High Roller
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Introduction: The High Roller – Living Easy And Decadent

Apart from the glitz and the glamour, there is just one simple fact that separates the high roller or casino whale from your regular player. Essentially, that’s a willingness to bet large sums of money. That’s all! And it’s this consistency of placing large wagers that gives him the title of being a high roller in the first place. Not surprisingly, casinos love these players and will lay down the red carpet for them. As the boss of a casino, this is the one player you really want to get into your establishment, as you can make huge profits in just a few hours.

For that, it’s no surprise that high rollers are offered private jets so they can commute from their home directly to the casino, as well as other high paying compensations and incentives. 

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The High Roller

High Roller

One thing is for sure you cannot be a high roller if you are afraid of losing money. If you’re a poor-fag, living day-to-day, with a regular job, then this is, and never will be you. This is the real factor that separates your pathetic bankroll cash from your average high roller. These are the celebrities of the gambling world and casinos will bend over backwards to have them coming back over and over again. Not you!

If it makes you feel better about yourself, you can’t assume that the high roller is a great player. They probably think they are, but as with most gamblers, they are absolutely unaware of how much money they are losing and only focus on the small amounts they win. As you can imagine, they’re surrounded by a posse who are constantly telling them how great they are, at whatever casino jackpot games they’re playing, and this leads to arrogance. Which in turn leads to rash and risky wages. But hell, they can afford to lose it so no problem.

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The World of High Rollers

Playing in a real brick and mortar casino is one thing, but can you be a high roller playing online games? The answer is yes, as the best online casinos with jackpots have special software running to detect betting patterns and spending habits and actively help seek out the big spenders. The competition for high paying customers is even more intense in online casinos than it is with real ones, as there are literally thousands upon thousands of online casino companies chasing new, rich and reckless customers.

One of our favourite online casinos for a VIP experience is King Billy Casino. And they make you feel like a high roller with a massive welcome bonus of 151% up to €/$500 + 51 bonus spins! We’ve compiled a shortlist of what the most reputable online casinos will be happy to give out in the form of perks and comps to high roller online players:

  • Fast payout times. No waiting like the poor plebeians.
  • A great many rewards and gifts on offer.
  • New levels of casino platforms are only available for VIP high rollers.
  • Tickets to real-life events.

How to Become a High Roller

High Roller

  1. The first thing is to be rich. It doesn’t matter where the money comes from, but you’ll need a lot of it. After that, consistency is key. That means consistent high spending. Obviously, a gambler who is spending $1,000 a hand is going to receive much better treatment than one, like you, who’s just getting $10. These are the factors and hoops you’ll have to jump through in order to earn the tag of “high roller”:
  2. You need to bet large. No, even larger than that! It’s a fundamental fact that unless you are spending huge sums of money at each game then you should forget about being classed as a high roller.
  3. When putting sums into your online casino deposit account you’ll need to make a big splash and you should consider a minimum of $50,000 though some may easily put in over $1 million. Did we mention you need to be rich?!
  4. Casinos will go a lot on first impressions. So make sure you want to win the jackpot online then you’ll need to bet big from the get-go. As they say, leave a mark at the beginning and another mark when you finish.
  5. Join the VIP Club. All reputable online casinos will have a VIP club for high rollers and special customers. Here you’ll be offered everything from loyalty points to luxurious and exclusive comps, all depending on your level of play/spending.
  6. Choose the correct platform. By this, we mean that the size of the casino you choose to play in is important. When the casino is fairly small then you will be able to stand a better chance by making much bigger wages. You will also stand out a great deal more like a high roller and probably will be able to accept some very tasty offers in the form of casino comps.

Is it Worth Being a High Roller?

High Roller

Here’s the thing: if you have the money and you enjoy gambling then why not take advantage of the whole VIP and high roller system. After all, it’s been put in place to encourage you to return to the same casinos to win the jackpot again and again, and gamble more and more. As you or your dad have the funds and have no fear of losing it, then you should grab as many of the incentives that the casino is willing to give you.

If it’s a real brick and mortar casino then having a private jet to come to pick you up, and being taken from the airport to the casino via chauffeured limousine, and then having everything laid on for you. From 5-star hotel rooms to shows where you can meet the stars, then you’ll be bonkers not to accept such a thing. But if you want to feel like a king, then why not head over to King Billy Casino.  They have a  huge selection of online casino games. 

Who Really Picks Up The Bill?

A cynic might point out the high roller is no different than the casual gambler when it comes to receiving comps and incentives. For the latter, this will often be in the form of free watered-down drinks. For the former, it may well be exclusive means of travel and luxury hotels. But here’s the common factor that joins these two extremes together: it’s all paid for by the losses incurred by both sets of players. The casual player loses small amounts and so the casino gives him rubbish drinks.

This is a very cheap and cheerful way of keeping the gambler happy and also serves the double purpose that he may become too tipsy and start making bad betting decisions, which will, of course, benefit the casino. For the high roller, it’s exactly the same. His luxurious incentives are paid for by his huge bets and the fact that most of those will be losses. So though in some ways being a high roller can appear to be very glamorous on the surface, a little digging will show that it’s all paid for by the player, not the casino.  

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