that the game offers a great return to player percentage. But to receive those high returns, you’ll have to play the game the right way. For this article, we’re going to look into the right and wrong ways to play baccarat.

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Don’t Bother Looking for Patterns

Walk around the baccarat table at the casino and you notice many punters holding a pen and paper. They’re trying to track the previous results, marking down beside the tie bet whenever a tie bet wins. They do the same against the banker bet, whenever it comes in and the player bet when that’s successful. What these gamblers are trying to do, is find a pattern in these numbers that will give them a better idea of what will come next. This is an absolute waste of time and energy. Don’t fall for what’s essentially a baccarat myth. This is most certainly not one of our tips to improve your baccarat skills. Far from it.

The results are random. The game uses eight decks of cards, meaning that once they’re all shuffled together, there’s no way anyone could predict what card will be dealt. The chances of a banker, tie or player win are going to be the same probability at any point as the shoe is played. To think otherwise is plain nuts. Here we can see the Banker’s Fallacy in all its glory. The idea that past events can have some influence over future ones, concerning single random events, is illogical and silly.

In terms of game-play and probability, the banker bet is the one to go for. No matter what the past results happen to be, this bet is always the best in the game of baccarat. So, please put the pen and notepad in the rubbish, and simply start playing with the banker bet. By doing so, you’ll only increase your jackpot winning chances.

tips to improve your baccarat skills
Baccarat is so much fun – Image source: Shevigejoshi, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Tips To Improve Your Baccarat Skills: Card Counting Doesn’t Work Either

Of all the tips to improve your baccarat skills, playing blackjack whilst counting cards will give you a tiny edge over the casino. And in the long term, if all goes well, then you can realise some profits. What you’re doing by counting cards is trying to ensure that the deck has a higher proportion of high cards compared to low ones. Counting cards is a real thing and has been proven to work both by players and by mathematicians.

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Some years ago, a group of players thought to test the idea of using card counting with the game of baccarat. They found that they could alter the return a tiny amount. How tiny? Well, not enough to be able to get an edge over the casino. Also, they had to wait until the shoes were pretty much played out before they could see any return. By that point, there weren’t enough cards to bet on to be able to make any difference to the game. So card counting should not be included in your jackpot winning strategies.

The takeaway here was that counting cards at the baccarat table is a waste of time. It’s not one of the tips to improve your baccarat skills we would recommend. It’s the same with playing online. You can’t count cards. But playing at King BillyCasino, you do get a nice welcome bonus, which beats counting cards by a mile. On the other hand, if counting cards is your thing, then head over to the blackjack table.

tips to improve your baccarat skills
You can play baccarat online as well

Losers Make Tie Wagers

There are just three options when betting in baccarat; the tie, the banker, and the player bets. Yes, we know, some games do offer side bets, but we’re going to ignore those. A side bet is not designed to help the player, but rather to make more money for the casino. They are inherently bad bets from the get-go, and no gambler with an atom of good sense would touch a side bet with a two metre pole.

Of these three hands, the player, and the banker hand have a high return to player percentage. The high return in baccarat is only beaten by two other casino games, blackjack and video poker, provided the machine has a good return to player percentage. The banker bet has the highest return of the three bets. The tie wager is a total waste of time. It offers a return of less than 90%, whereas the banker and player hands offer over 98.5%. So, stay well clear of the tie bet.

Tips To Improve Your Baccarat Skills: Reduced Commission Baccarat

Baccarat is a good example of how the casino will ensure that it gets a piece of the action no matter what. As we previously mentioned, the banker bet is slightly better than the player bet, and both are much better than the tie bet. But here’s the thing. If you win with the banker bet, then you only receive 95% of the bet. That’s right, the casino charges a “commission” of 5% on all banker bet wins. It could be argued that the banker bet still offers a higher return even after the commission is deducted.Stud Poker on the Table - Free Image by Sukh Photography on

Sometimes you can find tables that are offering a reduced commission, but often it’s only for promotional purposes and is a time-limited offer. Searching for these is always a good baccarat strategy. If you can find an offer of reduced commissions, then you’ll find the return to player can sometimes equal that of blackjack. But keep in mind, that these offers are far and few between. But the best way of keeping costs down, and finding tips to improve your baccarat skills is to play online. We love playing at King Billy Casino as it offers a great welcome bonus and a huge number of betting options.

The Argument for Mobile and Online Baccarat Games

Of all the casino games there are to play, you’ll find that baccarat is by far the fastest to play. If you enjoy your games to be fast, then baccarat will be your go-to game of choice. A good dealer will run through hands very quickly indeed. If you decide to play online, then you can play at even faster rates. But it’s always better to play smarter as opposed to playing fast. By slowing down, you can make your bankroll last longer. Playing online casinos to win the jackpot is also a great way to practice and learn as the table limits are very low.

One major advantage of playing online is that you can find casinos that offer a tasty welcome bonus for new players. You can look upon this as a form of free money, which you can add to your existing bankroll. Though this bonus will not improve your overall return to player percentages, it will allow you to have even more fun.

Conclusion: Savvy Tips To Improve Your Baccarat Skills

Over time, it’s simply not possible to beat the game of baccarat, no matter how many tips to improve your baccarat skills you put into play. But, depending on how you play, the high return to player can make the game exciting and fun. We suggest that you don’t fall into the trap of looking for patterns in the game-play, as there are none to be found. And forget about making the tie bet. It’s a terrible bet at any time. Finally, if you can find a table with reduced commissions, then grab a seat. These games will give you the best bang for your buck in terms of return to player percentages.

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