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Some Facts About Casino Chips 

All the players on the casino gaming floor love casino chips. They love to hold them, fidget with them and to stack them on top of each other. After all, each chip represents a real monetary value. So there’s nothing quite as satisfying or exciting as playing a casino table game like blackjack or jackpot poker, and watching the chips pile up in front of you. As opposed to piling up in front of someone else! In truth, when you play online at casinos to win the jackpot like 22Bet Casino, without real chips, the games can sometimes feel as though they’re missing something.

Today we thought we’d make a list of some facts concerning casino chips. Hopefully you’ll only know a few of these and can therefore learn from the rest.

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Alternative Casino Chip Names

“Checks” or “Cheques” are also common names for casino chips.

What Casino Chips Are Made From

Their ingredients include sand, clay and chalk. In fact, the material used is similar to the those used in kitty litter. During the 1980s, ceramic chips were introduced. In truth, these are not ceramic, but made from injected-moulded plastic or resin, with the feel of ceramic. 

Regulated Sizing

Gambling regulations in Nevada state that all chips must be 1.55 inches in diameter (for chips in games other than baccarat). The chips used in baccarat can be 1.55 inches or 1.6875 inches. According to State regulations, Las Vegas chips must be .130 inch thick. Every single casino chip has its own unique design. Nevada Gaming regulations also state that all chips must be “disk- like” in shape.

Clever Mind Games

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There’s a psychological reason as to why casinos make players utilise casino chips. It’s  because gamblers will use more chips than if they were using cash. That’s because chips have no visual link to real money. So, in the mind of the gambler, it’s not money, it’s chips! it’s different from playing at the online casino. There, you’ll see at the bottom of the screen exactly how much you have remaining in your bankroll. This is one reason why gambling at one of the best casino sites to play like 22Bet Casino, allows you to remain in control of your gambling. As an additional benefit, their generous welcome bonus of 100% up to 300 Euros is a sure-fire way to increase your jackpot winning chances.

What The Colours Mean

All chip denominations have nicknames based on their colour. For  example, a purple $500 chip is known as a “Barney.” Yellow chips, worth $1,000, are “bananas” or “canaries” or “bumblebees” (some casinos use orange, in which case, they’re “pumpkins”). A $5,000 chip is a “flag” (red, white and blue). “Melons” are worth $25,000. At the Las Vegas Bellagio, they’re “cranberries.” To help gamblers keep track of spending, all chip colours represent the chip’s value. Common colours are white ($1), red ($5), green ($25) and black ($100). One hundred years ago, the higher-value chips were blue in colour. That’s where the term “blue-chip stocks” comes from.

Collecting Casino Chips

If you’re a chip collector, then the activity falls under the category of “numismatics.” This is the study or collection of currency (coins, tokens, paper money and related objects). To get even more specific into the genre, chip collecting is generally regarded as a form of “exonumia.” This is the area of numismatics that specialises on items that are not really legal tender. Also these collectors grade the quality of chips with these designations: New (N), Slightly Used (SU), Average (A), Well Used (WU), Poor (P), Cancelled or Modified (Can/Mod) and Damaged (Dam).

Redeem Limits

After a casino closes, all customers have a limit of 120 days to redeem their chips. After that, they’re SOL.

Casino Chips Have Built-In Security

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As you’re well aware, all casinos are on the constant lookout for new and improved security systems. One of the security measures used in chips is RFID technology. Embedded RFID tags (most often used in high-value chips) broadcast unique identifiers over radio frequencies. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. These RFID tags allow casinos to keep track of their chips, spot fake chips, as well as monitor play. They can even help to thwart thieves. For example, when someone robbed Bellagio, his stash of $1.5 million in chips were rendered worthless. The casino simply turned off the RFID chips.

Cheating With Casino Chips

Being cheeky and adding chips to your bet after an outcome (such as the ball landing in a pocket at roulette) is a method of cheating called “capping.” Removing chips is called “pinching.” It’s also known as “not very smart.” Without a doubt, this is not only unbecoming behaviour. But it will also see you thrown out of the casino. It may even lead to a prosecution. So, please don’t be that guy!

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