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Don’t Give Your Personal ID to Casinos 

A personal ID request from a member of the casino staff looks innocent enough. They might want to make sure you’re old enough to gamble since they think you seem young for your age. These requests aren’t harmless, though, if you’re an advantage player (AP). The casino may already suspect you of cheating or being an AP if they request identification. Now, you don’t want casinos to know your identity if you’re an advantage gambler. After all, they have the power to bar you from their property and add you to a “cheaters” database that circulates to all casinos.

Do you want to know an interesting fact? Legally, you are not required to present identification to the casino. Given that casinos cannot service players who are underage and that they appear to require access to IDs, this information is puzzling. Yet it’s accurate.

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Motives for Casinos Asking For Your Personal ID

The majority of justifications given by casino staff for wanting to check personal ID revolve around suspicions of advantage gambling. In most US states, casinos are not required to serve APs, and therefore avoid doing so if possible. But, they can also be asking for ID for other reasons. The key instances when a casino might ask for identification are below.

Show Personal ID To Join The VIP Program

When a casino wants you to sign up for their loyalty club, ID requests are the only occasion when they are reasonable. When a floor manager or pit boss notices you placing large bets and/or playing for extended periods of time, this issue inevitably occurs. In this situation, they’ll try to keep your support by enrolling you in the VIP programme. Naturally, loyalty benefits don’t nearly offset the increase in jackpot winning chances you generate as an AP. Hence, if you’re a winning gambler, you should gently decline the invitation. Having said that, if you want to collect your winnings, then some form of ID requirement is inevitable. It’s the same with online games.

By law, all online casinos like 22Bet Casino must obtain your ID, even before you begin to play. At the point, you signup, the KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements mean there’s no getting away from the fact you’ll need to forward some form of official ID and proof of address. 

Seeing If You’re A Known Advantage Player


Pit bosses are taught to recognise indications of advantage gambling. For example, they can spot a blackjack player utilising card counting from 1,000 feet. It’s the same with jackpot poker players using underhand techniques to get ahead. They might ask for your personal ID after assuming they saw one or more of these indicators. You most definitely don’t want to provide them with your identity if you are an AP. They can do one or more of the following things once they know who you are:

  • Look more closely into whether you’re an advantage gambler.
  • Back you off and forever ban you from their casino.
  • Add your information to a national or perhaps global directory of established APs.

Keep in mind that if you’re a successful player, none of these scenarios is favourable. In light of this, you should merely inform them that you’ve forgotten your ID and left it at home.

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The Casino Wants To Ban You

In some cases, a pit boss may be absolutely certain that you are a professional gambler after watching you play. After all, there are set betting patterns which a casino professional could spot with ease. They might proceed to bar you from the casino. When the casino forbids you from entering its properties and threatens legal action if you do, this is referred to as a ban. This is the worst thing that can happen to an advantage player. You will be prohibited from their worldwide properties as well as the current casino that gave you the boot.

They Want to Ensure You’re Not A Cheater

We sincerely hope that you’re not a casino cheater. After all, you risk serious legal consequences if caught. Of course, casinos can explore all the available possibilities if they see you winning lots of money. Assuming they get a hold of your ID, employees can search databases to check if you are a cheater with previous form or even a criminal record.

Show Your Personal ID When You Win A Jackpot


The one time when you do want to give a casino your identification is if you win a large jackpot. However, this is the same story if you’re gambling online at a casino like 22Bet Casino. Gambling establishments, both online and offline, are required to obtain your personal ID and fill out paperwork for tax purposes if you win $1,200 or more. Valid forms of identification that you can produce in this situation include a driver’s license, passport, and military ID. Any identification you show must have your photo on it. If you actually forget your photo ID, the casino will take a picture of you and keep your money in the cashier’s cage. You can come back at any time to collect your payment by providing identification.

Checking The Legal Age To Gamble

Giving a casino staff your identity won’t be a problem if you regularly visit casinos. Yet once more, you’re misrepresenting yourself by displaying your ID as an AP. Yet, you could feel compelled to show your identity to gambling establishments. The idea that you must present identification to the casino when requested comes from the minimum gambling ages. The legal gambling age in each state or country must be upheld by gaming establishments, which is often 21 or older. Online casinos also need to check that you’re of gambling age. Though you may be able to play free games, the moment you start playing with real cash, then some form of personal ID will be necessary. If you happen to win the jackpot online, then there’s no getting paid out without proof of identity.

Gaming Laws: No Legal Right To See Your Personal ID

There are “stop and identify” regulations in many jurisdictions that mandate that you present identification upon a police officer’s request. If you don’t provide identification, the police or officers may take you into custody. Employees at casinos cannot lawfully demand that you show identification because they are not law enforcement. If they tell you otherwise, they are lying. After winning a jackpot, you don’t even need to present your ID. Whether you decide to collect the jackpot today or at a later time is entirely up to you (if at all).

If a gambling facility has a good reason, they may detain you and summon the police. In this situation, the arresting officer or officers will get your true identity back at the station. The policeman has the right to stop you anywhere on or outside of the property and demand identification. In conclusion, police enforcement can ask to see your ID. Employees at casinos, however, do not have access to this power.

Casinos Will Try Their Best To Coerce You


While asking for identification, pit bosses and other staff members do not read off your legal rights. In its place, they’ll only ask, “May I see your ID?” Newbies who utilise advantage play frequently lose their cool and show their identification. But you don’t want to get caught in this trap. To defend yourself, you should say that you don’t have an ID with you. They’ll probably question you again about it. You can now excuse yourself by explaining that you left your identity at home. At this point, a staff member might inform you that they require identification before enabling you to continue playing any slots, table or jackpot games.

Your Advantage Play Come To An End

You can keep turning down their requests. However, they’ll probably expel you from the casino eventually. The bad news is that at that moment, you’ll have to stop using your advantage play. The good thing is that you may always go back to the same casino and play again with a fresh appearance (such as a long beard). Remember that they won’t have your information on file or in a database, after all.

Conclusion: Not Showing Your Personal ID To The Casino

It’s a fallacy that you have to present your ID when asked by casinos. Legally, gambling establishments cannot demand that you show identification unless they have the support of a law enforcement officer. Of course, this minor issue does not prevent casinos from requesting your personal ID. If they think you’re cheating or an AP, they frequently ask for identification. Only when applying for a jackpot or entering the VIP programme should you present identification. 

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