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How to Enjoy All the High Roller Benefits 

It’s probably true that deep down everyone wants to be loved. To take this a step further, they will always be those who want to be the centre of attention. And many of those want to be adored. As we’re writing about casinos at Jackpotfinder.com, then, much of that business model revolves around making gamblers feel they are somehow special. You’ll notice that all the top casinos around the world will offer VIP programs with high roller benefits. Obviously, if you’re going to be spending lots of money, then the casino is going to reward you. And part and parcel of those rewards are to ensure that you feel special. That the casino loves you.

Hence your notice that high rollers get the full red carpet treatment. But you don’t necessarily have to be spending a fortune to receive this. There’s a running scale of rewards that depends on your casino spending.

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High Roller Benefits: The Red Carpet Treatment

If you were looking for casinos to win the jackpot that offers benefits, then where and when you decide to play can make a huge difference to the incentives and rewards given out. If you’re playing at any of the huge gambling resorts in Las Vegas, then betting $25 per hand at the gaming table will not bring you many rewards. But if you are in a small town casino, then the rewards might be better, simply because the $25 you’re spending is more by the small-town standards.

Luxury Rooms and Suites

If you’re heading to one of the gambling meccas of the US, either Las Vegas or Atlantic City, then you’ll find that comping luxury rooms and suites is one of the most sought-after perks. Playing in a mega-casino normally results in spending large amounts of cash. And through this, you’ll probably get some free accommodation. The funny part of this is that, if you didn’t gamble, but booked the room directly, you would pay less than its cost to your lost bankroll. But the idea of a free luxury room and a welcoming bottle of champagne seems to cause most gamblers to go gaga. And to totally forget about the real underlying financial implications in the face of high roller benefits.

It’s for the casino host to comp the high rollers with luxurious rooms. Of course, this allows you to bring your whole family on the trip. (Though why they would want to come to a gambling marketplace is anybody’s guess). We feel that the idea behind comping a gambler of the free room is that they feel appreciated. In other words, they have both validation and attention, Even though behind the scenes, they’ve actually just bought it with their own cash. It’s amazing how deluded some people can be. 

High Roller Benefits: Fine Dining


You’ll find that all the best casinos in Las Vegas have amazing restaurants. They employ top chefs to craft delicious cuisine allowing gamblers to be comforted with a decadent dining experience. Many casino comps will allow you to choose anything you like from the menu. Of course, as a customer, you are looking at the menu prices and imagining the savings you are making. But remember that the casino just loses the wholesale food cost whenever they comp a meal. So, though you may think you are gaining the full price of the menu, the casino is only losing less than a quarter of that in reality.

You’ll also find that many top casinos is will have a huge wine list, as well as top-shelf liqueurs and many varieties of champagne. Then they have their signature cocktails. On the whole, the casino’s waitresses will offer free drinks to anyone who’s gambling. But in truth, these are the cheapest brands. To move up In the quality of your drinks, you’ll need to spend more money.

Shows and Entertainment

In an effort to keep gamblers within the casino complex, the casino will often host shows and entertainment featuring famous performances in the form of high roller benefits. Today you can go and see Celine Dion, Robbie Williams, Lady Gaga and a whole host of other performing celebs. There are also other shows including the famous circus acts such as the Cirque du Soleil. The casino host will set you up with the VIP tickets depending on how much you’ve been spending. Once again, if you were to buy the tickets yourself, it would be cheaper than the cumulative losses required to have them donated to you for free. As such, as with many of the casino’s actions, it’s the illusion that counts. Not the reality.

High Roller Benefits: Extended Lines of Credit

Here at Jackpot Finder.com, you’ll probably be aware that we take a very dim opinion of gambling with credit. But you’ll find that many American casinos are only too happy to extend lines of credit to customers who have already blown through their bankroll. The problem with gambling in this manner is that it allows players to chase losses. Also, they’re able to play for longer once their initial bankroll has run dry. This is the worst method to try to increase your jackpot winning chances. We do not regard this as a great comp. As a matter of course, we suggest that you always stay away from extended lines of credit. After all, you would go into debt for gambling. And that’s a dangerous road to go down.

How Much do You Need to Spend to Become a High Roller?

high roller benefits

The answer to this question is that it will vary considerably. Much will depend on the type of games you play and where you’re situated. For example, you will generally find that the odds will be better if you wager more. To this end, many casinos have VIP or high roller areas. For example, the slots found in the high roller room often have a house edge of just 3%, when compared to the regular 10% offered on the casino slots gaming floor. Another factor to keep in mind is the amount of time you spend gambling. Some players like to do a marathon 8-hour play session. Yet others like to just spend an hour or two before they move on to another game or even another casino.

In the past it was left to the casino host to make their own decisions, along with the pit boss, about who, when, and how much to comp a player. But now we live in the computerized age you’ll find that every action you take in the casino is going to be accrued on your player’s card. If you’re off to a land-based casino then it’s imperative you make use of your player’s card at all times. Always present it, whether you’re playing table games or slots. You never know what high roller benefits are around the corner.

A Comping Formular For The Casino 

Throughout the casino industry, there’s a generalized formula which helps casinos determine exactly how many high roller benefits they should give their players in the form of incentives and rewards. Much of this is going to be based on the amounts that you bet with each hand. Or how many hands or spins of the roulette wheel you’ll average over the course of an hour. Then we have the number of hours you play, along with the game’s house edge. All these figures are used to determine your theoretical losses. Below we’ve listed some examples:

  • $1,000 bet per hand x 100 hands per hour = $100,000 in bets
  • $100,000 x 8 hours = $800,000 total bets
  • 1% house edge
  • $8,000 in theoretical losses


  • $25 bet per spin x 120 spins per hour = $3,000 in bets
  • $3,000 x 2 hours = $6,000
  • 3% house edge
  • $180 in theoretical losses

Casinos have Already Done The Maths


It goes without saying that during these periods you could end up both winning or losing. This means that technically, these theoretical values don’t necessarily reflect reality. But the casinos have been doing their sums for many, many years. So they know all the assumptions to be made when it comes to a player’s losses. Along with the time that has been spent playing on the type of game they’re playing with. For example, if you lose $8,000 during the course of a day, the casino may comp to you a $500 hotel suite, a fancy meal or any other high roller benefits. If your loss is just $180, then you might receive a free gift or a free seat at the buffet. You’ll find that online casinos like 22Bet Casino don’t give out comps, but more generous bonuses which can instantly double your bankroll.

High Roller Benefits: Where You Play Matters

As previously mentioned, you should keep in your mind that your local casino is going to offer a very different set of comps than a mega-resort situated on the Las Vegas Strip. This means that in a local joint, your losses may go further in the form of rewards. Consider that the most expensive hotel suite in Las Vegas would go for $35,000 a night. Now your local casino resort may offer its presidential suite for just $10,000. In a similar vein, you may pay just a few hundred dollars for the most expensive meal in the local five-star establishment. Whereas, by comparison, the most expensive meal in Las Vegas would certainly make your head spin.

To be truthful, we like the idea of a take-out pizza at home whilst gambling online at 22Bet Casino. With lower table betting limits and better bonuses, you’ll have a better chance of winning, even if it means you win the jackpot online

We Suggest You Ignore The Comps

Finally, we should point out that the casino’s ambience is going to be very different if you’re playing in your local casino. The same will go for the odds on offer. We suggest that the primary factor of your whole casino experience is that you should be focusing on your bankroll. Don’t spend recklessly just because you’re after any incentives or rewards. As previously mentioned, all of these rewards would be much cheaper if you simply paid for them as opposed to spending your bankroll on their casino jackpot games. So we suggest you simply ignore these high roller benefits, though still make use of your player’s card. You never know, at the end of the night you may receive something that will help cheer you up after your inevitable losses.

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