Weird Gambling Laws and Regulations Around the World

Without a doubt, there’s never a dull moment in the world of gambling. There’s always something worth grabbing your attention from insane jackpots to the latest top casino trends to follow. Fortunately, we’ve handpicked some weird gambling laws around the world that might leave you scratching your heads.

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Weird Gambling Laws and Regulations

Gambling has without a doubt is a favourite past time for many around the globe. Whether if it’s playing at the world’s biggest casinos or on online jackpot games, gambling is pretty ingrained in most societies. 

As a result, governments and regulators work tirelessly to implement laws to ensure safe and responsible gambling. By all means, we can all certainly agree that some of these laws are just downright weird. 

Without a doubt, most players can probably vouch for at least one weird gambling law in their country. However, some of the weirdest gambling laws and regulations are present in the US, Japan, and in the UK. 

United States 

Firstly, we’re kicking off our list of weird gambling laws and regulations around the world in the US. However, it’s important to note that regulations differ from state to state. Without a doubt, Oklahoma has one particular gambling law that is very hard to ignore. 

At this time, there a no statistics on players who’ve fantasized about playing at casinos in lingerie or even nude. However, one thing is certain, women looking to live out this fantasy should avoid Oklahoma at all costs. 

In this US state, it is illegal for women to gamble in lingerie, nude or wearing a towel. As a result, women looking to gamble in Oklahoma casinos to win the jackpot will have to be fully dressed. 

weird gambling laws
One more reason to leave the US

Another US state where one can find a bizarre gambling restriction is in Alabama. Undoubtedly, Alabamians take their Sundays very seriously so much so that its illegal to play certain casino games on this day. However, it is important to note that this particular is not under the state’s gambling statutes. 

Rather, Alabama’s Criminal Code clearly states this law. As a result, it is illegal to engage in hunting, shooting, gaming, racing, and playing cards. This mean could be subjected to heavy fines if caught playing card games such as poker or even blackjack.

United Kingdom 

Now we go across the pond to discover which one particular bizarre gambling law which will definitely catch your attention. Undoubtedly, the UK has many weird gambling laws and regulations. 

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However, it’s their particular Library Offenses Act of 1989 that is difficult to ignore. Under the act, it is illegal to gamble inside libraries, even if it is mobile gaming. However, outside the library, there are plenty of opportunities to try your luck on the online jackpot sites


Lastly, Japan is another country that has its fair share of weird gambling laws and regulations. Generally speaking, gambling and most specifically online casino gambling in Japan is illegal. However, there are a few exceptions to their gambling restrictions. Consequently, players in Japan can play the lottery, partake in public sports betting and play pachinko, a traditional slot game. What’s more, it is also legal to bet on horse racing and motor racing. 

weird gambling laws
Let’s pachinko! – Image source: /kallu, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

All in all, we can only scratch our heads as it’s not particularly clear which gambling activities are outlawed in Japan. Japanese gambling establishments or parlours work tirelessly to ensure that they’re up to code with the government. 

Overall, gambling laws are weird. However, those in the UK, US, and Japan definitely have some weird will definitely leave some lasting impressions. Nevertheless, there’s never a dull moment in the world of gambling especially when there are bizarre things to bet on.

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