Euro 2020
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Introduction: How to Bet on the Euro 2020 Tournament

With so many negatives happening in the world, it’s nice to report on something positive for a change. Having been put off by a year, the Euro 2020 football tournament is finally with us. UEFA is celebrating its 60th anniversary of the tournament and all the games will be played across major European cities. With so many people waiting for a major sporting competition they can all get behind, the Euro 2020 is proving to be a fantastic and totally massive sporting event. 

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Euro 2020 Punters Get Ready!

And unsurprisingly, such a huge competition motivates all types of people to place wagers on that action, and even if you’ve never bet before, it’s very tempting to make a start with this competition. If you’re a casual gambler, then the Euro 2020 is going to be hard to resist. Looking across the spectrum of different punters, at one end we have the professional gamblers, who are used to betting on sports with many years of experience behind them. You can contrast these with newcomers, who have never really laid a wager on any sports before, and as a result, probably have very little knowledge of what they’re actually doing.

Euro 2020

In this article, we shall be dealing with casual and beginner sports better. For them, the whole world of sports betting can appear very daunting at the beginning. Setting up a decent online account is probably the easiest part of the whole process. But once that’s done, you’ll find that you could be easily overwhelmed by the sheer number of different types of wagers and betting options that are available across so many jackpot games. For a better idea of the available sports bets, head over to 22Bet Sportsbook. All new players get a welcome bonus of 122% up to €100! 

As with things in life, when you begin, then begin at the beginning and try your hardest to keep things as simple as possible. There are certainly some very complicated bets out there but you should avoid anything that is complicated or that you don’t fully understand. Nothing is going to burn you faster in sports betting on the Euro 2020 than ignorance. Once you spend some time and effort learning the ins and outs of sports bets and their strategies, then you can start to tackle some of the more interesting and difficult wagers which promise much bigger returns. Only through education and patience can you possibly hope to increase your jackpot winning chances.

Six Tips for Better Betting On The Euro 2020

Euro 2020

If you want to get the most out of betting on Euro 2020 then there are 6 tips that we would recommend to you. Of course, we cannot guarantee that you will win with these. But we can assure you if you follow these tips then there’s a chance that you, at the very least, will not come away from football betting with a major financial hangover.

Forget Your Loyalties 

Supporting your Euro 2020 team is fantastic providing you don’t confuse your love of them with a betting strategy. Unfortunately, loyalty does not belong in the world of sports betting. At first, it may seem counterintuitive, as you find yourself betting against your favourite team. But with all betting, you should always leave your emotions at the door. Before the Euro 2020 tournament began, France was the bookies’ favourite, followed by England. Today we can see that France is out and that England will play in the semi-finals against Denmark.

But if you started the competition with hopes that your country’s Euro 2020 team might win, even though they have absolutely no possibility of doing so, then it’s important to step back and be brutally honest about their chances. Being loyal to your team is not going to help your bank balance when you go gambling.

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Follow All the Action

Large competitions like the Euro 2020 and the World Cup will always throw up some outliers when it comes to results. That’s why it’s important to never take your eye off the action. Only by following all the competition and all the competitors will you have a better idea of what the future holds. A good example of this Euro 2020 competition would be the German National Team. On the whole, they’ve always been favourites as they have always been very strong in all playing departments. And yet, they’ve had an atrocious run, finally losing for the first time in many years to the English team. 

In some ways, the German Euro 2020 team example shows that we should not make assumptions or place wagers which are based on a teams historic performance. To that end, it’s very important that you focus all your attention on what’s happening now, how the teams are reacting to each game, their present strengths and weaknesses along with who’s playing at the optimum and which players are injured. All these factors would help give you a better idea of what is likely to pass. 

Competitions like the Euro 2020 always throw a few curveballs into the mix, with unexpected results nobody could have predicted. It’s therefore essential to keep an eye on all of the actions all the time, in order to get a better idea of what’s likely to happen next.

Avoid Outside Bets

Euro 2020

It’s always tempting to think about placing some outside bets in the hope winning of a huge football jackpot. For example, Asian Handicap bets. This isn’t surprising because we are constantly bombarded with stories of gamblers who have managed to make massive payouts from tiny bets. And yes, it‘s possible to make large sums of money with outside bets. But keep in mind all the millions being bet on competitions like the Euro 2020. Of these, only one or two outside bets will actually take home the bacon. Of course, it’s in the interests of the sportsbooks to advertise these wins as they hope to attract other punters to these almost impossible to win bets. 

In truth, betting on the underdog is always a hard decision. In our heart of hearts, we want the underdogs to emerge victorious as we are fond of this type of narrative as it’s often found in books and movies. But placing outside bets and accumulator bets is not being educated or informed when it comes to sports betting and is more akin to playing the lottery. Keep in mind, that most outside bets lose.

So, unless you have a huge bankroll that you don’t mind losing, we suggest that outside bets should always be off-limits. Just stick with the tried and tested regular bets. Check out 22Bet Sportbook for some great odds, and they even have their own football Toto.

Watch Your Bankroll

Euro 2020

And talking of your bankroll, then it’s important you realise that this represents all your possibilities. Spend it too quickly and your gambling day is over. That’s why it’s super important that before any game kicks off, you set yourself a budget and decide, with an iron resolution, that you’ll stick with this. This can be in the form of the total amount of cash you will dedicate to the tournament or spend per game. Remember that if you look at this realistically, you’ll see that the majority of your bets will be lost. That’s just how sportsbooks are set up.

Only ever fund your gambling with disposable income. This is money that you would be perfectly happy to lose, and if that were to be the case, it would not adversely affect any other parts of your life. 

Share Your Resources with Other Punters 

Euro 2020

Sometimes betting alone is not the best course of action if you want to win at least a little something back for your efforts. We suggest that a great strategy comes from strength in numbers, and involves pooling your resources with other people. This way you can all spread your bets across a whole bunch of possible outcomes, and in doing, so be able to share some winnings between you all. This is another strategy that can work very well, which is simply that you combine all your betting power together, and with these much larger sums of money, you are more likely to make much bigger wins.

Both playing and watching football is a social occasion and betting as a group is another way of reinforcing the feeling of togetherness. Providing you don’t get carried away with your punts, then this is an activity that can certainly add to the excitement of the games.

Control Your Emotions 

This is going to be a very hard one to follow, especially if you’re passionate about both your team and football in general. The problem here is that your emotions can easily influence your betting strategy. And this can lead to disaster. Keeping control over your emotions should be one of the most basic jackpot winning strategies. With no self-control, punters start throwing money at difficult wagers if they are facing losses. Others will start looking for more obscure bets.

But here’s the thing: bets should only ever be placed using reason, logic, and rational thinking. If you’re the type of gambler who gets hot under the collar for any reason, then we suggest that you take a walk, and take a break from football gambling.

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