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The Secrets of Casino Interior Design and Architecture 

It has been said that so much psychology goes into casino interior design that it should be taught as a science. Casino design involves everything from human desires, habits and a good dose of psychology. You should keep in mind that “the house” is set up in such a way that the gambler always feels ready to gamble. When people talk about the house edge in casino games, they forget that the casino already has you under their spell the minute you set foot through the front door.

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Casino Interior Design To Keep Gamblers Spending

The interior design of any casino is not for the benefit of the employees, but rather for the visitors. Of course, with casinos tending to be large buildings, it’s important that the gambler knows his way around. Walking through the front door for the first time, there are so many aspects of casino interior design that will be fighting for your attention. This could leave you with the feeling of disorientation and confusion. But there is a certain layout pattern that is in use at all casinos. Today, we’ll take a deeper look into the ideas and psychology behind casino interior design in this article.

The OG of casino interior design is called Bill Freidman. He believes that the gaming machines and tables should be the only decorative elements in the whole building. That’s why many of the larger casinos look just like this, with slot machines and gaming tables, and nothing else. Even the gaming terminals are also cleverly designed, not only to speak for themselves but also to add visual and audio incentives to encourage gamblers to try them. All those flashing lights, bells and whistles are for a singular purpose.

Slots Are Designed To look And Sound Festive


Another example of this is the psychology behind slots machine design. You’ll notice straight away that they make all sorts of sounds, play music and probably remind you of Christmas lights. The idea here is to create a festive mood whilst at the same time highlighting the jackpot games with huge potential progressive wins. The main takeaway about interior casino design is that gamblers are only looking to gamble and therefore decoration is superfluous.  In fact, you’ll find games situated everywhere.  There are slots by the entrance by the exit and everywhere in between.

In many ways, these slot machines and video slots are enough decoration in themselves. After all, that’s all the customers see. it’s the same story for online players. The slots are cleverly designed to entice you to start playing. Some of the best slots, with some of the best odds, are to be found at King Billy Casino. Not only that, but they also offer all your favourite table games, with many featuring live dealers.

Casino Interior Design Floor Plan Is Sacrosanct

Casino interior design along, with the placement of the slots machines and gaming tables, is not something that is done randomly. There are experts who work alongside designers, architects and psychologists. They have spent decades researching casino design to find the exact formula that would lead to gamblers spending more money. Believe us when we say that wherever you go in the casino, the path you take would have been mapped out with your spending in mind. For example, even a simple trip to the bathroom will mean you have to make your way through a maze that’s overflowing with gaming jackpot slots machines. 

A Reminder Of The Labyrinth

The design of the ancient Greek Labyrinth which housed the Minotaur appears to be the basis of all interior casino design. Freidman looked at casinos as primarily money-making machines. The casino interior design needs to convert the visitors coming through the front door into players standing at the games tables. A long time ago Freidman figured out that logistics are the best method to achieve this. That’s why the interior plan necessitates that you will have to go across virtually the whole gaming floor to find the game you desire. You may even need a ball of string to find your way back, like Theseus!

Prepare yourself if you’re visiting casinos to win the jackpot for the first time. As you’re going to make a big round a number of times before finding a place where you will settle and start playing. At first, this may be more than a little frustrating. But it’s probably the fastest way to become acquainted with the place and all its features. In many ways, you’ll see a striking similarity between casinos and of those extra-large supermarkets. Especially in how they both share the same design elements.

Casino Interior Design: Feels Just Like Home


Casinos interior design functions in the same way as shop design does. The idea is that the user feels at home. To encourage a player to spend money means they will need to be comfortable. As a result, the casino designers will try and imbibe the interior with a sense of closeness and familiarity. If you sniff the air you’ll smell a sweet aroma. They spray this deliberately sprayed into the air conditioning to make people feel more comfortable. As you walk around you’ll notice that the jackpot poker tables are usually put aside. This is because poker requires a certain amount of thought and a lot of strategizing. In many poker tournaments, because there’s so much pressure on the players, then the tables are well away from crowds, and in many cases, spectators are not allowed.

Many casinos feature incredibly high ceilings. As most people live in flats and apartments with relatively low ceilings, the casino fills up the space by using chandeliers. Though these create light and also look elegant, they act in scaling down the dead space above the gaming tables. This is to help players feel more relaxed and maybe even create an atmosphere as if they were gambling at home. of course, if you are gambling at home, then we highly recommend you head over to King Billy Casino, our favourite online casino. They give all new players a bonkers welcome bonus of 151% up to €/$500 plus 51 bonus spins!

The Player Should Feel Special

As a customer who will hopefully be spending lots of money then the casino operators want to make you feel extra special. They have a huge bag of tricks which is full of promises for thrilling entertainment and one-time special offers. We would suggest that the modern casino design interior is to communicate the fact that a customer is special. A lot of this comes down to the available jackpots, along with the entertainment. So if you were to stroll around the top 10 casinos in Las Vegas, you would see that they all make an extra effort to make their customers feel special. Many will have sophisticated decorations along with very opulent interiors.

When you visit any of the Las Vegas casino resorts, you’ll see they have a bonkers number of amenities on offer. And all of this is in place to make you feel elevated to a place where you feel more comfortable spending your bankroll.

VIPs Don’t Have To Mix With The Plebs

When you look around you can see that the intention of the casino interior design is to make people feel special. That’s why both expensive resources and wild imagination are on display. The idea here is to stimulate all of your senses together. This can be in the form of a clever lighting design. And even the visuals of the game carry a design to make you feel better about yourself. To extend this theory even further, you’ll notice that all VIP zones for high rollers within casinos are closed off from other customers. That’s because as a VIP, you are special, and the casino wants to help you feel that way.

All Necessary Amenities At Your Fingertips

casino interior

Remember that the essential purpose of any casino interior design is to keep people spending. So it must provide everything you might need in order that you never have to leave. So if you go to a casino resort, you‘ll see that all types of activities are on offer without you having to leave the premises. Looking at a typical casino resort in Las Vegas, you’ll find they offer all the following amenities:

  • ATM terminal
  • Sportsbook
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Restroom
  • Cafeterias
  • Clubs
  • Sports Bar
  • Lounges

Don’t Overthink Everything, Just Enjoy Yourself

Because each one of these is so close at hand, then there’s no need to leave the premises. Feeling hungry? No worries as they ensure that the casino food is of high quality. Feeling tired? Well, the exclusive hotel rooms are waiting for you. If you were to look into the psychology of casino design then you may recoil slightly at the obvious dystopian elements.  Yet, on the other hand, you may be a gambler who’s visiting the casino with some friends to have a good time. In this case, the casino interior design, along with all the extra decorative elements, will only add to your experience. Sometimes it’s a good idea to just go with the flow. Concentrate on your jackpot winning strategies and don’t think too deeply about what’s going on around you. Just kick back and enjoy yourself. 

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