unhealthy casino habits 
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Introduction: Unhealthy Casino Habits

It’s very easy to fall into unhealthy habits at the casino. You have to remember that casinos are designed to stop you from leaving. In other words, to keep you betting. To that end, they try and provide as much on-site entertainment and diversions that you’ll never think about leaving or that you’re even missing anything else in life. And though gambling in itself can be very exciting, there are also a host of other emotions going on, as your wins and losses are making constant emotional demands on you. Sometimes, spikes in anxiety can trigger existing habits like smoking and drinking.

Here are some other examples of unhealthy habits you might fall into at the casino.

Indulging in Quick Bites and Buffets

Many casinos are rightly famous for their extensive unlimited buffets. And many US-based gamblers are very overweight. Having an unlimited choice along with unlimited portion size, and available 24/7, is just going to be bad news for the majority of punters. And though you’re visiting the casino to have fun, unhealthy food options don’t have to be part of that equation. We suggest that you plan your menu in advance. Many casinos offer an online menu. Use this to plan ahead. Spend some time with it looking for healthier options. Buffets are always going to be an unhealthy casino habit for many people, and so difficult to deal with. But keep in mind, that the fewer carbs you consume, the more awake you’ll be at the games table.

Here are some pointers to keep in mind when you’re standing, plate in hand, in front of a giant Las Vegas buffet.

1. Just make one trip to the buffet. That’s all you need. As a grown man, you only need 2,500 calories a day.
2. Don’t fill your plate to overflowing. Simply prioritize what you want. If it’s lunch, then you can always eat more in the evening.
3. Don’t pick the biggest plate. Choose a normal size or even slightly smaller sized plate.
4. Try to stick with healthier options. Limit your salt and sugar intake. It’s not good to sit and play whilst feeling bloated and groggy.

Unhealthy Casino Habits : Snacking

This is another major temptation when you’re playing at the casino. As you’re probably getting free drinks as comps, its always nice to have something to munch as you drink. And of course, the casino makes the buying of snacks both easy and available. If you are going to be snacking, then make the effort to choose something that’s healthier. Go for protein (like nuts) as opposed to something with high sugar or salt content, like chips or pretzels. We suggest that it’s better to simply keep to an eating plan, and do away with snacks altogether. Trust us, you’ll feel better for it.

unhealthy casino habits 
Say no to snacks! – Image source: Flickr

Alcohol Consumption

As you well know, alcohol and gambling go together like Marmite and toast. This is one of the most destructive unhealthy casino habits that also has the potential to enhance your overall gambling experience, or totally undermine your progress. We are not Puritans who are against drinking, but all things in moderation. The number of times we’ve seen tipsy or even drunk customers at the games table makes us feel bad. One is for the poor dealer having to accommodate someone whose inebriated, and the other for the customer, who’s just throwing his money away without realizing it. That not how to win the jackpot. Far from it. The thing with alcohol is that its effects can sneak up on you gradually. You don’t realize you’ve had too much until it’s far gone. Here are some alcohol rules.

1. Simply keep track of your drinks. Order according to the time. You ave all day ahead of you, so take it easy on the drinks.
2. Stick to drinks with lower calories. Avoid drinks that are high in sugars as this will help you avoid sugar spikes and prevent dehydration.
3. Order water. If you do really want alcohol, then alternate your drinks with a glass of water.
4. We suggest that you stick with alcohol only at meals. Not during gambling time. It can slow down your logic processes and lead you to make foolish mistakes that could affect you dearly financially.

Unhealthy Casino Habits : Sleep-Deprivation

Casinos never sleep. And they’d prefer it if you didn’t sleep either. That’s why there are no windows or clocks anywhere. All in an effort so that you’ll be totally unaware of how much time you’ve spent gambling. It’s always a shock to step out of the casino and discover it’s mid-morning when you went to gamble early yesterday evening. This is how unhealthy casino habits are made. If you’re on vacation, then it’s only natural that you’ll be staying up longer. But keep in mind that lack of sleep is one of those unhealthy casino habits that will cloud your judgment. If you’ve come to the casino to make some money, then have that idea in the forefront of your mind. It’s crucial to get enough sleep. And by that, we don’t mean a half an hour afternoon nap to make up for finishing at 6 am. Your concentration, mood, memory and energy levels are all impacted by lack of sleep.

If you want to be operating at peak performance, then your batteries will need their regular recharge. This translates into a good night’s sleep. Yes, a power nap of say 90 minutes, can make a huge difference to someone whose already tired. But that shouldn’t be you. The casino is filled with fluorescent light that’s constantly flickering at a high rate. Coupled with all the machine and customer noises, mean that you should take a break at regular intervals. Search out a quiet space to relax in. Better still, go for a walk outside the building. Get some fresh air and a complete change of environment. A walk will clear your head, and after hours of just sitting, it’ll also help your circulation. And this will increase your jackpot winning chances.

unhealthy casino habits 
Know your limits!

Prolonged Sitting or Standing

Taking of sitting, you’ll be spending a lot of time on your back-side at the casino. Time will pass and before you know it you’ve spent 10 hours sitting down. This is inherently an unhealthy casino habit. Long periods of either sitting or standing can increase the risk of blood clots, swelling, and stiffness. So get up and walk around every once in a while. Like we said before, get yourself out of the building. It’ll improve your concentration and energy levels.

Stress Overload

Yes, playing with your own hard cash in the casino is, at times, going to be both frustrating and extremely stressful. Just wait until you have a losing streak to see the anxiety levels start to climb into the red zone. It’s not healthy. But there are certain ways you can mitigate those levels of stress. A lot of this has to do with being prepared. So…before you actually start on your trip, make sure that you have budgeted everything well. This should include cash for food, lodgings, and betting money. This can also include money for tips and transportation to and from the venue. Then break this budget down to a daily figure. And then stick with this religiously.

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Another means of lowering the stress is to take yourself out of the game for a break. Take a short walk outside the casino. Go stare down tree or shout at a car. Take your mind off the game. Or go do something else for the rest of the day. Finally, make sure you know yourself. Yes, this does sound pretty “hippie”, but it’s important to know your own limits, so you can tap out before touching them. We suggest that you incorporate some things from your normal daily life into your trip. Maybe a spa visit or doing a normal morning exercise routine. It’s important to always remain grounded.

Unhealthy Casino Habits : Smoking

This leads to the above. Stress can certainly lead in an increase in displacement activity, like smoking or drinking. Now, if you’re a non-smoker, then a quick Google Search will find you a casino that’s smoker free. If you can’t find one, then take frequent breaks between games to clear your head and lungs. If you’re a smoker, then as with drinking, try and keep tabs on your smoking, in particular the number of cigarettes you getting through within a certain time period.

unhealthy casino habits 
Quit smoking asap!

Conclusion: Unhealthy Casino Habits

Going to the casino shouldn’t be detrimental to your health. If you have any unhealthy casino habits which might be exacerbated by gambling, then try and get a grip on them before you set off. Plan out and decide your expenses beforehand. This will help you if you’re the type to suffer from stress. Yes, we get it, you’re playing with real money and maybe things aren’t going well. In which case, be prepared to get up and walk away. Whether for a short walk around the block or to leave the game completely. Remember you’re there to have a good time. When those good times stop, it’s time to stop your gambling. Only you know your own limits. As both Socrates and his student, Plato, would tell you; “Nosce te Ipsum” – know thyself!

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