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Find The Best High Roller Casino Bonuses 

High roller casino bonuses are specially created for special gamblers. They are for customers who want to deposit and wager substantially higher sums of money than other players. Finding a decent high-roller casino bonus can be worthwhile. Especially if you want to play at high stakes in a new online casino. That’s because these incentives frequently have fewer wagering requirements. In fact, they can be much more generous than standard brick-and-mortar casino bonuses.

You’ll find the terms and conditions of high roller casino bonuses are frequently more favourable. In fact, there’s only one real distinction between traditional deposit bonus offers and high-roller casino bonuses. It’s that the latter allows you to claim significantly larger sums of extra money. Which in turn is a great means to help increase your jackpot winning chances. Today at Jackpotfinder.com, we’ll look at some of the various high-roller casino bonuses available at online casinos nowadays.

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Types of High Roller Casino Bonuses

High roller casino bonuses exist in a variety of forms, just like any other casino bonuses. Furthermore, what one casino chooses to provide might not be the same as that of another. We’ll examine some of the various high-roller casino bonuses you can find in the sections that follow. Please understand, though, that this is not a complete list. If you prefer to play at some of the smaller, less-known online casinos, you may find some types of high roller bonuses that aren’t included here.

Deposit Bonus / Welcome Bonus

Almost every online casino in the globe gives its players some form of a deposit match bonus. Thus making deposit bonuses possibly the most popular and widely available promotion you will discover at online casinos. Players may be given a deposit bonus as a part of a welcome bonus package. Also, it may be used as a one-time promotion for current users and clients. For instance, when you sign up for a new online casino. You’ll frequently discover that there is a new player offer (a welcome bonus). And that the main component of this campaign is a deposit bonus.

The Matched-Deposit Bonus


When we refer to a deposit bonus, we typically mean a matched deposit bonus. This means the casino will match your deposit (typically by a percentage and up to a maximum amount of money). The bonus monies will hit your account instantly once you have completed the deposit into your online casino account. Although every online casino is unique, 100% no-deposit bonuses are frequently provided at online casinos all around the world. Yet, some, especially those outside of the UK and Europe are more generous. Casinos like Bovada Casino, are known to provide deposit bonuses of 200%, 300%, and even 400% and 500%.

Let’s use an example: if you placed $50 into your online casino account. And then claimed a 100% matched deposit bonus. Now the casino would credit your account with that $50 plus an additional $50. This brings your total account balance to $100. You can view the $100 as a single sum. Or your bonus money may be kept apart from your real-cash balance, depending on the country you are in. Currently, casinos like to persuade players to make greater deposits by offering high-roller deposit incentives. For instance, you might discover that a casino is providing a special high roller bonus that requires a minimum deposit of, let’s say, $500 in order to be eligible. Keep in mind that the bigger your bankroll, the better the chance to win the jackpot online.

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High Roller Casino Bonuses: Free Spins

Video slots and jackpot slots are more popular than ever in the modern world of online gaming. Several new software and game developers have entered the online gaming industry, almost all with the intention of making video slots. It’s understandable why so many players love these kinds of games, and it’s safe to say that casinos have caught on. Many online slots can now provide prizes worth more than 100,000 times your total wager.

One of the reasons why so many online casinos now include free spins promos in their welcome bonus packages or other marketing materials is because of this. You may occasionally come across high-roller bonuses that either include free spins or revolve around them. Though in truth, more often than not, these are not typical high-roller casino bonuses. Free spins, as the name implies, let you play a video slot machine a set number of times without having to pay any money. Once you’ve taken advantage of a free spins promotion, you’ll typically be asked to launch the game where you may utilise them. The software will then automatically play out your free spins at the chosen bet.

Beware Of Low-Value Free Spins

Currently, traditional free spins bonuses from online casinos typically don’t have much value. For instance, the value of the spins rarely exceeds $0.20, making them unattractive to high-stakes gamblers. But, you might discover that the spins might be worth up to $20 apiece. That’s if you manage to find a high roller free spins casino offer. This obviously increases their potential, especially if you’re playing a medium-variance video slot that tends to award wins frequently.

You’ll find that every casino distributes its free spins a little bit differently. For instance, some may do so as soon as you make your first deposit. While others may divide them up and give them to you gradually. An example might be 200 free spins, 20 of which are on offer every day for ten days. This is actually a fairly popular bonus.



The majority of high-roller casino bonuses don’t include cashback, although you might be lucky and find some exceptions. Instead, participants will normally find a cashback paid as part of a VIP or loyalty programme. As the name implies, cashback refers to the casino giving you a return in an amount corresponding to the amount you bet or staked. However, the majority of online casinos only reimburse you for your net losses. Even if you are fortunate enough to experience a winning session, you typically are not qualified to receive cashback.

All online casinos like Bovada Casino prioritise your long-term play and would rather suffer a tiny financial hit now to try and maintain you as a client for longer. As a result, high rollers can occasionally obtain a slightly higher cashback package than normal players. You might also discover there are no wagering requirements attached to the cashback you earn.

Benefits High Roller Casino Bonuses

It goes without saying that online casinos adore high rollers. After all, high rollers account for a sizable portion of an online casino’s revenue. This is why online casinos make a big effort to entice high rollers to play at their casino rather than rivals. As a result, internet casinos go above and above to try to draw high rollers to their platform. They do this by providing a load of advantages, such as free gifts, unique bonuses and promotions, entry to premium casino table jackpot games, VIP hosts, and more.

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