secrets to beat the casino roulette wheel
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Introduction: Secrets To Beat The Casino Roulette Wheel

Do you know the secrets to beat the casino roulette wheel? Of all the gamblers who are professional players, you will not find a single professional roulette player. Most will either play blackjack or poker as these games have a large skill requirement. But roulette is practically unplayable in that it functions around luck. There’s very little in the way of roulette strategy. Also trying to bring the house edge down to a point where a player can consistently win, is pretty much impossible. Yes, we know that the casino isn’t in the business of letting players win.

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But with the table game of roulette, you have very little chance indeed. Having said that, there are some secrets that casinos would prefer to keep quiet, that can help you have a better chance of beating the casino roulette wheel. So let’s have a look at some jackpot winning tips and tricks.

Most Roulette Games Are A Waste Of Time

We would be happy to make a bet that every roulette table you’ve ever come across is unplayable. By unplayable we mean that the odds, the house edge, and the return to players are so rubbish, that it’s a waste of your time to even think about playing. The most common type of roulette is called American roulette. This utilizes a wheel with extra space. That’s marked as a “double zero” and it’s usually green with the lettering “00”. This gives the wheel a total f 38 spaces. Though you’ll find that the payouts are the same as for a wheel with 37 spaces, the odds are worse thanks to that extra space.

If you were to bet an even-money option on either wheel, then you would have 18 chances to win. But on the wheel with 37 spaces, there are 19 spaces from which you could lose your wager. On a wheel with 38 spaces, then that number goes up to 20.

secrets to beat the casino roulette wheel
Let’s beat the wheal together

Casino Roulette Player Percentages

This extra space is the main reason why the American table is so bad. But don’t assume that a table with 37 slots is good. In truth, it’s almost just as bad and certainly just as unplayable. These tables with 37 slots are called “European” wheels. If you look at the percentage return to player, from the American wheel it’s 95% and from the European wheel, it’s 97.3%. This might sound OK, but you need to compare this percentage to other casino games to get the full picture.

  • Video Poker – Return up to 99.75% depending on pay table
  • Blackjack – Return of 97% to 99.75%
  • Baccarat – Return of 98.94% on the banker wager
  • Craps – Return of 98.64% on don’t pass and odds combination

But there is a roulette wheel that offers a return to player of a whopping 98.65%. This mythical beast is a very rare find, and if you’re in the US, then you might never come across it. Of all the secrets to beat the casino roulette wheel, this is the most important one. Of course, you can find them online. Our favourite site for playing roulette is King Billy Casino, as they have lots of betting options for gamblers of all levels.

Secrets To Beat The Casino Roulette Wheel: The Only Roulette Wheel That Is Playable

Welcome to the French wheel. If you play on this wheel and make the right wagers, then you can enjoy a return to player of 98.65%. This table is identical in appearance to the European wheel. The difference comes in the rules of roulette played on this table. Essentially, all losing monies are held back by the dealer until the next roll. This process is called “en prison.” If you happen to win the following roll, then not only do you win that wager, but the monies en prison are also returned to you. It’s the same as a “push” that you might experience on other casino games. The money en prison is lost when you lose the second wager.

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There are a couple of important points to keep in mind here. The first is that the only difference in wagering between the European and French games is the even-money wager. All other bets are the same. This means that all other bets apart from the even-money ones have a return to player of 97.3%. The second point follows on from this. It’s that only the even-money bets are playable on the French table. All other bets are so awful as to be unplayable.

secrets to beat the casino roulette wheel
One wheel rule them all

Secrets To Beat The Casino Roulette Wheel: Small Even Money Roulette Wagers

Though an even-money wagers on a French roulette wheel might be playable, you’re still losing money. That’s because your return is still under 100%. Any gambling game that returns less than 100% will mean that you’ll be the loser in the long run. The actual amount of your loss will depend on the money wagered, and the return to player percentages.

If you’re visiting casinos to win the jackpot, there’s a very simple calculation you can use to check out your expected losses at the roulette table:

(Return to player percentage) x (the total of all of your wagers) = return

So let’s look at a practical example. Supposing that you’re playing even-money bets at the French roulette table. Your wagers are $20 each. Let’s say that during your time there, you end up making 231 bets. So that’s a grand total of $4,620 you’re putting at risk. If you multiply this latter amount by 98.65% then you’ll get $4,557.63. That means you’ll lose a total of $62.37. The best method to ensure your losses are minimised is to make smaller or fewer bets.

The Ultimate Roulette Betting System

A quick internet search will result in thousands of different methods that can be used to beat casino roulette. But these secrets to beat the casino roulette wheel are all scams. We’ve already covered the best betting system. It’s to find a French wheel only bet even-money bets and keep your betting amounts small. There are several famous betting systems that claim to help you win. These include one, the Martingale, where you’re supposed to double your bet for each loss. This may well work for the short-term but will prove fatal in the long run, when your losses become unsustainable.

secrets to beat the casino roulette wheel
Stick to the evergreen strategies

Secrets To Beat The Casino Roulette Wheel: Mobile Vs. Online Roulette

In truth, there’s very little difference between online or offline roulette. We’re going to assume that you find the best casino site to play with a French wheel. But the online version does offer some advantages. The main one being that you can place much smaller bets online. In a real brick and mortar casino, the minimum table bet is usually quite high. At King Billy Casino, you can place wagers of as little as $1. And they offer a very generous welcome bonus. Another advantage is that it’s easier to find French tables online. In the real casino, the French tables are normally situated in the high roller section of the casino.

The final advantage is that virtually all casinos will offer a nice welcome bonus for new sign-ups. When you make your first deposit, expect to receive some free plays or extra amounts of cash added to your account. By making your bankroll larger, it means that you can play for longer and thereby increase your jackpot winning chances.

Conclusion: Secrets To Beat The Casino Roulette Wheel

So for the best roulette experience, you should consider playing online at a French wheel with the welcome bonus. Those are the secrets to beat the casino roulette wheel. With this combo, you’ll be able to double or even triple your game-play time. The only downside we can see with playing online is that many players play too fast. Obviously, at a regular casino, the game-play goes as fast as the dealer. But in the virtual world, you can go along as fast as you desire. But keep in mind that playing quickly will also use up your bankroll much faster.

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