Rituals to Win the Lottery
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Lottery rituals have been a thing for a good 30 years. There’s been women who’ve had dreams about winning lottery numbers and then won using the same ones. Do you remember the book about how you can use the law of attraction to attract winning lottery digits towards you? Well, if you believe in external forces at work, you’re going to want to get hooked on these some of these made – yet proven – rituals to win the lottery. Let’s have a look.

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An Introduction

The thing about lottery winning rituals is that they’re so easy to do but also super traditional. A few years back, a soccer fan waved his wager over a pregnant woman’s belly. After 90 minutes had gone, his bet was a winning one and had paid out the full amount in pure hard cash. Afterwards, the bettor decided to wave every single ticket of his over a pregnant woman’s belly, in hope that luck would strike twice.

It is the exact same rituals we use for winning the lottery. Once you have made a gain from a winning ticket, you try and replicate everything in order to win again. Thus, next time you buy a lottery ticket, why not go marginally out of your way to tick off some of these rituals to win the lottery. Who knows? They might actually be the breakthrough you need to get over the barrier.

Rituals to Win the Lottery for Dummies

If you are down to test fate by making the most of traditional lottery winning rituals, you can’t go wrong with a few on this list. You’ve heard the one about a pregnant woman’s belly. It paid off. Will applying some of these other lottery rituals do the trick as well? There’s no harm in trying. Tune in to our very own jackpot winning tips and tricks.

Rituals to Win the Lottery Start with a Silver Coin

Silver Coins

The top trick to enhance your lottery winning chances is to make sure that you’ve got a bit of silver on you. More specifically, carrying around a silver coin of any shape or size could do the trick. According to ancient lottery rituals, by placing a silver coin in your sock or shoe whilst purchasing a ticket, your luck would change for the better.

Bet on Black… Cats

One of the most popular rituals to win the lottery is the use of a black cat. If you believe in superstitious stuff, you’re going to absolutely love this lottery trick. In order to boost your lottery winning chances, you’ve got to use bad lucky energy.

This is drawn from a black cat, one which may be coming across you by chance. You should get the lottery ticket as close as possible to the cat in order to steal some energy away from it. Once done, your lottery ticket will be more powerful than an ordinary one. This is how to use black cat energy to boost your lottery winning chances.

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Let Lentils Lead you to the Lottery

One of the more traditional ways of winning the lottery is by using the law of attraction. According to quite a few lottery enthusiasts, eating lentils the day before playing the lottery could turn your chances around for the better.

Lentils are small pieces of food which represents money. Thus, by eating more lentils, you’ll win more money. It may be a long shot but the thought of lentils leading the light to a major lottery win is not completely out of the question. The only downside to this ritual is if you are allergic or simply cannot stand lentils. If that’s the case, we do not recommend eating lentils with high hopes of winning the lottery. It is just a ritual and that’s about it.

Lucky Charms are the Way to Go

Lucky Charms

Another good chance to be taken is by resorting back to old-school tricks. If you decide to buy a lottery ticket whilst possessing a lucky charm, you could end up winning the lottery. Lucky charm symbols include the likes of rabbit foots or horseshoes.

Thus, next time you decide to purchase a lottery ticket, be sure to keep a lucky charm on you. Whilst the basics are things like a rabbit’s foot, lucky charms can be just about anything. If you’ve got your grandfathers war medal and it’s always had a certain air of luck about it, be sure to keep it in one hand whilst buying the ticket with the other. Preferably from the right hand.

Rituals to Win the Lottery: Buy your Ticket with your Right Hand

When purchasing a ticket, be sure to ask for your ticket from the clerk’s right hand. Likewise, if you are purchasing the ticket in a betting terminal or online, be sure to use your right hand.
This old-time lottery ritual suggests that by using your right hand to get your lottery details accounted for, you will drastically increase your jackpot winning chances. The ritual has taken off massively, but this could be argued that most people don’t really care which hand they use to buy a ticket. Anyhow, it can’t do any harm to use only your right hand whilst purchasing your next ticket.

Lottery Numbers hidden in your Dreams

Another trick which should not be taken lightly is when lottery numbers appear to you in your dreams. Now, this is not so much a ritual as it is supernatural powers at work. In fact, this is proven to work, as it has done so on many previous occasions.

If you have a dream about lottery numbers, be sure to play the lottery with the same numbers. They have appeared to you for a reason and could end up being your golden ticket to wealth. Just be sure not to forget the numbers once you wake up.

Rituals to Win the Lottery

On many different occasions in the past, you’ve heard lottery winners talk about how certain numbers appeared to them in their dreams. For instance, back in 2007, a mother of five children won the lottery that exact same way. She said that she was a regular player but one night had dreams about certain lottery numbers. Afterwards, she played the lottery every week with those exact numbers and ended up winning. The win was a few months after the dream but ended up granting her with over $100 million.

Using your Left Foot

Similar to the right-hand-rule, it is highly recommended for players who are purchasing land-based tickets to enter the betting terminal with your left foot. By doing so, you’ll massively improve your jackpot winning chances.

If you decide to buy tickets online, you’ll want to make sure that you’re standing on only your left foot when purchasing. Whilst you may look rather ridiculous for a couple of minutes, there’s absolutely no reason why not to take a chance on this lottery ritual and hope for a big winner.

Rituals to Win the Lottery: Sentimental Numbers for Lottery Win

Another sure-fire way of increasing your jackpot winning chances is by investing into some numbers with sentimental value. That is to say, look for numbers which have an important meaning for you. They can range from birthdays to anniversary dates or even just lucky/special numbers. If you’re born on September 30th, your lucky numbers can be 9 and 30. It all depends on what sentimental values you can find behind certain numbers.

Fortune Cookies are the Way Forward

Fortune Cookies

Last but not least, another trick to getting you a lottery jackpot win is found in the form of fortune cookies. Whenever you go to a restaurant which serves fortune cookies, be sure to remember the numbers on the small note. Once you’ve got enough numbers compiled together, you should use them for your next lottery draw.

If things go your way and the lottery ritual actually pays off, you could be in for a fortune. And all from the cookies which you have previously ate and saved the numbers. A lottery win from fortune cookies seems like a win-win to us. Hopefully the ritual will actually do the same thing.

Rituals to Win the Lottery: The Bottom Line

Thus, to conclude this look at rituals to win the lottery, we do hope that with a few certain things in place, you’ll be able to record a lottery win from such tips. Not all of these lottery rituals are going to work. Do we agree with them? Not all of them, no.

However, if you’re feeling down on your luck, it surely couldn’t harm you to try one of these rituals for itself. Who knows, perhaps there is a greater force at stake here, which might end up bringing you a lottery win.

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