shocking casino gambling mistakes

Introduction: 6 Shocking Casino Gambling Mistakes

We all can make shocking casino gambling mistakes. But if you talk to most casino gamblers about gambling, then you’ll probably just hear stories about their successes at the gaming table. We can suppose that it’s only natural to concentrate on the positive and put the negative on the back burner, so to speak. Many people feel that speaking of losses caused by mistakes may reflect badly on themselves in the conversation. But this focusing on only the wins can lead to a very unrealistic view about gambling. Along with the possibilities that casino games might hold for those who have never gambled or are new to gambling.

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This can lead to the “glamorisation” of the whole casino lifestyle. Limos, flashy jewellery, and babes all go hand in hand with the casino hype-game. Unfortunately, the truth behind standing behind every winner is that there are thousands of losers. People who have gambled away huge sums of money. Whenever we go to casinos to win the jackpot, we should always have our feet firmly planted on the ground and not let our egos fly off into the clouds. Gambling as a pass time should be enjoyable. Not a reason to stress. But in the modern fast-moving casino world, it’s all too easy to make a major mistake that can virtually clean your bankroll out in mere seconds.

Here are six shocking casino gambling mistakes that we commonly see in the casino.

Putting Faith Into High-Risk Wagers

How you like to bet is a very personal thing. Likewise the reasons as to why you spend more money on some games and less on others. But when it comes down to betting, then we all have to admit that we’re really talking about making financial decisions. Some players can lose their whole bankroll in minutes and yet others can stretch out the same amount of cash to last the whole evening. If you’re able to gamble and keep your stakes low, or just stick to playing the cheapest slot machine in the whole casino, then you’ve more chance of stretching out your bankroll. And in doing so, then you increase your jackpot winning chances.

Of course, there are always those who like to go out with a bang. They appear to be almost reckless in their approach towards gambling. but the reality is that they are essentially being reckless. And in just a few wagers, all their bankroll is gone and the night is done. We can understand that these types of individuals are really adrenaline junkies, and they experience a thrill and a rush from putting everything down at once. All or nothing. But, unless the bet comes in, then to us it just appears to be a recipe for depression.

Drastically Increasing Bet Size After A Major Swing

You might be surprised as to just how much money changes hands at the games table thanks to either angst or jubilation. Whether the gambler is losing or winning significant amounts, they can start to overcompensate or overreact to the situation at hand. Sometimes, large losses or wins can lead to a sudden abandonment of the strategy. They will make a change on impulse, with all reasoning being thrown out the window. And with all reason gone, then rationality goes next. And all you’re left with are shocking casino gambling mistakes.

shocking casino gambling mistakes
Never loose your head

Watching your bankroll dwindling to nothing can be a painful process for some. So, in some ways, it’s only natural to scramble to make things better. But once you start to become emotional, then things are probably going to get worse. It takes a huge amount of self-control not to start to chase losses. And because the chips are designed to make you forget that they are real money, then you might forget the consequences of spending them so lightly.

In situations where there have been significant losses or gains, it’s always best to stick with being consistent in your betting patterns. maybe first try your hand at an online casino like Omni Slots Casino. You can make much smaller bets and there are a huge variety of games.

Shocking Casino Gambling Mistakes: Copying Toxic Casino Gamblers

Social media and pop culture tend to cast the casino gambler as some sort of anti-hero. This persona makes a killing at the games table and always walks away with a substantial amount of winnings. Every time! This perpetuates a myth, which, by the way, casinos also have a hand in creating. And it leads many who gamble not wanting to be the moderate gambler who has some occasional wins. No, many punters who goes into the casino are comparing themselves to these mythical casino creatures that they see all over current media. They then want to act like them.

These are the clowns you’ll often see as they swagger in and throw down huge wads of cash, and then start placing absurd bets that any normal gambler would run a  mile from. Everything about them is flashy and shallow. For the average casino player, this style of gambling is unsustainable. From the point of view of an onlooker, it’s certainly entertaining to watch. It’s mesmerising watching someone place bets the size of the average person’s whole annual salary. But seeing losing money follow losing money does start to tire, even for those playing.

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Acting on Impulse Before Weighing Implications

One of the most enjoyable aspects of casino gambling, and yet one of the most dangerous, is that you can totally lose yourself in the gameplay. Of course, the casino itself is partly responsible for this, as the more immersed you find yourself, the fewer important things like time and money become. The casino has a whole arsenal of tricks to make you forget about time. If you’re a level headed and responsible gambler, then this will be of little consequence to you. The general idea here is to make you more and more divorced from reality.

shocking casino gambling mistakes
These tips are also true for online gambling

Because the casino can help you suspend normal decision-making processes, then you can start to rationalise risky wagers as normal. For a start, the money doesn’t look like real money for a reason. You’re making riskier bets with plastic tokens, so the real meaning of money is lost. And once you’ve become separated from a sense of financial responsibility, then you’re in a very dangerous place. It’s a difficult line in the sand to even recognise, let alone know when you’ve crossed it. That difference is between having an immersive and fun casino experience, and one where your decision-making capabilities have become impaired, leading to shocking casino gambling mistakes.

Shocking Casino Gambling Mistakes: Gambling Outside of Your Comfort Zone

This follows from the above. On the whole, gambling is best when it’s a shared activity. Rather like playing cards can be fun playing solitaire, but playing jackpot poker among a group of friends is better. When you go to the casino, even as a part of a group, it’s only normal that you’ll all split up and gravitate towards your favourite games. Maybe you find yourself gambling among a group of strangers at the blackjack table.

The problem here comes about with the pressure you might feel to play as the rest of the table is playing. Suppose you’re most comfortable with small bets. Yet, sitting here having joined this game with all these strangers, you find that the betting is much higher than you’d normally go. Couple this with the fact that they are all better players than you, then you have a recipe for a disaster and if you continue to play you can wave goodbye to your bankroll.

We suggest that if you find yourself in over your head, either with the amounts being bet or with the complexity of the gameplay, then make your excuses and leave the table. There’s no shame in going to find a cheaper table or one that’s playing a game to your level of expertise. Play your own jackpot winning strategies at tables where you’re comfortable and you’ll reduce the chances of making shocking casino gambling mistakes. That’s why when we play online, we go to Omni Slots Casino. They have some of the best options in the business.

Placing the Rest of Your Bankroll on One Bet

We’ll admit that this is a great thing to watch. Unfortunately, it more often than not involves someone desperate. Which in itself, isn’t a pretty thing to see. If a gambler has had an evening of losses, then if he’s smart, he might call it a night and leave to lick his wounds. But there’s another type of gambler. One who lacks discipline and doesn’t have the humility to admit defeat. They’re the type to make a last-minute mad dash to the finish line in the hope of winning back all those accumulated losses. They’re the type to think that they have nothing to lose.

The thing is that decisions made on the back of desperate times rarely work out for the best. We suggest that you swallow your pride, take the chips you have left, cash out, and call it a night.

shocking casino gambling mistakes
That’s an error

Conclusion: Shocking Casino Gambling Mistakes

The first thing to say is that the decisions you make in the casino should have zero impact on your day to day life outside the casino. It’s just a past time. With proper financial responsibility, you have no problem setting aside a gambling pot every month. And when it’s gone, you are mature enough to accept that it’s gone and it’s time to move on to other things until the next month or so, or whenever you’ve re-established your gambling pot once more.

No one likes losing. But you’re the one who’s gambling, so take responsibility for your actions. Don’t fall into the common pitfalls of chasing losses, or any other shocking casino gambling mistakes. Likewise, don’t go against any gambling rules you’ve laid down for yourself. You’re there to have fun. When the fun stops, then it’s time to go home.

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